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How to Request an IRS Filing Extension

April 15th is only a couple weeks away! If you haven’t filed yet and don’t think you’ll make the April 15th deadline, all you need to do to procrastinated another six months is fill out IRS Form 4868 [3], Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. You don’t have to provide a reason unless the IRS denies your request, which they don’t do very often (at least from what I hear), and you can file your return anytime before October 15th, the new deadline for those approved for an extension.

The only gotcha is that you are still required to pay taxes owed. The extension is only for filing your return, not for payment. If you owe taxes and can’t pay, start the process of setting up an IRS payment plan [4] today because the extension won’t help you.

If you’re supposed to get a refund, I recommend that you file ASAP so you can get your money back!