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How to Read The Wall Street Journal for Free

If you visit The Wall Street Journal [3] and try to read the articles, you’ll find that you will need to have a subscription to read anything behind the first paragraph or two. Subscriptions are $1.99 a week if you want online access, $2.69 per week if you get both print and online. Surprisingly, the subscriber wall isn’t present when you visit the WSJ via a link from some of their partners even though the URLs are the same.

If you want to read a Wall Street Journal article for free, copy and paste the title of the article into a Google search. The first result will usually be the WSJ article, click through and read the article in its entirety for free.

For example, if you are interested in this headline from today, “SEC Faces Challenges With Goldman Case,” you simply search for that title in Google [4], and see that the first result is to the WSJ article. Click through and you will find that no subscriber credentials are necessary for the full article.

Foolishly visit the article [5] directly, even after you’ve seen it in its entirety, and you’ll see you only get a subscriber content preview.