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How I Got Comcast To Send Me $179.95

Despite my utter distaste for how Comcast [3] does business, I still like my ESPN, History Channel, and Oxygen so until Verizon is firmed in place (they’re still rolling out their FiOS service in my county), I have no choice but to try to enjoy the joys that is dealing with Comcast. In the meanwhile, through sign up incentives, I’ve once again tricked Comcast into paying me a cool hundred and eighty dollars to sign up for their services. While it’s not that much compared to how much the service is, getting free money is certainly better than not getting free money, right? Yesterday my three checks arrived for $100, $30, and $49.95. Cha-ching!

How did I get it? I signed up to Comcast through one of their affiliates (in this case it was Comcast Special [3]) and those affiliate offer you big bonuses to sign up to service. The current offer at Comcast Special is:

I took advantage of a previous offer that didn’t include the digital cable cash back or the wireless router, so if you sign up now you’d get a better deal than me but I didn’t really need another wireless router (though I wouldn’t turn away a free one, so chalk that up to sour grapes).

If you want to squeeze more blood out of Comcast rocks, having a cable modem means you can avoid the ridiculous $3/mo modem rental fee so make sure they don’t charge you for that. If they do, they should retroactively cancel that fee and refund you any money you paid because they will have records of a modem rental if you actually rented one. Also, if you can see cable television when you hook up your coax, you can cancel the activation appointment [4] (and associated $35 fee, or however much it is).

Anyone else have any good tips to stick it to Comcast?