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How To Get 5% Cash Back At Home Depot

Waiting in the checkout line of my local Giant, I saw that they were heavily pushing gift cards including Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, and some local restaurants like a Bennigan’s. For those of you wanting to get the most cash back for your buck, get a 5% cashback at supermarkets credit card [3], buy a giftcard to a place you were already going to spend money, and use that instead of usual 1% cashback card [4]. Instant 5% cashback.

I wouldn’t go to the grocery store specifically to get a Home Depot $50 gift card but if I happened to go there before a trip to HD, you’ll make a lot of those when you buy a house, then I might pick it up. (not worth the effort to make an extra trip…)

Any think of a reason why this wouldn’t work?