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How To Win McDonald’s Monopoly Game (2009)

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McDonalds Monopoly Game PieceMacDonald’s Monopoly game has started for 2010!

McDonald’s announced that this year’s Monopoly game will start on October 6th and end on November 2nd. If you go now before the game starts, you can get a pre-promotion code good for one property and entry into their pre-promotion contest.

Every year McDonald’s runs its very popular Monopoly game where you get a Monopoly property sticker/game piece with selected items. If you get all the properties in a color group, you get to win that cash prize. In addition to these properties, you can get instant win stickers as well for free Wi-Fi time, or gift cards, or McDonald’s products. The cash prizes range from $50 up to $1 million!

The secret to winning the game is in understanding how it works. McDonald’s sets up the game so that it controls the number of ten critical pieces. Those pieces happen to be the last property, when listed alphabetically, for each color group (except Boardwalk). If you get one of these rare pieces, you’ve basically won that prize.

2009 Game Pieces & Prizes

For 2009, the rare pieces (and the prize you can win with that color group) are:

  • Mediterranean Avenue ($50 prize, 2000 prizes)
  • Short Line Railroad ($500 prize, 750 prizes)
  • Vermont Avenue ($1,000 prize, 125 prizes)
  • Virginia Avenue ($2,000 prize, 75 prizes)
  • Tennessee Avenue ($5,000 prize, 10 prizes)
  • Kentucky Avenue ($10,000 prize, 6 prizes)
  • Ventnor Avenue ($25,000 prize, 8 prizes)
  • Pennsylvania Avenue ($50,000 prize, 4 prizes)
  • Golden Avenue ($100K prize)*
  • Boardwalk ($1 million dollar prize, 1 prizes)

The pieces are included on the following products:

  • Angus Burgers
  • Chicken McNuggets (10 or 20 piece)
  • Large Fries
  • Medium & Large Drinks
  • Large Hot McCafe Drinks
  • Hash Browns

The key is finding the rare pieces. You can take advantage of the Internet to find people willing to sell or trade rare pieces to complete a set (which is against the rules of the game). Websites like the Fatwallet Forums are a great resource to meet other players.

Cheapest Monopoly Game Pieces

The best value item to get are the hash browns, which cost anywhere from $0.80 to $1.00 in most stores and yield two game pieces. It may be cheaper, and faster, than sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope ($0.88 for two first-class stamps) to get the free pieces (instructions) below.

The healthiest option, if you plan on consuming the product, is probably a large coffee. 🙂

Free Monopoly Game Pieces

How do you get the pieces for free? You can mail away for them by sending a “legibly handwritten, self-addressed, stamped envelope with your address (first and last name, street address, city, state, and zip or postal code) to:

2009 MONOPOLY at McDonald’s Game Piece Request
P.O. Box 49189
Strongsville, OH 44149-0189

Instant Win Prizes

In addition to the property prizes, there are a number of instant win prizes:

  • Food Prizes – Medium French Fries, any Large Beef Sandwich, any Breakfast Extra Value Meal®, Small McFlurry® or Fruit ‘N Yogurt Parfait, Small Soft Drink or Small Hot Premium Roast Coffee (excluding McCafe®), and any Breakfast Sandwich.
  • Fifty Dollars – There are 5,000 of these prizes available, you get a check for $50.
  • Fifty Dollar Arch Card® ($50) – There are 200 of these prizes available.
  • Xbox 360 Game System – There are 3,000 of these prizes available, but you will only get these off an order of large fries or Angus burger.
  • $500 Shell Gift Card – There are 100 of these prizes available.
  • $25,000 Dollars – Finally, there are eight $25,000 prizes available.

I don’t know how likely it is that you’ll get a rare game piece, or a really good instant win game piece, for free through the mail, but you never know!

Good luck!

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287 Responses to “How To Win McDonald’s Monopoly Game (2009)”

  1. Jason says:

    To all those who didnt receive pieces on thigs they bought, the same happpened to me and I called the corporate office and complained and they sent me 4 game pieces in the mail plus they contacted the local office and they sent me 8 hash brown sleeves.

    • LC says:

      Hey Jason, what’s the number for the corporate office? I’d like to call and complain too cuz the same thing happened to me. How do you advertise right on your drive-thru menu that the following foods have game pieces and then you don’t even get them? Lame!!

    • Josh says:

      Ever hear the phrase, “Participation may vary”, homeboy?

      They sent you some free game pieces and food coupons to shut you up, not because you’re right.

  2. Anonymous says:

    you guys are all fat-ass whiners.

  3. Cherrice says:

    Hey guys I need Pennsylvania Avenue and will slit 50/50 to whom ever has that piece.

  4. Asia says:

    I have park place and two greens I need pennsylvania aveune

  5. jonathon stahl says:

    I will split pennsylvania with you for only 10,000

  6. Tim says:

    I have Boardwalk and will plit the winnings to whom ever has the second one.

  7. Asia says:

    I have park place so we need to get in contact okay

    • Josh says:

      Yeah, you have Park Place. Do you honestly think that means anything? Park Place is a very common game piece. I’ve got ten of them. It doesn’t matter!!

  8. Matt says:

    i need virginia avenue i have the other 2 anyone who has virginia will split 2 gs with you

  9. Tim says:

    Sorry my stupid wife told me it was Boardwalk when it was parkplace.

  10. Catherine says:

    I’m missing just one peice on a couple idfferent prize:

    Mediterranean Avenue ($50 prize, 2000 prizes)
    I have 4 Baltics
    Short Line Railroad ($500 prize, 750 prizes)
    I have 2 each of the other railroads
    Virginia Avenue ($2,000 prize, 75 prizes)
    2 St. Charles, 3 States
    Kentucky Avenue ($10,000 prize, 6 prizes)
    1 Illinois, 2 Indiana
    Pennsylvania Avenue ($50,000 prize, 4 prizes)
    I have 4 North Carolinas, and 2 Pacific’s
    Boardwalk ($1 million dollar prize, 1 prizes)
    I have 2 Park Places

    Let me know if you have anything you want to put together!

    • Jess says:

      Atlantic Avenue – 3
      Marvin Gardens – 2
      Penn Railroad – 4
      Reading Railroad – 3
      B&O Railroad – 2
      Park Place – 1
      New York Avenue – 1
      ST. Charles Place – 1
      Baltic Avenue – 2
      Indiana Avenue – 1
      Illinois Avenue – 1
      Pacific Avenue – 2
      North Carolina Avenue – 2
      Oriental Avenue – 1

      I have a bunch…

    • Jess says:


    • Stasi says:

      do you have boardwalk?

    • Josh says:


      You’ve got to be kidding me. This is truly one of the stupidest posts I’ve ever read on the entire internet. Congratulations!

      If you’d bothered to read the article above these comments, and have the cognitive capacity, you MIGHT have a better understanding of how this game works. All of the pieces that you’re asking for? The ones that complete your “sets”? Those are called “control” pieces. They are VERY RARE! Anyone who finds a control piece has basically won, because all of the pieces YOU have are very EAST to find.

      Example: There are 400,000,000,000,000,000 Park Place game pieces. There is ONE Boardwalk.

      GET IT?!

  11. timmeh says:

    what a stupid game getting our kids addicted to gambling. just look your grown people and your freakin about game pieces there making our youth over weight and addicted to stupid games were you dont win anything kinda like a casino exept the odds are even worse poor kids

    • Josh says:

      With spelling and grammar such as yours, I’d worry less about the parental duties of others, and go give your mother a slap in the face.

  12. Ryan says:

    Ok here is the deal….if read the official rules on McD website you’ll learn how this game works…its amazing how many people get so easily confused by this game….most winners probably never claim because they don’t understand how to play this game which is crazy!!! This will give you a better perspective on the BAD and GOOD parts of this game.

    First off…the property prizes are crazy bad odds of actually have a better chance at winning the powerball and many lottery games than you do winning the property prizes. So while I keep on eye out for those just in case its VERY VERY VERY VERY unlikely you would get the winning ones.
    For example the there is only ONE boardwalk piece (1 million dollar winner) odds for that prize = 1 in 542,034,000 game pieces available in US/Canada!!! That is crazy.
    Just to win a measly $50 by obtaining mediterranean avenue is 1 in 1,570,000!!!
    In comparison The odds of winning the powerball is about 1 in 199,000,000 so you might as well play that…haha…most scratch off games/lottery games at your local gas station have odds of only 1 in 200,000 or better for prizes in the 10’s of thousands!

    This game is NOT rigged like people say…its just crazy bad odds…the game is not all bad though!!
    Here is the GOOD!!
    The ONLINE game is GREAT!!! There is a code on each game piece to enter online. Online prizes are TIME RELEASED…I don’t know why people don’t understand this…its NOT rigged…if you are the FIRST to enter a valid code after the computer running the the online game releases a prize you WIN that prize…Last year I won 2 $50 gifts cards to shell gas station. They give ONE of those away every 15 Minutes!!!!! Its worth playing the game just for those gift cards. Its funny cause your odds playing the game online are much improved than hoping to win just through the in store method.
    Other online prize highlights….

    you are entered into a $100,000 prize EVERY TIME you enter a code. So basically that is like a mega raffle game. They draw the winning code on Nov 17.

    Coke rewards points are given out on the online game ALOT…I got like 200 of them last year….24 coke rewards points get you a free 20oz coke…so its a good value.

    $25 arch cards AND $50 Shell gas cards every 15 minutes is what I think is the BEST PART of this whole promotional game and makes it worth collecting game pieces.

    One big CASH$$ prize EVERYDAY will be time released online!!!…they changed this a bit though…it used to be $$1 million automatically everyday now its technically $10,000…UNLESS they role TWO 6’s on a dice role that takes place on NBC every night during the duration of the game. then you do get 1 million. That cuts down on the $$ they have to give out…haha. I don’t think anyone has gotten 1mil yet on the dice roll on tv.

    There are other cash prizes online too associated with getting the properties (read the official rules about these)they are hard to get because there is only one of each except the $50 dollar prize…there are 400+ of those time released online…but still overall BETTER odds of winning cash online than the in store property collecting…haha.

    Other things to remember…

    ONLY 10 CODES a DAY!!! so you have to be strategic about what time you you enter codes to snag a gift card.

    Most prizes are given out between 12pm – 8pm because they say its peak time for people submitting codes…but they still give out gifts cards every 15 minutes ALL day I think…so really all that means is if you going for the big CASH prizes your more likely to win them during the 12-8 period!! which is good to know!

    as far as the instore game goes the instant food prizes are GREAT value ofcourse. The chance of winning an Xbox is pretty good since their are 3,000 of them and ONLY on lg fries/angus burgers.

    Final thing….lots of people either don’t understand the game and just look at the pieces and then throw them away…and lots of people don’t even peel them. Everytime I go eat I just observe people and sometimes ask for their games pieces…and sometimes pull some out of the trash or find them on tables/floor. I never leave with less than about 15-20 pieces plus the ones I get with my food…you have to hang around a bit but it WORKS!!!! so you really don’t even have to buy much food to get lots of game pieces…just go sit inside a mcd for a while and don’t be afraid to go after the ones people are stupid enough to throw away/not enter online/or are willing to give them away.

    There you go…sorry this was long…but I read so many comments from people who have no clue how this game works and in turn are just wasting time/$$$ unless you play it strategically. In the long run your still better off buying lottery tickets if you want to win cash….haha…but the Online game really is a haven for prizes if you collect ALOT of game pieces/codes/submit them EVERYDAY and get lucky by getting one of those time released prizes.

    anyways hope this helps you put the game in a better PERSPECTIVE!!! after reading this!!

    • Josh says:

      Valiant effort, but it’s a safe bet that your explanation has fallen on deaf ears (eyes?).

      From reading these comments, I assume the majority of these people have a visiting aide come and help them bathe and dress.

  13. Bill says:

    I NEED Pennsylvania Avenue TO WIN THE 50,000 AND I ALSO NEED Kentucky Avenue TO WIN THE 10,000… PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO GET THEM

  14. Thomas says:

    I Have These Pieces:
    Atlantic Ave. and Marven Gardens (Need #116)
    Oriental Ave And Connecticut Ave. (Need #104)
    Indiana Ave. And Illinois Ave. (Need #112)

    Want To Trade? If Your Have The Other Ones We Will Trade You 60% Me 40%!

  15. nuaman says:

    can anyone tell me a code for one of them in my email that hasn’t been used yet?plz?

  16. Seaglenda says:

    I have park place and if anyone has boardwalk, we can split the $1,000,000.

    • Brian says:

      i have boardwalk. :]

      • nuaman says:

        i have parkplace maybe we can work something out.

      • Kelly says:

        I have two Park Place(#121) pieces so let me know if u want to work something out…I will split 65/35…you can have 65 since u have the winning piece…

    • Josh says:

      I have the Boardwalk. I don’t feel like going through the hassle of claiming the prize and having my face plastered on the side of a trillion french-fry packages, so I’ll tell you what:

      Reply to this with your email address, and I’ll sell you my Boardwalk for $100.

  17. Anonymous says:


  18. JLHVaz says:

    This game only has one (1) recorded scam, but I am skeptical about the long odds thing. The odds of winning the low end prizes are 1 in 1,970,000 is relative gargabe. You actually have a better chance of getting stuck by lightning twice. But, this are some ways to bend the odds in your favor.

    First off the three best ways to score tickets and enhance your chances.

    1. The hash-browns, currently some McDonalds are running promotions that allow you to add hash-browns to any combo meal for 59 cents.

    2. The sweet-tea, at a dollar ($1.25 in high traffic areas.) — this the option that will give the least amount of calories.

    3. The large fries ($1.69 average in most areas) in the easiest ways to scoop tickets in bunches.

    But, this method will only yield results, if your lucky, so don’t overload on this method.

    Another technique is the shared prize method, but with all the scammers out there here a way to protect your winnings.

    1. Have the potential sharer send a picture, of themselves with the winning pieces in a mail and you should do the same as a show of good faith.

    2. Once confirmed, draw up a contract of how the prize share with be handled, whether by check or whether, always put things in writing.

    3. Most importantly, because cashing in the set of winning tickets, call the other party, just to confirm steps one and two.

    Just simple steps to ensure happiness by all.

    Oh, one more thing — the online contest is an absolute load of s……. garbage. The corporation (McDonalds) claims that roll are all random, but the fact is that’s not true. All of the winning times are keyed in to key moments in McDonald’s history (military time is the key), if you believe me try this. Find the year the first McDonald’s opened, convert this to military time, and enter a ticket are this exact moment, I will guarantee a winner or winners are generated at that exact moment — try it.

  19. Matt says:

    You people trading are IDIOTS!!!

    Did you read any of the post???

    There are rare pieces and common ones.

    If you have a rare piece, just go to mcdonalds and buy food till you get the common ones.

    If you have a common piece, no one with a brain would pay you more than a few bucks for it.

    • Josh says:

      So what you’re saying, is that no-one with a brain would pay more than a few bucks for a common piece?

  20. Angelica says:

    I have Baltic Ave. #102 and North Carolina Ave. #119. If you need them send me an email.

  21. Golden Arch says:

    i work at a mcdonalds at oklahoma people come in winning all the food prizes but also like the other post said there are the people that will litterally ask people for their game pieces. I am in high school and the kids in my grade tell me they will give me fifty dollars for a sleeve of cups. The problem with this is I dont want to lose my job, but since i get free food since we started monopoly i have around 150 game pieces. it just sucks that we cant win the prizes…

    • Nicole says:

      I don’t know McDonalds policy, but you could probably make a pretty penny selling the tickets you do have. If any of them were worth anything.

    • Kelly says:

      Yeah…that’s true and I will buy them from u too…anything I dont have works fine with me…I dont need to get the $1 million dollar prize….it would be nice but I am ok with a few bucks…

    • Josh says:

      $50 for a sleeve of cups, when even the odds of winning $50 is 1 in 1,900,000…

      Are you in some kind of “special” school, or something dude?

  22. mlk6243 says:

    Golden Arch…interested in selling pieces?

  23. Golden Arch says:

    what ya need? i dont think i have any rare but i aint looking to get fired for nothing you know what i mean? if you say your gonna give me money i better get some damn money. im seventeen year old crew trainer and make some of the best money at my age. $7.95 getting another raise soon so ya.

  24. katherine says:

    hey i have most of the pieces am just missin one of each railroad and of everything else..except #119 and#120 if any one wants to exchange email me….so ive hurd that the pieces to this game are most likely to be found in out of states mc donalds….

    • Josh says:

      So, most of the winning game pieces are out of state? So that means that they aren’t in my state, but they might be in yours? Or..what…the fuck are you even trying to say?

  25. ya won't believe me but... says:

    … i won the mil. look for my face soon.

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