How I (My Fiancee Really) Got A Wii

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Now that my fiancee’s birthday has come and gone, I can finally pen a post I’ve kept in the archives for months – how I got her a Wii when all the online shops are sold out and stores sell their inventory in approximately one hour. In fact, I had the opportunity to get a second Wii if I wanted to at the time but I think that level of greediness is bad for karma (since I’d only sell the second one). Plus, think of that poor kid rushing to the store to get his or her Wii but can’t because a greedy bum decided to fire up the capitalist machine and earn a little more scratch.

The secret to getting a Wii comes down to one simple idea – persistence. First get the phone numbers of all the local video game stores (Gamestop, EB Games, Circuit City, Best Buy, Toys R Us, etc) and call them every single day. Call every single day. Make it quick too, don’t small talk or you’ll go crazy, just ask if they have any Wii’s in stock, if not, thank you and move on. Ask when their next shipment is too in case they don’t offer it up. Sure the fourteen year old kid working the phones is going to be tired of the calls (it won’t just be you) but it’s his job, he’ll deal with it.

Gamestop and EB Games are owned by the same company but in a lot of malls they have multiple stores, each one will get a separate shipment of Wii’s. I’d put emphasis on these mall type stores because, at least in my case, they ship mid-week when most people are working. I picked up my Wii on a Wednesday from an EB Games and while it was the last one there, the nearby Gamestop had two left. (I only know this because I called Gamestop, they said they had some and I went directly to the EB Games thinking they were the same store) This type of double redundancy is important because they can sell out before you get there. I want to say that they get shipments in three’s but I never confirmed that. Best Buy and Circuit City are harder because they’re on the radars of the hardcore gamers and capitalists who constantly keep their ear to the ground.

Store Locator Links:

If you are really hard up for a Wii, you can get them in bundles online (Gamestop is releasing three bundles on 6/15) but I avoided that route because I didn’t want to pay for the games I didn’t think my fiancee would enjoy. The last option is to go the eBay or Craigslist route and buy one second hand, good luck with that. The last I checked the premium put on a system is approximately $50-$100 – not terrible but not trivial.

Good luck!

(PS. If you score a Wii, I recommend getting Wii Play, which comes with one of the Wii controllers, and buy another Nunchuk so you have a second full set)

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10 Responses to “How I (My Fiancee Really) Got A Wii”

  1. Amanda says:

    We just got a Wii too, but we got extremely lucky and found one on our first try over Mem. Day weekend! We were in Toledo, OH, walked right in the Target, and there were two left! We bought one and there was a little girl right behind us who nabbed the other…

    Now, if only I could stop playing Zelda…

  2. Nick says:

    I used to get mine online at It gave a few false alarms along the way, but it was alot easier than making phone calls everyday.

  3. FreedomIsReal says:


    It’s time to grow up and quit acting like a high school kid who is mad at his dad. Capitalism isn’t bad… it is what gave the United States the great quality of life that it has had. There wouldn’t be a Nintendo Wii without a market for them… and that market wouldn’t exist without capitalism.

    • jim says:

      How am i acting like a kid who is mad at his dad? I don’t think that capitalism is bad, where do you get all that? just because i won’t buy a wii to sell on ebay and make a hundred bucks doesn’t mean i think capitalism is bad, you can put your intro to psych book away now.

    • Jake says:

      To FreedomIsReal:

      It’s funny how Americans say capitalism is good… except when done by other countries. When Japan or China starts producing better goods at a cheaper price everyone starts screaming tariffs, limits, and trade imbalance.

  4. Flexo says:

    My prediction: In a few months, Wiis will be everywhere and there’ll be no need to wait on lines or call ahead. I’d like to see more games for the system… the shelves are tiny compared to the other consoles. I bought the Wii for my GF in April, it’s a fun machine. Before playing it, I thought it would be something only kids will like, but I’ve reconsidered…

    As far as capitalism… I don’t think Jim’s against it. People for whom capitalism has worked think it’s great, and people on the other end of the stick think it’s not so great. Just with any other economic philosophy. Eh.

    • Ken says:

      I’m letting the Wii stew for a little bit as well. After what Nintendo did with the Gamcube, I’d like to see a much larger collection of games before I fork over my money. Besides, I’m still happy with my original Xbox which *maybe* gets an hour a week of play.

  5. christina says:

    I just kept checking until they had some availability. I got the bundle, but it was easy to fine 3 games I wanted from the long list they have. My hubby’s gonna love his Father’s Day gift (I had to spring for premium shipping to get it in time). With two pre-school kids, the brick and mortar route is a major hassle and keeping it secret would have been impossible.

  6. junger says:

    I did the old wait outside on a cold Sunday morning in the Circuit City parking lot to get my Wii. While all the other suckers were down the street at Best Buy, there were only a few of us at CC.

  7. mbhunter says:

    The Wii, PS3, etc. look really cool but I still love my Odyssey 2!

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