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How Big Is Your 401K Balance?

It’s not really bragging when you talk about the value of your 401K because no one really truly cares how much money you’ve saved away and can tap into forty years down the road. While it does say something about the person saving, it’s not really all that bad if you’ve only put the minimum matching amount into your 401K because anything more is merely gravy. In fact, some would say that having too big of a 401K balance would be bad because you’re emphasizing the future and not the present. Anyway, if you’re a blogger and recently wrote a 401K balance related post (include how long you’ve been contributing), let me know (email is best) and I’ll post you with the crew I’ve found below (link in name is to the post I found the information on):

(I’m not going to update this anymore, it’s getting to be a bit of a bear, but feel free to leave your values in the comments… sorry folks!)