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How to Lose $602,999 In Thirty Seconds

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Deal or No Deal is a popular television game show in which the contestant picks a case out of the hundred on stage. That case is theirs to keep and the “Banker” tries to buy that from him or her. Then, as the game progresses, the contestant picks numbered cases to be revealed and removed from the stage. As the game progresses, a large board tracks which cases have been removed and, based on probabilities, the “Banker” offers to buy the contestants case. Normally, the show has only one million dollar case but in an effort to make things exciting, started offering multiple million dollar cases.

In this particular episode, there were 7 million dollar cases. Watch what happens:

The part that boggles my mind was when one of his three friends, perhaps his wife or sister, says – “You came to bust him, and you’ve done it….” I thought she was giving him a reason to stop, but then inexplicably adds “One more time…”

As my wife always tells me, sometimes you have to take a step back and be thankful for and appreciate everything that you have. $603,000 is a lot of coin.

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17 Responses to “How to Lose $602,999 In Thirty Seconds”

  1. Cap says:

    This guy literally pissed me off. I know that’s saying a lot about myself for watching a TV show and getting upset about it… but I definitely regret channel surfing that night. I remember watching it and my jaws were dropping… even went as far as googling to see others reaction (turns out select nursing boards hated the ‘sexist’ nurse depiction)…

    Got overtly greedy/hyped in the excitement? Whatever the reason, he passed up 400k twice, even passed up the last offer which was a significant amount (listen to your f’ing mom?). Would have ended up with nothing if he didn’t win his initial $10,000 from earlier.

    I’m not sure about you, but him and his brother gives a bad name to nurses. What happened to sound, common sense, and logical decision making? Freaking unbelievable.

    Anyways end rant.

  2. There are many people in our fine country who are just too stupid to be trusted with money or a vote. He is one of them. We are all better off because he is still broke. Now if we could just keep them from voting.

  3. Eric N. says:

    This show entertains and pisses me off at the same time. 😀

  4. Ed says:

    Just stupid…

  5. Miss M says:

    We saw that episode too, Mr M predicted way early in the show that the guy would go home with nothing. They must have some psych exam for the contestants and only pick the crazy ones who would gamble $600k.

  6. Patrick says:

    That really sucks. I would have taken the 600,000 and gone running home. I hate it when people take stupid chances like this.

  7. A. Dawn says:

    This can explain the financial crisis we are going through right now. Some people got too greedy and wanted to have it all. When they fell off the ladder, they took others along with them.
    A Dawn Journal

  8. Studenomist says:

    I am not going to lie, I could see myself retiring on that much money. Another person does not take it as seriously and risks it. Why can’t I be lucky and get on that show?

  9. Frugal Dad says:

    It all comes down to greed. Any other time those folks would be eccstatic to win $600k, but with the idea there could be even more out there they keep pressing their luck until they’ve blown it all.

  10. jim says:

    You’re right Frugal Dad, it’s all relative I suppose. When he saw $400k, he thought about how he “had” $600k… we all get our just due. 🙂

  11. CK says:

    Wow, what a tool.

    Just imagine walking down the street and someone says to you.

    “Hey here’s 600K or you can take a 50/50 shot at a million or bust.”

    No one in their right mind would take the bet.

    • andrew b says:

      Don’t be a tool before you call someone a tool. This is the age of the Internet: all we have to do now is to read one of several Deal recap sites that will tell you far more information than this slanderous 65 seconds.

      And now those 65 seconds have disappeared. Ha. Ha.

  12. ChristianPF says:

    Yea, I know why do so many of these people lose all sense of reason and try to be a hero? It has got to feel pretty bad walking out the door with nothing when you could have had half a million…

  13. Wil says:

    Lots of people go totally insane on that show. No one in his/her right mind would gamble $600,000.00 on what amounts to the flip of a coin.

  14. Jim says:

    I would have stopped at $410k for sure. My wife and I watch Cash Cab a lot and we almost always think going for the double or nothing question at the end is a bad idea and thats usually just a few hundred $.


  15. Mike says:

    I get annoyed every time I watch this show. People go in with the wrong perspective. Instead of comparing what they are offered against zero (which is what they essentially start with), everyone compares it to a million (which never happens). I’ve seen people scoff at $100k on the show but in “real life” they would be dancing in the street if they were given that much. It blows me away how little perspective people have.

  16. kitty says:

    I stopped watching the show – it just got boring to me. Initially it was kind of interesting, but at some point it just got repetitive and boring.

    I think I understand people risking it. It’s really “easy come easy go” type of thing. Also, probably the same kind of “high” as gambling. For example, if you are betting in a casino, you are bound to be more careful with the money you came with than with the money you won. I think when they play there is a rush of adrenalin and the money don’t really seem real to them.

    Frugal dad makes a good point to. You always want more money. It’s really the same with stocks, and not selling them even when you have 200% profit in a short period of time and for no good reason. You always think – “just a little more”.

    “I am not going to lie, I could see myself retiring on that much money. Another person does not take it as seriously and risks it. Why can’t I be lucky and get on that show?”
    I think you are forgetting to subtract taxes. You’ll get a little more than half of the money once the government and your state is done with you. Still a lot of money, but not enough to retire on.

    I think you can google for the show to see how you can get on it. You need to have a bubbly personality and be very emotional. I know I wouldn’t qualify – I am too reserved. Also come up with some silly story about what you plan to do with the money, just putting it on a saving account will probably sound a bit boring.

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