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H&R Block At Home Review

Plenty of people prefer to do their taxes on their own, without the help of an accountant. However, when things start getting complex, you might want a little help. This is where tax preparation software comes in. You can get access to help preparing and filing a tax return, without paying the same hefty fee you would pay to an accountant.

One of your options is to use H&R Block At Home to prepare your taxes. The tax preparation giant offers a product that is relatively easy to use, and includes a version that can help you prepare a business tax return — which is great for the self-employed.

Help at Every Turn

One of the great things about H&R Block At Home is the help you can receive at every time. You can get guidance on everything from choosing a filing status (including information for same-sex couples), to helping you determine whether or not to itemize. FAQs appear on your screen as you go through your return so that you can access them quickly and easily — at any point.

You can also get help from tax advisers at H&R Block. The service is $19.95. If you have the Premium version, you get one free question answered by an adviser, and if you get the Best of Both version (available online), you have unlimited questions answered at no additional cost.

Versions of H&R Block At Home

There are various version of H&R Block At Home, including desktop and online versions. You will also have the ability to e-file using any of the versions. This can be quite helpful if you are interested in getting your tax refund as quickly as possible. It’s also worth noting that your software purchase comes with audit [3] support from H&R Block. Plus, At Home has the ability to import last year’s tax data to speed things up, or to import data from personal finance software or Excel spreadsheets that you use. There is a free preparation and e-file [4]of one federal tax return for those who qualify.

Here are some of your options for getting H&R Block At Home: