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How To Predict Supermarket Sales

Learning how to predict supermarket and grocery store sales is so simple, a grade schooler could do it. All you have to do is pick up your Saturday circulars! Yeah, so I cheated a little, I hope you can forgive me. Typically supermarkets will advertise all their sales on Saturday when they won’t take into effect until Sunday so you get to find out if you should wait one day to buy that chicken because it’s not on sale this week but it will be next week.

One of the benefits of living within walking distance of the local Giant (a grocery store chain) is that it costs me nothing but time (i.e. no gasoline/car-related costs) when I go grocery shopping. With the Saturday circulars, I can see what’s advertised. Just the other week I knew, from that week’s circular, that a pound of chicken breast was going to run me $2.99 – a good price in this area and that itself was marked as a sale. Well, the advertisements that came with my Saturday paper clued me in on a sale that would start the next day where chicken breast was going to run a mere $1.66 (an unheard of price, at least for me) so I waited the one day and saved myself some easy money.

For those of you who thought I knew of a magic method of divining sales, I apologize.