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How To Replaced Damaged or Mutilated Money

What do you do when a dog has eaten your money [3]? Well, you wait until it comes out, then you soak it, wash it, rinse it, and repeat a lot. Ewww…

But what if it’s been damaged or mutilated to the point where you can no longer use it? That’s when you call in the Bureau of Engraving and Printing [4] to get a replacement.

If you have more than 50% of the bill, just mail it “Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested” (or personally deliver it) to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing along with a letter explaining the estimated value of the bill and how it got that way. If you have less than 50%, do the same but you better do a much better job with the letter as they have to believe that the rest of the bill has been destroyed.

If the damaged money are bills, send it to:

Department of the Treasury
Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Office of Currency Standards
P. O. Box 37048
Washington, D. C. 20013

If they are coins, send it to:

U. S. Mint
Post Office Box 400
Philadelphia, PA. 19105

If they aren’t damaged or mutilated and they’re just dirty, defaced, worn out, or a little torn, then bring them back to your bank for a replacement. This only applies if you can definitely tell what the value of it is and it’s clearly more than 50%, though the site doesn’t really tell you what “clearly more” really is. If it’s a little corner tear, that’s probably clearly more.