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How To Win McDonald’s Monopoly Game (2010)

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McDonalds Monopoly Game PieceMacDonald’s Monopoly game for 2010 has ended but here is the latest McDonald’s Monopoly guide!

McDonald’s announced that this year’s Monopoly game will start on October 5, 2010 and end on November 1, 2010 (official rules)

Every year McDonald’s runs its very popular Monopoly game where you get a Monopoly property sticker/game piece with selected items. If you get all the properties in a color group, you get to win that cash prize. In addition to these properties, you can get instant win stickers as well for free Wi-Fi time, Wal-Mart gift cards, McDonald’s food, and even a 2011 Shelby. The cash prizes range from $5 up to $1 million!

The secret to winning a prize in the McDonald’s Monopoly Game is to understand how the game works. McDonald’s is pretty savvy about how they setup the game. You win prizes when you collect all the properties in a particular color group. They control the number of prizes by limiting one of the properties, usually the last property listed alphabetically, and the key is to find those “rare” pieces.

2010 Rare Game Pieces & Prizes

For 2010, the rare pieces are:

  • Mediterranean Avenue ($50 prize, 5000 prizes)
  • Vermont Avenue ($100 prize, 1500 prizes)
  • Virginia Avenue ($200 SpaWish® Gift Certificate, 250 prizes)
  • Tennessee Avenue ($1,000 prize, 250 prizes)
  • Kentucky Avenue (Beaches Resorts – The Luxury Included® 4 Day/3 Night Family Vacation for two adults & two children 15 years or under, 122 prizes)
  • Short Line Railroad (EA SPORTS Trip, 8 prizes)
  • Ventnor Avenue ($25,000 prize, 5 prizes)
  • Pennsylvania Avenue ($50,000 prize, 4 prizes)
  • Boardwalk ($1 million dollar prize, 2 prizes)

If you’re curious, the $1 million top prize isn’t lump sum. It’s a $50,000 annual payment for 20 years.

The pieces (which include two “stamps”) are included on the following products: Medium Fountain Drinks; Medium and Large Hot McCafés; Medium and Large Cold McCafé including Smoothies and Frappés (excludes McCafé Shakes); Hash Browns; Big Mac; 10-piece Chicken McNuggets®, McGriddles, and Filet-O-Fish. Individuals who purchase 20-piece Chicken McNuggets® or Large Fries specially-marked packaging will receive two (2) Game Pieces (4 stamps).

As always, you can always do a little horsetrading to get the pieces that you need. Remember, if you get a rare piece, you’re pretty much set. People will try to negotiate using common pieces (Park Place is pretty much worthless, since you need the uber-rare Boardwalk piece… if you have that, you can easily negotiate down someone with Park Place since it’s worthless without you). If you need a place to trade, I’ve always suggested a place like Fatwallet Forums.

Cheapest Monopoly Game Pieces

The cheapest item on the menu that offers game pieces are the hash browns. For an average of a dollar, you get two game pieces and it is slightly cheaper, and faster, than mailing in a self-addressed, stamped envelope ($0.88 for two stamps). Some people have had success just buying the game pieces without the food… since you probably don’t want to be eating a stack of has browns as a breakfast.

As for the healthiest option, I’d go with a cup of coffee or any one of their other coffee-like products.

Free Monopoly Game Pieces

As I alluded to before, you can always get game pieces for free. Send a “legibly handwritten, self-addressed, stamped envelope with your address (first and last name, street address, city, state, and zip or postal code) to:

2010 MONOPOLY Game at McDonald’s Game Piece Request
P.O. Box 49229
Strongsville, OH 44149-0229

Instant Win Prizes

In addition to the awesome property prizes, there are a number of instant win prizes. Some of these I wasn’t really a big fan of, they seem more like trial subscriptions than a “prize” that you’ve won. I’ll let you decide:

  • Food Prizes – Medium French Fries, any Large Beef Sandwich, any Breakfast Extra Value Meal®, Small McFlurry® or Fruit ‘N Yogurt Parfait, Small Soft Drink or Small Hot Premium Roast Coffee (excluding McCafe®), and any Breakfast Sandwich.
  • Three (3)-Month™ Subscription
  • EA SPORTS™ video game
  • Twenty Snapfish® Photo Prints – With 4,000,000 of these prizes, this prize is the second most common prize.
  • Wal-Mart Gift Card – Several prizes are Wal-Mart gift cards ranging in value from $5 (966k winners) to $5,000 (10 winners).
  • Free RedBox Rental – There are 1,350,000 of these and this is the third most common instant win prize, with your chances at 1 in 405.
  • Fifty Dollars – There are 4,000 of these prizes available, you get a check for $50.
  • Five hundred Dollars – There are 500 of these prizes available, you get a check for $500.
  • EA SPORTS Ultimate Game Room
  • Xbox 360 Game System – There are 3,000 of these prizes available, but you will only get these off an order of large fries or Angus burger.
  • $10,000 Dollars – Four $10,000 prizes available.
  • $25,000 Dollars – Four $25,000 prizes available.
  • 2011 Shelby GT500 – Last but not least, there are two cars.

It doesn’t hurt to try and I don’t know how likely it is that you’ll snag a Shelby through the mail… but good luck!

(Photo: sundazed)

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2,008 Responses to “How To Win McDonald’s Monopoly Game (2010)”

  1. walter says:


  2. HELP! says:


  3. TK says:

    Yea, Right? Dont be stupid!!

  4. max says:

    does any one have both boardwalk and parkplace
    who ever does if you give me both of them ill paid you a lot of money please i really need both both of those pieces if you do want to contact me at thanks.

  5. max says:

    k now you can contact me at my new adrress which is

    • ms sd says:

      hahahahah yea right! no one is going to give you both pieces. if someone had both pieces they would be cashing it in for themselves your an idiot. And if anyon e had boardwalk they would be smart to keep it to them selves and continue to go to mcdonalds sense park place is prob the easiest piece to get. I have two…. and just an FYI they only made 2 boardwalk pieces.. so you should get over trying to get one of the two people that have it to split the money with you..

  6. Joe says:

    I have the following:
    Park Place (#770), Pacific Ave. (#767), Marvin Gardens (#766), Indiana Ave. (#762), Illinois Ave. (#763, St. James (#758), New York (#760), St. Charles (#755), States (#756), Connecticut (#754), Oriental (#752), Reading Railrd. (#772), Pennsylvania RR (#773), Baltic (#751). Let’s deal!$

  7. Bob Uecker says:

    I got a piece of your mother, off them hash browns. Who want this coffee, I’ll buy the first round. Got that McShit platter on lock down son, one Boardwalk, who want one?

  8. Chris says:

    i have all of the following;
    park place, connecticut ave, north carolina ave, pacific ave, new york ave, baltic ave, marvin gardens, saint charles place and states ave

    e-mail me 🙂 i will go 50/50 on anything

  9. jay bird says:

    I have a powerball ticket with 0 matching numbers willing to trade or $ deal for ticket with all matching number

  10. angie says:

    I have PARK PLACE email me !

  11. shirley says:

    I have a board walk

    • Julie says:

      I have park place. Call me if interested in making a deal.845-430-3962

    • Heather says:

      I have Park Place and will take $90,000 and never bother you again. That is all I need to pay off my house and school loans.

      • Anonymous says:

        If I’m not mistaken, the money is disbursed $ 50,000 to one person for 20 years. So, how could anyone trustful enough split this money with you? Think about it. It’s a waste of time. I’m just a disappointed as you!

    • JNC says:

      I have park place and I don’t need even half. I will be very fair. I have 10 park place. email me

    • Reina says:

      I have park place

    • Mir says:

      hello please can we share the money i need only some money

    • Mir says:

      hey shirley i will never forget you, i will pray for you, i really need money please please i have park place i need only some money
      so any one else also interested to help me

      Hello everyone,
      i have all this


      All this i have good in quantity so any one like to have can have.

  12. Heather says:

    Hello, I think we can claim prizes until November 31st, 2010. I will go half with anyone who has the piece I need.
    I have Atlantic Ave and Marvin Gardens
    Does anyone have the other piece?
    I also have St. Charles Place and States Ave
    Does anyone have the other piece?
    Email me at

  13. vonne says:

    i have st charles place&states ave+ indiana &illinios ave+ ncarolina&pacific ave+ connecticuit& oriental email me @

  14. Christy says:

    This board is a mess. There are only two boardwalk peices as per the article. However, by some supernatural force, several people here have one. Suckers.

  15. Sara says:

    I heard its over by november 5th or the 15th. I have
    2 new york avenue 760
    2 st james place 758
    2 st charles place 755
    2 states avenue 756
    3 pacific avenue 767
    2 illinois avenue 763
    1 oriental avenue 752
    11 baltic avenue 751
    I need 765 ventnor avenue and tennessee avenue 759 if anyone wants to trade or go half and half reply and we can see what we can do

  16. lol says:

    funniest thread ever…

  17. JNC says:

    I have
    9 park place
    8 North Carolina
    6 pacific
    7 Atlantic
    5 Marvin Gardens
    10 St. Charles
    3 States
    4 Illinois
    4 Indiana
    2 St. James
    9 B & 0 Rail
    8 reading rail
    5 Pennsylvania rail
    7 oriental
    4 Connecticut ave
    7 Baltic
    7 New York

  18. Mir says:

    Hello everyone,
    i have all this


    All this i have good in quantity so any one like to have can have.

  19. Michael in Ga says:

    Alot of people have high hopes about life.

    All the non-rare pieces are a dime a dozen!
    If you were really looking for a non-rare piece wouldn’t you just go to McDonalds and buy a few hashbrowns until you find it? or just ask someone you know?

    Even if you had to buy 20 hashbrowns to find it.
    That would only be like $10 plus tax.
    Really People!?
    I hate to burst your “perfect life” bubble but everyone is selfish! No one cares about anyone but themselves!


    770 NINE ZERO EIGHT 7383

  20. F Y I says:

    If you placed your email address on this thread then you have more than likely been receiving emails from areas of Africa and such saying that someone died and someone needs you to help them transfer money. People are taking advantage of your desire for money no matter your legitimate reasons for needing money. Please be aware, there are only 2 boardwalk game pieces. If you are receiving emails requesting your personal information, possibly marriage, and assistance with transferring the funds of someone who died, IT IS A SCAM!

  21. Lex says:

    Does anyone have an extra board walk?!?! i have most of the board to trade for it..

  22. laura says:

    I have one of every piece except the rare pieces!

  23. laura says:

    I have: all three railroads except shortline, st. james place and new york avenue, baltic ave., oriental avenue and connecticut ave, park place, state ave and st. charles place, Illinois ave., north carolina ave. and pacific ave., atlantic ave. and marvin gardens.
    let me know if anyone has the rare pieces we will split 50/50!

  24. 007 says:

    If Any One HasAtlantic Avenue #765 Email Me At We Can Split The 25Gs Or St.James #759 We Can Split $1,000

  25. 007 says:

    I Have Park Place #770 And Pacific Avenue #767 Email Me If Anyone Needs It

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