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How Comcast Will Regain Me As A Customer for $250

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By now everyone knows the old adage that winning a new customer cost like five times (I forget the multiplier, but it’s significant) more than keeping an existing one but apparently the folks over at Comcast missed that less. Last month, my initial “promotional offer” with Comcast expired which consisted of high speed internet and cable (plus premium channels I never watched) for $70-ish per month and the price skyrocketed to an unreasonable $130 a month. As usual, we did the annual “call Comcast and demand realistic rates” ritual and the accompanying dance of threatening to cancel. Well, after a couple of those, we were told to talk to Michele Smith, a retentions manager of some sort. I’m pretty convinced that these titles are all bullshit anyway and that they make them up (it’s not like there’s an organizational chart out there to prove someone is more than another random CSR). Anyway, we couldn’t reach Michele and we called one more time to the regular Comcast number and were escalated Melissa, apparently Michele’s peer. So, Melissa told me they could drop the price to $100 and that we’d have to pay that for six months before getting our original deal… which we thought was bullshit too. So, we threatened to cancel and they said sure.

For those of you who think $100 for internet and television is not that bad, especially compared to the $70 I was paying before, I just see $30 a month as another $360 of my money that I can’t spend on something else. Plus… read on to see why I’m willing to get “paid” $360 + $250 to re-enlist.

So, they lost my fiancée as a customer, we still have the cable active and I’m using wireless from my neighbors (they don’t mind) and so when the cable actually goes out, I’ll just sign up via where I’ll get a fatty $100 rebate check, a free modem, a free wireless router, and the $20 internet promo rate for six months. That’s just for the internet, for signing up for the digital cable again, I’ll get a nice $75 bill credit as well.

So, instead of giving me $70 per month (a difference of $30 from the offer they were willing to give us), we will be pocketing $175, a $50 modem, and probably a $25 wireless router – a total of $250 in free stuff. $30 per month to keep me or $250 to win me back (plus I get the promotional rates), seems like a pretty easy decision – just not for the fools at Comcast.

Or I could take my business to Verizon.

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32 Responses to “How Comcast Will Regain Me As A Customer for $250”

  1. CK says:

    I take it you’ll be doing this by signing up under your name this time?

  2. Kurt says:

    Or you could link to the page through a referral service and get paid each time you tell people to sign up for comcast. Wait, you already did that.

  3. Henry Phish says:

    How about a disclaimer since you’ll be making money directing people to a company you just blasted? This post seems a little two-faced.

  4. eROCK says:

    Very clever Kurt … I didn’t expect that at first, but it’s obvious the purpose of this post is to generate revenue vis-a-vis the reader :-D!

    The real question is … did Jim really cancel his Comcast or did he make all this up to get us to click the link?

    Regardless of the answer, it’s more aggravation then it’s worth to cancel and then un-cancel Comcast and receive free crap that will just sit in my closet!

    Kudos Jim on the pay-per-click!

  5. jim says:

    I really did cancel my Comcast and why does it matter that I link to an affiliate program? I really don’t see why that’s important.

    The point of canceling was to resign up, get free money, some free equipment, and get the promotional rates again. It may not be worth it to you but for a little bit of my time it is worth it for me.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is there actually a 120 waiting period after you cancel their services and sign up for these promotions? That’s what they told me.

  6. Allen says:

    “why does it matter that I link to an affiliate program? I really don’t see why that’s important.”

    I think eRock answers your question when he questions whether you made the story up or not. By having the pay-per-click link in the post, people will question your motivations and perhaps your integrity.

    I personally think it’s a good idea and perhaps a disclaimer like Henry mentioned would be ideal.

  7. CK says:

    Personally I think it’s assumed that in a blog, especially a financial blog, that most outgoing links are affiliate/referral links. Big shock that Jim is trying to monetize his posting. Who does a disclaimer help except the naive? Most discerning readers can tell when someone is shilling they don’t need to be babied.

  8. eROCK says:

    Allen hit the nail on the head. I didn’t mean to offend you, by any means, but bashing Comcast and at the same time getting paid to advertise for them just has “fishy” written all over it. Personally, I’d never advertise for Comcast no matter what they pay, all I can do is pray for competition … thus lowering prices (presumably)!

  9. jim says:

    No one offended me and I link to them because every dollar you take from Comcast is a dollar for the good guys and through this I’m just showing how anyone who cancels and resigns up can earn free money for their trouble. I just write my own personal experiences, as every personal finance bloggers does, and honestly it doesn’t bother me if someone questions my credibility because of it because my blog is an absolutely free resource, I make no claims to be an expert, and everyone is free to do as they wish. I use affiliate links whenever I can, as CK says, because it pays the bills and then some.

    As for offending me, you didn’t offend me at all, you’re welcome to your opinions and I don’t censor anyone here.

  10. eROCK says:

    Jim, I understand your intentions now and I appreciate the responses! I truly enjoy your blog and I hope you keep up the good work!


  11. nice post..haha. very clever…I agree with you Jim….As long as your post help me make/save money, i don’t care how much you make from it. I consider starting a blog for financial gain as my #1 reason. Okay what if Jim make a few bucks here or there from you by clicking or signing on…At the end of the day, and if you have been paying $50 a month, and now following his advice, you are saving hundreds of dollars!! I, for one, is grateful for people like Jim.

  12. miller says:

    Yea, I don’t think this is really two-faced. He blasts Comcast thoroughly. Is he two-faced for then resigning with them? No, he is taking advantage of them. In addition, having the sign up link isn’t at all irrelavent to his post considering *he* resigned himself! Maybe he used his own afiliate link! =)

    Anyway, we ALL hate Comcast. My roommates and I (we are all good personal friends from Jim’s old job) have been hammering Comcast with this “swtich it up” for a couple years now. I do have to say that when it was my turn to do it, it was a pretty big pain in the butt. But was it worth it? Hell yea…

  13. ivm says:

    Hi everyone,

    I totally agree with Jim. In fact I just discontinued my Comcast service and found this blog while I was looking for a new deal.

    Btw more “good” news from Comcast. Here’s a note I found on my last statement:

    News From Comcast
    Comcast periodically reviews and adjusts prices to ensure they best
    reflect the value of the products and services customers receive.
    Below are monthly price changes that take effect with January 2007
    bills. There is no change to High-Speed Internet or Digital Voice
    Basic Service increases from $15.99 to $16.59; Standard Cable
    (Basic & Exp. Basic) from $49.99 to $52.49; HDTV Equip. from $5
    to $7; Digital Classic & DVR Service from $9.99 to $11.99 each;
    Digital Premier & Digital Sports from $5 to $5.99 each; $1.50 fee
    applies to CableCARDs.
    If you are receiving Comcast services under a promotional offer,
    the new prices may apply when your promotion ends. We
    appreciate your business–thank you for choosing Comcast.

    Pay attention to the following “to ensure they best reflect the value of the products and services customers receive.” From what I remember, lately my service sucked so much that my internet connection and TV service were dropping all the time. And this happens to everyone in the neighborhood (at least everyone I know). Now I know why we should pay more for the service. May be then they will be able to fix all the problems. It’s like a prepaid service. 🙂

  14. ivm says:

    One thing bothers me though. How do you use you new modem if you’re not a cable TV customer and the service is disconnected from your home?!?

  15. Matt says:

    Eh. I wouldn’t go back to Comcast for any amount of money. But if you’re happy with bad service, an extra $250 worth of cash and stuff can be a good thing. 🙂

  16. ivm says:

    Well they have global issues in our area. Other than that I loved their internet service. I have bunch of computers at home, web, ftp, vpn servers and VoIP which won’t work well with DSL. Worst of all there is no DSL in our area. So the only other option is satellite which costs fortune and the latency is so high that makes it unsuitable for VoIP. As you can see I have no choice which bothers me a lot.

    So my question is how I connect to the internet if the service is disconnected from my house. Do they send a technician? I’ve seen similar offer before for a self installation kit, but it was intended only for current Comcast TV subscribers, meaning that you already have the cable running from the cable box to your house. Any idea?

  17. Dan says:

    He actually isn’t allowed to post a disclaimer. Pay-per-click companies often state in their TOS that it is prohibited (although you CAN say “sponsored link”) – the idea is that if he posts a disclaimer, we may click on it just to get him more money, because we like his site.

    Personally, I think it’s shady, and I doubt that the Comcast deal will work. I throw the bullshit flag, and bet that he just made it up to have a link to click to.

  18. Dooley says:

    Just wait until FIOS through the telecom (verizon around here) rolls out nationwide. They already offer fiber internet access, and are starting to do TV (plus the phone naturally). Around here it’s $30 or so a month cheaper than cable rates for the same services.

    Even if you don’t switch, the competition will keep prices down, and the threat of canceling and switching can actually be fairly easily followed through on.

    my company makes technologies that do the backend stuff cable companies (VOIP, CMTS, Switched broadcasting) and the telecoms are buying this stuff in massive numbers.

  19. jim says:

    First off, that link isn’t even a pay per click link. Secondly, none of the programs I’m in say you can’t say it’s an affiliate link or prevent you from putting a disclaimer. Adsense says you can’t draw undue attention to it and you can’t give it a special heading outside of a few select choices – that’s the only one I’m aware of.

    Lastly, I’m glad you’re throwing the bullshit flag because it means you’re not a mindless drone that believes everything he reads but ultimately it doesn’t affect me because I’m going to re-sign up and get my money independent of what you think. 🙂

  20. CK says:


    I finally get it. You’re really the chairman of Comcast and this whole blog has been an elaborate scheme to bring in more subscribers. You tricky minx and please come clean on your involvement in the 9/11 conspiracy.

  21. muckdog says:

    I’m switching to DSL today to save $15 a month and have higher speeds than throttled cable via the Charter bundle. After DSL is up, I’m calling DirecTV to save another $20 on TV.

    Competition is going to drive prices down. Until then, just keep switching between cable, DSL, satellite, etc. every year. Rotate. Rotate. Rotate.

    I’ve also cancelled or downgraded a bunch of stuff that eats away at $10-20 per month to the tune of $400 a month. It’s like getting a free IRA every year.

  22. First off, I can vouch for the fact that Jim cancelled Comcast. EIther that, or he’s taken to lying to friends in personal conversations just to substantiate what he writes on his blog. Second, if someone likes the deal he pointed to, then he did them a service and is arguably deserving of a reward… It’s a win-win. Finally, Jim’s right — it’s not a PPC deal. He doesn’t get paid for clicks, only for signups. So if you like the deal after you click through and decide to sign up for it, he’ll make a little jingle. If not, he won’t. Again, win-win.

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  24. I think that it is rediculous that the vast majority of the comments on this article about a link to the company. He gives you the domain name; if it bothers you so much then just type it into your browser and don’t click it.

    I also do not think that it is relevant whether his story is true or not. I was certainly entertained enough to read through the entire thing (and the comments); I see nothing wrong with an affiliate link. If you don’t find him credible, go read a different website where the advertising is even less obvious.

    I think the real issue at hand here is why cable costs so damn much. I am paying similar prices, and am ready to cancel once my promotional rates expire. I don’t really want to, but I am not willing to spend more than $100 on internet and TV. I am resigned to paying the $45 for the internet access every month; I don’t want to pay more than $30 but I feel it is worth the $45. Television on top of that is not worth another $50+ which is the standard rate for what I have, not including the HDTV components. Service is so bad in my area on the analog stations that you can’t even read the popups with a player’s name during a football game. The only reason I get cable tv is to watch football (and I cancel my service after the superbowl until the regular season starts again 7 months later).

    I hope that Time Warner works out similarly if I do have to cancel and that I can put the bill under my wife’s name to get a new deal. I was a bit surprised though; I thought my deal expired this month but my last bill extends the promo rate through January. So even if I can’t get it to work correctly, I will at least only have to leave the house for a few weeks to watch my games.

  25. disgrunteled customer says:

    I think Comcast is a complete ripoff. After signing up for basic service, my rate was increased from $19 to $23; well, okay I thougt. I had been receiving about 6 or 7 channels beyond basic, like HGTV, Discovery, CNN & Fox News, all which I enjoyed on occasion.

    Gradually, these channels were removed WITHOUT WARNING, but last night I discovered that I could only receive the network shows.

    That would have been okay, but THE CHANNELS WERE REMOVED WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE OR NOTIFICATION OF ANY SORT, which is pretty sneaky. I phoned, and was told the new rate was $69 dollars. NO WAY.

    Would dish TV be a better option?

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