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How to Eat Healthy on $10 a Day

This is a guest post from Vic Magary of GymJunkies.com. Vic helps everyday people like you to build muscle and lose fat with short, but intense circuit training [3] and strength training workouts [4]

Eating on a budget is no easy task. You could eat at Mcdonald’s 3 times a day and probably stay under $10 but is that really want you want to do? You’d feel awful, your productivity would go way down and chances are you medical bills would go up.

The best way to eat on a budget, at $10 or so per day per person, is to employ a few of the “sneaky” strategies I use when picking up my own groceries. Here’s a few of my favorite ways to eat healthy on a budget.

Shop The Perimeter of The Grocery Store

The perimeter is where you’re going to find the healthiest foods. The interior part of the store is dedicated to most of the junk and condiments that are going to make you bloated, tired and fat. Stay away from them at all costs.

Your best bets will be ground beef, eggs, bananas, tuna, apples, a whole chicken, spinach, broccoli, green pepper, celery and potatoes. Pricey things you should stay away from are fish, steak, red peppers, pre-cut fruit and avocados. By sticking with those raw ingredients, you’re already halfway there to staying on budget.

Don’t Waste Money On Sugary, Fattening Drinks

A lot of people waste money on drinks when they go grocery shopping. If you’re buying soda, orange juice, vitamin water and some wine for the whole family, you’re going to add at least $30 – $60 onto your bill.

My personal favorite drinks for health reasons and cost reasons are iced tea, coffee and water with some lemon. All three of these have no calories at all and aren’t loaded with sugar or any other ingredients that will make you fatter. I especially like tea. Tea packets cost next to nothing and will last you 2-3 months.

Condiments Add Up Quickly

When I put a client on a fat loss plan [5], I recommend they stay away from most condiments. Things like creamy salad dressings are costly and they pack on a bunch of unwanted calories. If you want to slash your grocery bill stay away from salad dressings, teryaki sauce, mayo/ketchup, barbecue sauce, etc. They have a lot more sugar and sodium than you can taste.

When it comes to eating a salad, I recommend only one type of dressing – a mix of olive oil and balsalmic vinegar. It’s the healthiest dressing available but it is a bit pricey. Consider buying the ingredients spearaately and making it yourself. Above all, stay away from the sugary, creamy dressings!

Stop Eating Out So Much!

If you work in a 9-5 job, you’re probably eating out 3-4 times per week. If you have a spouse doing the same thing, then it’s costing you even more. I’m not saying never eat out but if you’re trying to stick to a budget, eating out is very costly.

On top of that, when you eat out you’re usually getting double the calories without even knowing it. Restaurant food usually isn’t prepared with nutrition in mind. They just want the food to taste good (can you blame them?). So that plate of food that looks “normal” to you actually probably has enough calories for two days!

After you factor in the price of the meal, tip, gas to get you there, and parking or valet fees, that’s an expensive bill for a family of four. Rack up two of these per week for an entire month and you’ll start to see where all your money has gone.

Some Final Tips

You don’t have to eat all organic foods to eat healthy. Yes, organic and free range foods are better for you but if it’s not in your budget don’t beat yourself up over it. If you stick to lean meats, veggies, fruits, nuts and a lot of greens you’ll be eating healthier than 99% of Americans.

If you want more tips on eating healthy and quick, but intense workouts, come read my blog [3], or sign up for my free email newsletter [6]