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How To Buy Stamps Under Face Value

I was in a Costco the other day and bought a 100-set of 37 cent stamps for only $36.75 (or something like that; it was under face value). Never had I thought you could buy a 37-cent stamp for less than thirty-seven cents! Armed with the knowledge that this was even possible and access to the infinite knowledge that is the Google (yes, The Google), I went out in search of a way to buy stamps on the cheap. What I found was that because stamps never “expire” and because stamps are often sold at a discount at estate sales, finding discounted stamps is actually quite easy.

Edward Mann of Thurmont, MD (website down) sells $2.22 worth of stamps for only $2. This what he says about his $2 packages:

Each packet contains 12 stamps of two different denominations. No more than TWO stamps from each packet are required to mail a 37ยข First Class letter. Each packet contains stamps enough for 6 mailings. Each packet is clearly marked so you know which two stamp denominations to use to post your first class mail. You can’t make a mistake! These older stamps are great for dressing up your mail. Add interest to your mail … and save money at the same time!

Honestly, I think it’d be fun to be using stamps people haven’t seen before and at a 11% discount how can you complain? Minimum order is only $10 so I think I’ll be purchasing a few and seeing what happens.

Wondering how he gets them cheaper? He explains:

I spend $1000s for stamp collections and accumulations each year. Quite frankly, I am often amazed at the off-center, low quality stamps some “collectors” will save! I pull these low quality buggers out and set them to one side. I could never, in good conscience resell them to my customers. So I use them as postage. However, I have way more than I could ever use. So I am offering them as discounted postage. Frequently, I pay only 90% of face for large, modern accumulations and so I’m breaking even…although, sometimes I paid more and I’m taking a slight loss. But, my loss is your gain!