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I Hate Overdraft Whiners Too

Michael hates overdraft whiners [3]. I hate overdraft whiners too. I basically hate it when people try to pass off blame for their own mistakes onto someone or something else, which is basically what overdraft whiners are doing. They make the mistake of spending more than they actually have and, as a result, the bank charges them for it. Sure, banks make mistakes all the time and they don’t pay you a fee for it but that’s not the point, the point is that people need to learn to be responsible for their own actions and not trying to find someone to take the fall for it.

The only reason why we even hear about this is because of how mainstream media works and it’s very much like the blogging community. When a hot news article comes out, like a rate hike by XYZ Bank, every personal finance blogger will write about it because it’s content, it’s fresh, and it’s useful knowledge. When a hot news thread comes out, say sliced off fingers in food, tainted food from China, bloggers will also pound the story from multiple directions because it’s interesting, it’s news, and it’s fun. Mainstream media is no different except that they’re bigger and with recognizable brand names. In this particular case, mainstream media has taken it upon themselves to defend the common man, woman and child against the evils of the corporations – giving a mic to overdraft whiners is one of these ways. So in a sense, mainstream media is only reinforcing this sort of irresponsible behavior because it’s good for business.

Maybe I’m ranting again because it’s late (even though this will publish in the morning, I wrote it at night) but people need to responsible for their own actions. Period.