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How To Buy Wine

In college I was in a fraternity, which meant I was a connoisseur of cheap beer. (To this day, if I open a cooler and see Natty Light, which doesn’t happen very often, I’ll crack open one of those first) Nowadays, I’ve been drinking some more wine and enjoying the high life (no, not the champagne of beers, Miller High Life), and often find myself wondering which wines I would enjoy.

Enter Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV [3]. First, the man is energetic and passionate about wine in a way that I’ve never seen anyone be about wine. Second, he is a New York Jets fan, which means he can be trusted and won’t BS you. Third, he is honest (in episode 441 [4], he destroys the Chardonnay right out the gate). Finally, his videos are entertaining as hell to watch even if you have only a passing interest in wine.

This little video clip comes from Life Videopedia [5], and is a three minute “tutorial” on how to buy wine. I think you’ll be surprised by what he says and I think you’ll be interested to watch more of his videos (he’s almost at 500!) after this one.

What’s My Wine: How to Buy Wine [5]