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How to Save Money Every Month with Negotiation

Trying to find a way to save money every month is a lot like playing Whack a Mole. In April you might save some money by brown bagging your lunch to work. In May you might try some hypermiling driving tips [3], like easing up on the brakes or driving closer to the speed limit. By June, you’ll probably have stopped brown bagging lunch as often but you’ll try going out to bars less after work. It’s hard keeping everything straight, especially if you haven’t made it a habit.

That’s why the key to saving money every month is to reduce your overall “financial load.” That is, cut or reduce your fixed monthly expenses.
When was the last time you thought about paying your cell phone bill or your cable bill? You probably don’t spend much time thinking about it or, if you’re like me, it’s automatically charged to your credit card or debited from your bank account. If you find a way to cut your costs, you never have to think about it. You’re saving money, every month, without doing anything different. If you are looking to save money every month, that’s the first place you should look.

Here are a few places you might take a look at:

Next, check your credit card statements for anything that might look like a recurring charge. Maybe you signed up for a trial that you canceled, but the company never canceled the charges. Maybe you signed up for a service and cut it, only to find the business continued to bill you. You should be checking your statements anyway but do it again with this aim in mind.

Once you’ve looked at your fixed costs, it’s time to move towards the variable costs each month. Costs associated with your food, like trips to restaurants and the grocery store, or costs maintaining your car or home. For suggestions on what to try, I want to point you to an article I wrote a couple years ago – 100 Money Saving Tips [5]. That list, which does include some fixed costs to trim, should keep you busy enough with moles to whack. 🙂

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