How Big Is Your 401K Balance?

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It’s not really bragging when you talk about the value of your 401K because no one really truly cares how much money you’ve saved away and can tap into forty years down the road. While it does say something about the person saving, it’s not really all that bad if you’ve only put the minimum matching amount into your 401K because anything more is merely gravy. In fact, some would say that having too big of a 401K balance would be bad because you’re emphasizing the future and not the present. Anyway, if you’re a blogger and recently wrote a 401K balance related post (include how long you’ve been contributing), let me know (email is best) and I’ll post you with the crew I’ve found below (link in name is to the post I found the information on):

  • Mapgirl: $20k+, 2 years
  • Flexo: ~$40k, 5+ years
  • Hazzard: Almost $100k, 6 years
  • 2million: ~$118k, ~5 years
  • ME: ~71k, 4 years
  • bostonmichelle (of GEICO fraudulent claim fame): $152k, 12 years
  • broknowrchlatr: $31k, 3.5 years
  • burn: $8k, 1 year
  • English Major: $10k, ? years
  • Dong: $210k, 7 years
  • Nick: $20k, 1.5 years
  • Mike: $6k, ~1.5 years
  • Tired of working: $1.1M, 25 years
  • andyaluba: $9.3K, 9 months
  • Tim: $26k, 1 year
  • Shadox: $38k, 2 years

(I’m not going to update this anymore, it’s getting to be a bit of a bear, but feel free to leave your values in the comments… sorry folks!)

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51 Responses to “How Big Is Your 401K Balance?”

  1. azphx1972 says:

    $286k in 12 years, age 35. Started maxing out at age 23 on a $31k salary. Here’s my 401k story.

  2. alex says:

    Wife and I are both 56 years old and both retired last year. I have 1.9 million in tax deferred retirement accounts, 1.5 million in liquid accounts, wife has approx 980k in her 401k. We have been saving for about 30 years. I have approx $3 million in commercial real esate investments. I was a pharmacist, wife was an architect. We inherited $9.2 million from my father’s estate last year. (He was a plastic surgeon for 30 years in Beverly Hills) We summer in the Adirondacks and winter in the Carribean. We own a beach house in the Cayman Islands. We are relocating to there at the end of 2007 as we love to Scuba dive. We have no children, allowing us to accelerate our retiremnt savings. We were given a house as a wedding present from my dad, and so we never had to pay a mortgage.

  3. Anonymous says:

    rolled over 49k in 2005, worth 93k today,

  4. Brian says:

    I have $37 million put away for retirement (won the Lottery last year)

  5. nick says:

    6500 in 401k, 4000 in roth ira. 25 years old and have been contributing for 18 months.

  6. Jack says:

    wife and I have $6.4 million in 401k and IRA combined. I am 57, she is 56. Also have $7.4 million in liquid accounts. Own antique autos valued at $900k. I am a Pathologist, wife is a Radiologist. I will retire in 3 years, wife to retire at end of 2007.

  7. Louis says:

    I have 968k in my 401k. I’m 55. I am an investment banker. I just inherited $14 million from my mothers’s estate. She was an attorney. I own properties on both the East and West Coast, as well as a villa in Rome Italy. I own half of a Major Leagure baseball team. My wife is a physician (dermatolgist). She is 50, she has $4.3 million in retirement accounts. I will be retiring this year. Wife wants to keep working, she earns $750k per year. (We have twin sons, both in Medical school. One is going to be a Dermatologist, the other a Pediatrician.)
    Quite frankly I don’t know how the people who have posted on this site will make it with their meager amounts saved for retirement. Even with what my wife and I have set aside, I’m still concered about our lifestyle post retirement. We may have to sell the Villa in Rome. I guess we all have to make sacrifices.

  8. Joe says:

    I have 30 soda cans to return for deposit. That combined with my savings account gives me about $149 put away for my Golden years. I am 63 years old. Needless to say, I will work until I die.

  9. ms says:

    how do I check my current 401k balance
    is there an online facility where I can regularly check my current 401k balance. I left US 7 years back and want to withdraw my 401k money

  10. Barney says:

    I have a 1 cent stamp and an old potatoe that resembles Richard Nixon that I’m trying to sell on e-bay. These are my retirement assets. My wife is a crack whore and brings in about $65 a week hooking at the local gas station. Fill ‘er up for $5. Our son works as a barker in a traveling carnival. He’s in line for a promotion to ticket seller for the Tilt-a-whirl next spring. Daughter has 6 fingers on her left hand and has a lip fingus. She sells maps to movie star’s homes and on weekends helps Mom at her gas station post.
    Our future looks almost as bright as Louis, Jack and Alex who posted here.

  11. Harold says:

    I have an apple core that Elvis threw in the trash just before he died. Also, I used to have a job at Yankee Stadium cleaning toilets in the clubhouse. I have one of Roger Clemens’ old jockstraps. I will be selling these items and investing the proceeds for my retirement. I also have $21.49 set aside in my Roth IRA. I’m quite a catch ladies…..

  12. Belinda says:

    I peddle my sorry, sagging ass to crack addicts on the UES of Manhatten, and I’m setting this cash asside for my retirement. Also, I am thinking of bidding on Barney’s Nixon potatoe (see above post). That investment will certainly do better than any 401k with today’s stock market.

  13. Cary says:

    Well this article and bloggers seem to be a bunch of boaster loosers at a quick glance but I could be judging incorrectly!

    It’s great that people are saving but don’t fixate of the balance. The reason I bring this up is point is that preople in this blog have frazes like ‘my balance is $x so I dropped my contribution rate so I could ???? spend more/leave employment/false taxable investment and I’m only X years old.

    Just before you say I’m bitter and old, you cannot be more wrong in age or savings status however I know what retirement is and how long it will be.

    Just remember the younger the savings the better, as any finacial advisor will tell you, you will be; However being googled eyed about your 401K balance should wait until you are closer to retirement 🙂

  14. Rich Konzervatif says:

    I see that you cens, uh, removed my informative statement.

    It’s no wonder that liberal constituents never learn and people like me turn them green with envy and jealousy.

    So much for tolerant liberals. C’est la vie…

  15. says:

    okay. how do you know what is in your 401k? I feel like an idiot!

  16. B Clark says:

    Am 66 yrs old, retired this year. My 401k account balance is 3.2M, half was made over the last year, doing what I consider very smart trading. Some others would call it risky, including my wife.

  17. coley123 says:

    $170K in 12 years…

  18. Kevin says:

    I invested in mutual funds when I was young (like 22) and in the Navy. I was building up a nice balance but I cashed out to buy something (dumb). Later in life when I was something like 29 or so, i started in my 401K. I am 42 now and have about $205K. When i met my wife 7 years ago, she didn’t contribute to her 401K as she “couldn’t affort it”. I made her contribute 6% right away! Now she is up to $75K. I really hope the markets continue to perform over time as Social Security will be gone soon.

  19. Brian says:

    36 years old working for 13 years $256,000.00
    Social security will be no more if and when I hit 62 or could be 70 by then. I hope to be prepared and able to retire comfortably one day.

  20. john smith says:

    40 year old and started 401k 4 years ago. The current balance is 65K (roth 401K).

  21. Anonymous says:

    57800 at 34 market is real bad had 80000 or so nothing to do but increase precentage of employee withdraw to 35%

  22. Anonymous says:

    $314 cash account. Just got paid today.

  23. Hank says:

    I’m 33 years old with a balance of $175k. It would’ve been more but after the stock market crash I had to rebound. Been maxing IRS $17k max for past three years.

  24. Valerie says:

    Age 34. $147,600. Started it at 21. Never earned more than $52k income. Only contribute 6% a year.

  25. 6'9'' says:

    I’M 24 years old 6’9” nba player sign for 100 million for 6yrs. Will retired at age of 35 from basketball. Hope to make 50 million on a nike deal.

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