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Hottest College Degrees – Chemistry & Engineering, or Both

Is it surprising that when someone at Forbes went to the Bureau of Labor Statistics to see which college degrees were the hottest, they came away with chemical engineering in the petroleum industry? Chemical engineering has been the top degree the last few years because of the rise in petroleum fuel prices and our (and other country’s) increasing demand for the black gold. Not only are chemical engineers paid well, they’re in high demand with a reported 0.2% unemployment rate!

Software engineers received the second mention, which jives with what CNN Money discovered over a year ago [3] – the two top earning jobs were chemical and software engineers. Another trend that agrees between the two articles is the importance of getting an engineering degree of some kind – 8 of the 14 highest paid degrees from a year ago are ‘engineering’ degrees with computer science and information sciences (arguably engineering-like) mixed among the 6 non-engineering titled degrees.

Now, does that mean everyone going off the college today should be in chemical engineering or computer engineering? No, because trends may change in four years but chances are there will be a job waiting for you if you get some sort of engineering degree (don’t go with computers, I don’t think they’ll catch on!)

via Forbes [4].