How Long Is Your Commute?

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Mine is about 15 minutes and it’s great, enough on ramps and lane changes to make it interesting, but not too long that I start getting bored or dread the drive to work or home. But this guy commutes 186 miles, about three and a half hours each way, between his home in Mariposa, CA to his job at Cisco in San Jose. Unbelievable. (I bet you at least one person brags that their commute is 5 seconds, the walk from the bedroom to their home office!)

And with gas tipping the scales at over $3, here are some tips for conserving a little extra gas.

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36 Responses to “How Long Is Your Commute?”

  1. Miller says:

    8 miinutes, but you knew that, didn’t you, Jim! =)

    I had an hour long commute each way for a summer job I did after my freshman year of college. At that time, I vowed to never have a long commute again. If you are taking a train or subway, that’s one thing, but if you are driving… man, that’s just time shaved off your life.

  2. Dus10 says:

    20 minutes. This is during rush hour traffic, and I can do it in 15 when it isn’t too bad. This has really become my new commute limit. I used to drive double the distance, but it would take three times as long, or more, to do it. I hated it, I hated work because of it, and there would be no way I would do it at $3/gallon. I would really like to drop it to 4 days a week, with a day of telecommuting, if possible. I am still going to school, so I really cannot do anything in respect to public transit. However, public transit is horrible around here, and I would not trust the public sector to do it, either.

    My next goal is the 5 second commute, however. From the kitchen (after breakfast), to my home office. Of course, I would have commutes all day long, from there, heading to client sites. At least I could take all of that as mileage.

  3. Cap says:

    wow. 186 miles. that’s just sick.

    my commute use to take about 50 minutes to an hour and half each way, depending on traffic. I had one really easy job long ago, where the medical clinic is literally next to my house. 3-5 minute walk.

    but yeah, I’m waiting for someone bragging too.

  4. Nick says:

    I originally commuted from Baltimore, MD to Rockville, MD–about 90 minutes each way. I’ve since moved to Rockville and now take 6 minutes each way. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to endure a long commute again!

  5. KG says:

    I read once about a commuter who started in way up in northern Maine and worked in Boston. That is also quite a commute!

    I am lucky that mine is only about 30 miles which takes about 30 minutes or so depending on traffic. It used to be a 45 mile commute and that would often times take longer than an hour. Yuck!

  6. Bald Man says:

    7 minutes. After doing a 90-120 minute roundtrip for 5 years (That’s SIX SOLID WEEKS in the car: 24-7!) I’ll never do it again.

  7. steve h says:

    My one way commute is 20 minutes, and I typically walk to work in Manhattan. If I take the subway, I can shave 15% off my commute.

  8. kassy says:

    20 minutes by car in the morning, an hour by bus in the afternoon. I want to mention that I only live 5 miles from work, traffic in Seattle is terrible!!! I would like to bus both ways, but it doesn’t work schedule wise in the morning. At one of my previous jobs, I had a boss that lived in Ashford which is a little town on Mount Rainier. She would commute to Seattle every day, it was about 160 miles round trip, but this was over 10 years ago when gas was much cheaper. I’m thinking about asking if I could telecommute a couple days a month.

  9. Ours is about 30 minutes from door-to-door, plus or minus a few minutes depending on the weather and how competent our public transportation system is that particular day. I think it is kind of tedious, considering that we both work and live in the city.

  10. I just moved, and have a commute that is twice the distance but about the same amount of time. Well, I tend to take the back way since they tore up the main road, so that adds about 3 or 4 minutes. Going that way I have zero stop lights and only 4 stop signs. Where I lived 3 weeks ago, I had managed to cut out over a dozen stoplights in tweaking the route I took over the three plus years I lived there.

  11. CK says:

    About 5 minutes each way by car for me. 🙂 This guy from California is sick, nuts, and stupid. 7 hours a day? 5 days a week? Commuting is almost a full time job for him.

  12. Lisa says:

    12 minutes each way. And I love the drive. My commute while living in Colorado was 25 minutes one way, all interstate at 75 MPH. Now, I have a beautiful “upstate NY drive” with no highways, and only wooded, foresty roads at top speed 45 MPH.

  13. Amanda says:

    Mine is a pretty nice situation. If I walk, it takes me 20 minutes. If I take the bus or El, 5 minutes.

    That’s the benefit of living in the big city!

  14. Chris Hynes says:

    My commute is an hour and a half to two hours. Its not so bad because I take the MARC commuter train and Metro so I can recoupe at least some of the time.

  15. MoneyDummy says:

    I, of course, am uber-cool because my commute is only three seconds: the walk from my bedroom to my home office.

    *Wink* (Of course, it doesn’t hurt that when I read the post through bloglines, the color background was just different enough to leave a shadow.)

  16. mapgirl says:

    It’s about 30 minutes in the morning. 45 at night and it’s about 25 miles round trip. My old roommate in CA would drive from San Francisco to UC-Berkeley, then down to IBM Almaden south of San Jose in the afternoon and back home at night. That’s about 150 miles. But when IBM offers you a paid internship at their research facility, you don’t say no.

  17. FR says:

    My commute time is 3 minutes walk. I literally live a block away from my work. Since I live in downtown the rent was more expensive, but it is worth it considering that I don’t have to worry about parking and I can go home for lunch every day, instead of buying sandwiches that will still cost you $6-8. Or this is how I justified it to myself, at least.

  18. 30 minute walk or 10 minute bus ride. In addition to the gas saving tips from CNN Money, check out the article in Fortune magazine (there’s a link on my blog entry from 4/18).

  19. Tricia says:

    Like Money Dummy, my commute is just a few seconds to walk up to my office. I love the fact I work at home, but I sometimes miss the commute. The longest one I have ever had in my life was about 30 minutes. I think about a 15 minute commute is enough time to wind down and make the transition from work to home. With working at home, you switch on a dime. It takes a while getting used to.

    My husband used to commute an hour to work, and I thought that was insane. I don’t know how that guy can three and a half hours driving one way. Wow.

  20. Tim MMF says:

    What a fool! That’s so much wasted time & money everyday! It takes me 7-10 minutes to get to school.

    I would never drive more than 20-30 minutes one way to go to a job.

  21. Matt says:

    When I lived in Michigan my commute was longer than that guy’s. Most days I spent more time driving to and from work than I did working.

    One of many, many, MANY reasons I’m thrilled not to live in Michigan anymore. Driving to work now takes me 20 minutes, and going home only takes 45. (It’d be an hour each way if I took the bus and train, which I’d have to do if I didn’t work midnights. But since I do work midnights, I can park downtown.)

  22. Jonathan says:

    10 minutes each way when I have class. Otherwise 30 seconds to my home office!

  23. mbhunter says:

    Mine’s about 20-25 minutes one way.

  24. Oneil says:

    I normally do approx 100 miles each way everyday from Philadelphia PA to Parsippany NJ. Kinda crazy I know, but it runs me 90 minutes each way. Im a management consultant and have been on the road for 11 yrs now…just cannot stand staying at the hotels no matter if its a Hilton, Sheraton or Marriott 🙂 Yep, I must be insane

  25. Khyron says:

    What most people seem to be forgetting is that this guy has worked for Cisco for almost 20 years. He’s bloody rich! Cisco was founded in 1984. Do the math. With options alone, he was cashing out big in the mid 90s.

    Add to that the fact that he lives on a ranch (according to the interview) and his wife probably doesn’t work. How many of us can say that? So I don’t feel bad for him or think him a fool. He likes his job. He has the lifestyle he wants. And he can probably stop working with few, if any, worries.

    How many of you can say any of that, nevermind all of it?

    Cisco timeline:

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