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How To Get Your 2008 Stimulus Rebate Check Faster

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Have you been awaiting word on when you expect your stimulus package? First, check the stimulus calculator located near the end of my original 2008 Stimulus Package Explained article. If you are eligible for a check, when you can expect it will depend on the last two digits of your social security number.

If they have your direct deposit information available on file, then you follow this schedule:

  • 00 – 20: May 2
  • 21 – 75: May 9
  • 76 – 99: May 16

If they do not have your direct deposit information, then this is your schedule:

  • 00 – 09: May 16
  • 10 – 18: May 23
  • 19 – 25: May 30
  • 26 – 38: June 6
  • 39 – 51: June 13
  • 52 – 63: June 20
  • 64 – 75: June 27
  • 76 – 87: July 4
  • 88 – 99: July 11

So if your social security number is 000-00-0034 then you will receive the stimulus package amount on May 9th if you have direct deposit and you will receive the stimulus package check on June 6th. As you can see, you get the money nearly a month earlier if they have your direct deposit information.

How do you give them your direct deposit information? You give it to them when you file your return. Be sure to input your direct deposit information on your 1040 on line 74 (a-d). Once they have it there, you can get your check considerably sooner. Don’t be a fool, direct deposit. 🙂

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217 Responses to “How To Get Your 2008 Stimulus Rebate Check Faster”

  1. pissed off says:

    Q: I am feeling cheated by this stimulus thing.I filed at HR Block and knew nothing of this rebate,Oh sure my preparer did.and did not even bother to tell me that i should do direct deposit.I never knew this up until after i did the RAL thingy.That was wrong of her filing my taxes and not telling me that i can use my own banking info.

  2. Luis sanchez says:

    I filed my 2007 tax return in late January and I did not choose to get my refund Direct deposit. what can i do know to get the economic stimulus check via direct deposit.what forms do i need to fill out.

  3. Rich says:

    Wow. Just Wow.

  4. Anonymous says:

    see all these questions but no answers for them. Whats up?

  5. ROBINPIPER says:


  6. Judy Thomas says:

    In the past I’ve always had direct deposit, but this year H & R Block didn’t file my taxes correctly and later refilled my taxes using the debit card. How will I receive my stimulus refund?

  7. joann says:

    If you have filed an extension through your accountant for 2007 will you still get a stimulus check?

  8. Linda says:

    I have seen no answer for the question I claim my 2 college age sons, they both work but they do not get rebate, do I

  9. LILY says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    ya’all are retarded and need a hobby! Seriously! GET A LIFE OR A REAL JOB!

  11. mogglesby says:

    Don’t blame the H&R Block people if you got a rapid refund and now want direct deposit; we were as much in the dark as you…we always try to do the best for our customers, trust me..stupid government!

  12. dayle scott says:

    can you tell me if I went rapid refund. but since have a change of address who do i contact to give my address information?

  13. Stephanie says:

    I was wondering if I got my tax return put on one of those H&R Block Debit Cards will my return be put on the card or in a check in the mail. Also if it comes in a check do I have to inform them of my new address??? Please Help Someone!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Kendra says:

    I called my H & R Block office and was told that although the refund is routed to your Emerald Card and although your verification emails state the monies were direct deposited to your card, the actual bank account used is a temporary account at an H & R Bank…. the account would no longer exist. Therefore you’d receive a paper check. My concern, not only for myself but for so many others in this situation(see above), will this delay a paper check? Will the IRS send a wired amount, have it returned and have to reprocess those payments? This ofcourse would cost more for the government.
    This is new and the issues are new. I understand H & R Block didn’t anticipate this but they sure could take the initiative to get questions answered so they can continue to provide services to their customers. When I called the lack of patience, the lack of customer service and the lack of respect really made me think that maybe next year I won’t go there and pay loads of money. I typically do not complain about the fees, I know they are inflated but my H & R Block preparer is great and needs to make her living too. (She was not the one to answer the phone)
    Sadly I think we all have to “wait and see”.

  15. Nicole says:

    So My boyfriend owes child support he is in the rears. Will it go straight to the child support or will he get the rebate?

  16. BigGuy says:

    this is off off the site

    Q. I chose direct deposit for my 2007 tax refund but also requested a Refund Anticipation Loan (RAL) from my preparer. How does that affect my stimulus payment?

    A. Taxpayers who use RALs or enter into any other loan or financial agreement with their tax professional cannot receive their stimulus payments by Direct Deposit and instead will get a paper check.

    Q. Can my stimulus payment be directly deposited onto a stored value card or debit card where a bank product such as a RAL/RAC is not involved?

    A. No. [New 4/14/08]

    sorry for the bad news people, but my tax preparer got us too!!looks like it’ll be july for us

  17. Kendra says:

    Side note: If you owe child support they better* apply that stimulus to arrears! Manup or Womanup to your responsibilities. If people would pay it regularly they wouldn’t have to “worry” about it now. I know things do happen but like the ONE person above said wouldn’t you rather that money go to your child?

  18. chris says:

    I owe money for goverment student loans will I get my stmules check?

  19. rita says:

    I want to know if social security checks go direct deposit and they are issued by the united states treasury, why would the stimulus payments not be sent direct deposit, or will they . thanks

  20. Linda Lee says:

    Linda Lee asks? I have seen the ? many times about the stimulus check notice. I received a notice in march, however have not received the 2nd notice stating amount I’ll receive, or when… I owe the unemployment dept. some overpayment money[have paid some]. Is unemployment a state or federal program in Oregon? Can they take my rebate? Also, I owe the state of oregon 104.00. Can that be taken from a federal government rebate? Thanks!!!!



  22. Mark says:

    Hi, I have a question. I am a service connected disabled vet and work. I am married and have no children and I am wondering if I will be getting the $1,200 plus the $300 for disabled vets? I don’t need to report my monthly income on any of my tax returns so I wonder how the IRS will know I’m a disabled vet? Any one in the same position as me or know anything about this? Thanks….Mark

  23. Tamika says:

    i had my tax money deposit on my h r block emerald card also my work pay check go’s on there to will my rebate check go on my card as well

  24. amy wood says:

    i was woundering a couple of things i got the same day H&R Block emerald card and want to know if the stimulas check will go on that and also if someone owes child support will that take there check and pay the person they owe. If it does go on the emerald card will it still be the same date as if it were mailed.

  25. Kathy M. says:

    Yes, I got the emerald card also. Not sure how I will get it I dont even have the card anymore I threw it away after I used all the money. SO hopefully it is coming in the mail. I’m asuming so I’m sure they dont expect people to save the cards when they are empty with out instructions to do so for this purpose.

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