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How to Make Your Own “Green” Mouthwash

Every year I make my ritual visit to my local dentist for a routine cleaning, and every year I get the “you should really be using mouth-wash” speech. And every year I get sent home with my bag of dental goodies, including a little bottle of Crest mouthwash.

OK, I get it.

Mouth-wash is an important part of my teeth-cleaning-routine. After four years in braces and becoming a mother (something about the hormones affecting teeth enamel). As the EcoDiva, and the champion of all things organic, natural and non-toxic, I have to do what I know it right – “read the label”.

If you’ve never taken the time to read the label on your mouth-wash, you may be shocked, as I was, to learn about some extra unwanted ingredients that are not all that great for your teeth OR your health in general. Here is a list of ingredients (mostly un-pronounceable) directly from my Crest Pro-Health bottle of alcohol free mouth wash:

Active Ingredients

Inactive Ingredients

How to Make Your Own Mouthwash

So, now that you are running scared, let’s take a look at another alternative -making your own mouthwash that will do the job, minus the toxic twist. Using a mouthwash is great for your gums and keeps your breath minty fresh (as well as making you more pleasant to be around!). There are some amazing natural ingredients that can do the job of the conventional brand.

The Ingredients

Warning: This recipes contains alcohol, so please do not give to children. Check with your child’s dentist to find a natural, alcohol-free alternative.


Pour the alcohol into a clean sterilized glass bottle or jar, add the essential oils one at a time, shake well. Make sure to label the bottle clearly “Mouth Wash”. For each use, add a few teaspoons to a glass of warm water and stir well. Store in the refrigerator for longer shelf-life. Enjoy!

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