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How To Get Your 2008 Stimulus Rebate Check Faster

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Have you been awaiting word on when you expect your stimulus package? First, check the stimulus calculator located near the end of my original 2008 Stimulus Package Explained article. If you are eligible for a check, when you can expect it will depend on the last two digits of your social security number.

If they have your direct deposit information available on file, then you follow this schedule:

  • 00 – 20: May 2
  • 21 – 75: May 9
  • 76 – 99: May 16

If they do not have your direct deposit information, then this is your schedule:

  • 00 – 09: May 16
  • 10 – 18: May 23
  • 19 – 25: May 30
  • 26 – 38: June 6
  • 39 – 51: June 13
  • 52 – 63: June 20
  • 64 – 75: June 27
  • 76 – 87: July 4
  • 88 – 99: July 11

So if your social security number is 000-00-0034 then you will receive the stimulus package amount on May 9th if you have direct deposit and you will receive the stimulus package check on June 6th. As you can see, you get the money nearly a month earlier if they have your direct deposit information.

How do you give them your direct deposit information? You give it to them when you file your return. Be sure to input your direct deposit information on your 1040 on line 74 (a-d). Once they have it there, you can get your check considerably sooner. Don’t be a fool, direct deposit. 🙂

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217 Responses to “How To Get Your 2008 Stimulus Rebate Check Faster”

  1. LCEE says:

    This should help most especially emerald card holders….,,id=179181,00.html

  2. josh says:

    ok im lost i applied for the loan but did not get approved…so can i still get it direct deposited….and i got the emerald card from h and r block is that considered direct deposited

  3. BigGuy says:

    if you had you tax refund put on any type of card you will recieve a paper check. only people getting direct deposit will be those that put their bank routing # and had their FEDERAL return deposite will get the rebate direct deposited read all the forms on they really answer alot of these question

  4. Patsy Johnson says:

    My husband and I owe this year. Will we get a check or will that amount be applied to what we owe?

  5. NY Girl says:

    Okay my question, I had my taxes done this year by Jackson Hewett and I got the same day loan thing on the debit card. I don’t remember them asking me if I wanted anything direct deposit, so when am I scheduled? and what for the paper check or direct deposit? How can I find out?


  6. kathy says:

    i was wanting to know on the amount of the check i will be sent and if i could change to direct deposit noe that i already received my refund and how would i go about it.

  7. sheila says:

    Just want a straight answer if we have a payment plan with the irs will we get the stimulus money or not.. i thought this money was to spend if not.

  8. brit says:

    To REE, who posted on April 24th…..i too am married with 3 children. All along I was under the assumption that we would be getting 2100 back. 1200 as a couple and 300 for each child. However according to the IRS.GOV STIMULUS PACKAGE CALCULATOR….we are only getting 1500. I believe, as retarded as it is….the more money you make, the more you get back. Of course it caps out at 150k per couple. We only made 38000 as a couple last year, but if we had made a few thouasand more, we’d get the full 2100. im thankful for it, but it just makes no sense why someone who makes that much, gets more than us poor people 🙁

  9. Talisha says:

    I dont understand the hr block emerald card. I got a ral done to my card for half of the money and the other half came in a couple of days. I have a routing number and i can get my paychecks direct deposited on it. Why do we have to wait for the check. If we have the card and it cost alot of money to get that. Can someone please clear this up.

  10. DM says:

    I was wondering how do I go about this stimulus rebate check I followed through HR Block and got my money through the new direct master card.. will the rebate money just be loaded on this master card….thanks DM

  11. Drema Harman says:

    Why ask a question, no one answers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    i was wondering how i go about this stimulus rebate check i followed throught hr block and got my money through the new direct master card.. will the rebate money just be loaded on this master card..thanks……DM

  13. Tehya says:

    I received my tax refund by direct deposit but has since closed that account and opened up a new one. How will I get my money and can I give the IRS my new account number since I used direct deposit originally?

  14. Dave Miller says:

    You can call the FMS autoresponder at 1-800-304-3107 to see if your SSN has been flagged for capture and if it has, the amount of the debt and the agency that is taking it.

  15. q says:

    checked my account this morning, no tax rebate check, I guess maybe it’ll be posted tonight ….

  16. Nicholas says:

    Well, I read up on this and it looks like the following info. would be precise.. If you have the “Emerald Card”, or “Anew Card” both of these forms of recieving your 07′ tax return involved getting a “RAL”, therefore, you would recieve a paper check. These cards involve getting your 07′ tax return “RAL” using a “third-party” Meta Bank or insert any financial inst. here!..paper checks it is~!

    Any help or new info. would be greatlt appreciated!

  17. Ryan says:

    The stimulus checks started going out Today..
    800,000 checks will be direct deposited today- (april 29-08)

    The checks are deposited by the last 2 numbers of your social security number…..

    You will recieve a check if you filed a return for 2007 proving an income of at least 3000.usd, But no more than 75,00usd if filing a single return.

    An addition check for 300.usd will be given for every child “YOU” Claimed (you can probobly only claim 2 children-find out at the URL ive provided)

    TO find out when you will get your check, search for :”calculate your stimulus arival..


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