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I Hate U-Haul Truck Rental (And So Does Everyone Else)

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U-Haul is, in my personal opinion, quite possibly one of the most poorly managed businesses still in business and the only way they get away with it is because they’re almost the only game in town. The U stands for Unreliable. Ask anyone if they’ve ever had or heard of someone having a bad experience with U-Haul and prepare yourself for an intricate story about how U-Haul screwed them This is exactly what happened to me this weekend. (I added to the title because everyone else hates U-Haul too!)

I was to help my girlfriend and her roommate move out of their apartment in New Jersey starting at 10am on Saturday. The night before, her roommate called and confirmed (the guy said they had the truck on site and she could pick it up at 10ish the next day) that the truck they reserved was ready for us tomorrow. She calls the next day right before she is supposed to leave – truck isn’t there. Truck was never there. In the general area, there were no one-way trucks available for rental because it was the end of the month and they were all booked (reserved! ha!). We didn’t get a truck until 7pm, didn’t depart until 11pm, and worked all through the night until 6am unpacking.

One year ago, when my roommate and I moved out of our apartment (and into another), we too ran into the same situation. The U-Haul site had decided, even with our reservation, to rent our truck out to a walk-in customer because they didn’t know if we would show up. We didn’t get a truck that day until 2pm. This year, we opted to use a minivan from a reputable rental agency.

U-Haul is unreliable and dishonest. While they’ll gladly take your cancellation fee, they won’t give you any money if they screw you and rent out a truck you need. Most of the time we’re talking about end of the month moves where you need to follow a strict schedule in order to check out of the apartment, complete the final walk-through, and get on your way. If we didn’t move, we would have to continue paying a rent because of U-Haul’s unreliability. Don’t call it a reservation if you don’t reserve anything.

My fellow bloggers who read this, write a post about how U-Haul has screwed you and trackback to this one. Non-bloggers, send this to a friend and have them comment and/or pass it along. Spread the word, like a virus, that U-Haul is a business that should go down the tubes.

If you need to move, use these alternatives (I haven’t used them but U-Haul has screwed me two out of two times, so I’d use any of these before U-Haul ever again):

  • Budget/Ryder – Ryder was acquired by Budget, so try Budget for your moving needs.
  • Penske – I see their trucks all the time and the drivers are always smiling, so they can’t be all that bad.
  • Hertz – Word on the street is that Hertz rents trucks as well.
  • Public Storage – Storage companies typically will let you use their truck if you rent from them and with the smallest storage closets running about $30 a month, this is a great deal for in-town moves.

From the comments, it also sounds like even if you get a truck (the “lucky” ones), they aren’t reliable (surprise!) and could die on you.

U-Haul CEO’s Cell Phone Number

Courtesy of the Consumerist:

The CEO of Uhaul gave out his cellphone number last night on an episode of Inside Edition, inviting consumers to call with complaints or questions. Joe Shoen explained saying, “People can’t get this organization to behave, I can.” That number is 602-390-6525.

Let him have it!

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802 Responses to “I Hate U-Haul Truck Rental (And So Does Everyone Else)”

  1. Ted says:

    What the hell! You positve U-Haul bloggers must have nothing else to do. Get a fricken life. This site is to tell people what a crappy run company U-Haul is. To let people vent. To share their horror stories. I agree – I think you people work for the company. Why don’t you start your own site. We love U-Haul – cuz nobody’s buying your BS. “Kind gentleman” “Have a good day” “Good company” You make me wanna puke.

    oh btw – I agree NJ-2-KS is a douche

  2. lana says:

    I am so disappointed in the dishonesty that I can puke. NEVERRR will I use this company again.

  3. Teresa says:

    UHaul. I have had nothing but good luck with Uhaul. I think they are actually the only company that lets you take their trucks one way and I’ve done a lot of moving from one province to another. Never ever in all the years I’ve used them have I had any problems. Every company has their share of morons. I would recommend UHaul to everyone.

    • Ashley says:

      Penske does one ways

    • Angela says:

      And so do Budget, and Ryder…. so exactly what company are you referring to that DOESN’T do one way rentals?? I find Budget to also be cheaper to rent one way and although their daily in-town rate is more than U-Haul, they charge 20 cents less a mile so it works out if you are moving more than 10 miles away.

    • Jen says:

      So does Budget.

  4. Ex-U-Haul Employee says:

    I worked for U-haul from 1991-1995, and all of the problems that are being discussed now happened then.

    The story of the Schoen’s (father was founder, children now run the company) reminds you of Peyton Place…

    See link below…

  5. Leigh says:

    This sounds so much like what happened to me. I “reserved” a truck in Decatur, Alabama. The lady said the truck on her lot was not my truck. (When it was) After a trip to another location in town, her getting nasty, and lost time, I finally got the truck. I called Uhaul and reported this and got no response. The next time I had to rent a truck, I had no choice but to rent from Uhaul. As written above, they were the only ones in town. So they can treat people however they want. When I rented the truck, I told the manager of the Betty Street location what had happened. He gave me an addressed envelope to the Regional VP. I sent him a letter. Again, about six months later, I have yet to hear a response. With this last rental (when I got the envelope) the only way I could get the truck I wanted was to go into that location and reserve it from there. Then I called every weekend up until the move to make sure they would have my truck. When scheduling called to tell me I was to pick up the truck in ANOTHER location, I just laughed and hung up. Then, I called the Betty Street location and made sure my truck was there. It was ALL on my shoulders, but I did get the truck I wanted from the location I wanted.

    • Tony says:

      if you got your truck what’s the problem?

      • julie says:

        You have got to be joking Tony! This is not how a business should be run. A reservation is a promise to have what you ask for when you ask for it. They didn’t do that! You must be a mole for U-Haul. Get a life.

        • phil says:

          Why, yes, Julie, he is. He says he’s a dealer further down, (follow-up to dave, 12/5/10) and adds that “most dealers should not be…”

          But, Tony, your attitude in response to Leig’s issue would seem to indicate that *you* are a part of the problem. And you seem to think you are one of the *good* dealers.


        • chris says:

          a resevation is not a promise its a reservation heres ur problem do u think it is possible for u to make a reservation for a truck used for ONE WAY and u reserve it 3 months in advance so theyre suppose to what ? hold tht one truck for 3 months ? NO company in their right mind would do that a reservation is NOT a guarentee is a reservation now u ask so whats the point of a reservation who ever makes a reservation gets their trucks first it goes in condensending order.

      • Andrea says:

        I guess you’re one of the employee’s that just “don’t get it”. I guess crap customer service and having a reserved truck rented out after you’ve taken the time to reserve it is somehow ok.

        Whatever you’re smoking must have damaged your brain.

    • shannon foshee says:

      i went to a uhaul location to look at the 24 inch
      truck the lady that works there i had her to start the truck up she did i was looking under it inspecting it underneath black smoke came from the tailpipe when she started it up she held the accelerator to the floor revving the engine a lot a black smoke although this truck uses unleaded gasoline

      • Anonymous says:

        Why would you be looking under a truck? Surely your not inferring that Uhaul requires a customer inspect the suspension? Whats up with a 24″ as in inches truck and what does unleaded gas have to do with anyrthing ?

        • John says:

          Thick smoke coming out of the exhaust of a gasoline engine means trouble. Either someone put diesel in it or it is burning oil like crazy. Either way I wouldnt want the truck

          • chris says:

            nor would i thats when u report a problem but is every single veihicle going to be flawless no but this is where u can help us as well so no other customers get screwed u could report this to us and we would help and if u want a 24 inch truck call tonka.

    • Old School says:

      These trucks are on the move every day, how could U Haul know weeks in advance they will have the size truck at the location you want to pick up at? You will get a truck U Haul has thousands of trucks just go get the truck where it is and be happy you don’t have to tie your belongings to the top of your car.

  6. uhaul hater says:

    i used uhaul once and that will be the last time. they charged me $5000 for damage to the top right corner of the truck. if i took the truck to the barber shop and had full frontal damage to the top i could say i hit an overhead object but i nicked the building in a sloped ally. they straight robbed me of my money and put me in the bread line for 6 months. i will never use uhaul again…ever.

  7. josh says:

    I was moving N.C. to FL I called ahead to reserve a truck and a car trailer, they told me everything was good to go everything is waiting for me. the next day I went to pick up and they said my car was to wide to fit on the trailer…ok I called a buddy to drive my car down. The truck didn’t have a/c (in June), it broke down at 11pm I called U-haul they said someone would contact me within the hour. 2 hours later they call and said a service truck would be there in an hour or two, 7am they show up. I spent 2 nights in a hotel, after getting the repairs I returned the truck they wanted to charge me for being late, over mileage and i was a quarter of a tank low on fuel.

    • chris says:

      all of this would have been refunded sir had u presented them with the information i can promise u that.

  8. Ms Anna says:

    My name is Anna and I have been a victim of theft. I recently visited a u-haul located on 7618 Kanis (LITTLE ROCK, AR) to rent a truck. and in the process of doing so I inadvertently left an envelope with my entire paycheck (cashed) and stub on the counter top. This envelope was picked up and stolen by the agent that was assisting me Hannah Oliver the stores assistant manger. After I discovered that my money was gone, I called u-haul back to speak with her and was treated rudly by Ben who yelled at me and was very irate. I was informed by another store agent that she had left for the day along with Richard her accomplice. I returned back to the store and was told there was nothing they could do. So I called the police and filed a report as well as filed a complaint with u-haul. I was then told it was my word against theirs. So upon reviewing the recording we viewed the two accused bumping into each other and Hannah is handing the envelope to Richard. You can not see it clearly but you can see that there interaction was definitely suspicious. These two people had no other physical contact the entire 8hr shift through out the day up until this point when my money came up missing. I was livid and felt completely hopeless as I had no other money left, no way to pay for storage, or purchase food. I am a single mother that is currently 6 1/2 months pregnant with an 18 month old baby girl. I am in the process of moving and this completely put me in a financial bind. I spoke with the regional manager Billy Profit and his response to me was that he is not at liberty to assist me, he knows the two employees personally which gives them a leg up on all this, he “knows” that they would never do anything like this and frankly, he just doesn’t believe me.” I asked him “why would I fabricate such a story, and pin point his business?” he replied, ‘he doesn’t know and that too many people have gotten over on him.” I am completely applauded by the way I was treated, I am devastated because we have no where to go as a result of this incident. And nothing is being done. The company and manager is condoning stealing from customers as long as there is no proof or evidence. I would like a story to be covered on this incident to prevent something like this from happening to other unsuspecting victims I have contact fox 16 as well as channel 7 news conduct a story divulging this information to the public. Especially during the holidays and with the economy being in the shape that it is in. I prayed and talked to God about it and I have put it all in his hands because I am a firm believer in the golden rule “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. And I feel that it is my responsibility as well as my duty to notify the public on what is going on. I am prepared to stand in the cold with signs and protest against u-haul for condoning theft, and I will blog about it on facebook, myspace, and twitter asking my friends and family to boycott all of their products and services.. I will seek out any and all other news stations willing to do a cover story on it (whatever it takes to get the word out there and make them pay for all the stress and emotional toll my family and I have gone through).

    Thank you in advance Anna Phifer



    *RYDER TRUCK RENTAL 3200 I-30 501 374 9200

    *PENSKE TRUCK RENTAL 3600 W 65TH 501 372 8000

    *BUDGET TRUCK RENTAL 5520 MCARTHUR DR 501 753 3296





    *CUBBY HOLE USA 8015 GEYER SPRINGS 501 907 9933


  9. dave says:

    I am a uhaul employee and can attest that some locations are shoddily run but my store doesn’t take cancellation fees and I often look the other way when someone doesn’t fuel up properly or uses the in-truck equipment we should charge for. I often instruct my customer on how to save some cash on a rental and I do not give out reserved trucks unless my boss tells me to… then my hands are tied. I make sure all the equipment is safe and ready to use. Please don’t let crappy centers ruin the whole image.

    • Tom says:

      I am a U-HAUL Authorized Dealer, I agree that some dealers should not be dealers at all. Like Dave that works for U-HAUL I don’t charge cancellation fees, But you will have the proper ammount of fuel when returning the truck.

    • Tony says:

      I am also a U Haul Dealer, Most Dealers should not be dealers!!!!

    • phil says:

      Uh… That’s nice, Dave, but what happens to the customer who then rents the truck with a half-full tank when *they* return. That is not being a smart, customer-oriented dealer. But thanks for acknowledging that bosses make reservations useless.

  10. Never use U-haul says:

    If your going to use U-haul, be prepared to bend over

  11. Anonymous says:

    uhaul takes advantage of customers on refuel charges.5/8 refill level is variable.can be more or less depending if truck is parked on a level area.this is a planned charged by will not be able to dispute the charge as it is their opinion that counts.will not use them again.they used to be a good company but they don,t seem to care about their customer any more

  12. U Haul Sucks says:

    In theory, U Haul pods are an extremely smart way to move. A flat bed truck arrives, drops off however many 8×8 boxes (pods) you need, you can pack them at your own pace, they pick them up and within 6 business days, drop them off at your new location.

    In reality: My pods were dropped off on December 8th, 2010. Two days later, I’m receiving phone calls asking if they’re ready to be picked up. I start receiving harrassing phone calls about the pick up almost every other day. I hurridly pack my pods, throwing stuff in them just so I can get them picked up and stop the calls. They were picked up on December 22, 2010. I only needed them driven 5 hours away, from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Dallas, Texas.

    Now it is the 6th of January. My pods are supposed to be here within the hour (haha). Intially, my pods were mixed up with someone else’s and were sent to Richardson, Texas. Finally, they found my pods were still in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They had been sitting there for two weeks. I was told they were going to be delivered overnight. This did not happen. I was told they weren’t even going to be delivered until January 13th. Hopefully, this will not happen. I’ve been transferred to speak with supervisor, I’ve had to talk to numerous people, I’ve been given several different stories about where my pods are and when they will be delivered.

    I also had to rent an addition U Haul trailer because I was unable to get all my furniture into four pods because of the time crunch I was given. After I received the trailer, I was getting phone calls asking when I would be done with it because other customers needed it. This is not a way to run a business. Jody something was the manager in Tulsa who was calling me day in and day out. She either needs management retraining or a new career altogether. She has no idea how to deal withh customers. The entire business of U-Haul needs to get their crap together and get a new system. The customer should be priority one but the customer is told stories just to keep the customer’s business. U Haul will never again have my business. I hope this has deterred anyone from renting anything from U-Haul.

    • Tom says:

      How many weeks does it take a normal person to load a few pods? 2 days at the most!!!

      You deserved to get your pods lost hahaha

      • phil says:

        And here again, another jerk-poster, Tom, revealed himself as a dealer in a post above this one (follow-up to dave 12/05/10).

        You dealers really aren’t doing the U-haul image any favors by showing what a**-holes you are.

        Great attitudes on customer service abound at U-haul, it seems.

    • Old School says:

      You should have had your boxes packed up and taped up before the pods arived.

  13. mindbender1966 says:

    On 1 January U-haul experienced a computer glitch which aloud their account system to charge my banking account 16 times for the rental of a truck. They wiped out my account on payday. I had just moved into a new home and rent was due as well as my rental deposit. I contacted the U-haul office to which I had rented from as well as their customer service office.

    Here I sit 10 days later broke, two over drafts, and a maxed out credit card and after calling them each day the best I got from U-haul each day is the check is in the mail. I am a soldier and I move allot. I have used many different moving companies over the years with little to no problems. In this case U-haul has made me feel insignificant, helpless and at the mercy of a big corporate company. I can’t tell you that any of the other companies are any better but I can ensure you that with regards the U-haul you, as a customers, are merely a source of revenue. Even if they knowingly steal your money don’t expect any sympathy or urgency from this corporation.

  14. Tom says:

    U-HAUL Rents thousands of trucks and trailers every day of the week, with only one or two complaints being posted on this site per day.
    Go figure now will ya!

    • julie says:

      True, but how many people who have bad experiences take the time to write them down. Then how many of those people go on the internet to complain, and how many of those people find this particular website. Given the overwhelming odds against someone that has had a bad experience even getting to this website, a couple posts a day just shows the ENORMOUS number of people who must be dissatisfied. Go figure that!

      • Keep on Truck'in says:

        Using the same analogy, as well the odds that consumers using the products and services of a business like Uhaul by majority have no need to complain………Enormous numbers of satisfied Uhaul consumers are enjoying their time with family and friends…………not having complaints, because they’ve happily completed their moves using Uhaul.

    • phil says:

      And yet here this site is, at the top of a google search for Uhaul truck rentals, which seems by all accounts the ultimate measure on how many people sympathize with the sentiment.

      It’s a shame that folks have to resort to this rather than U-haul offering its own response to customer coplaints. As I said above, tom, as a dealer, you are a part of the problem as exhibited by your attitude towards folk’s issues. I wonder if any of these posters are referring to you.

  15. jeni says:

    my husband rented a full size uhaul with towpackage to move friend from new mexico to ohio and 1/2 way into the move had the front tire blow which landed him in a very serious accident crossing 2 lanes of highway going thru the concrete median across 3 lanes of oncoming traffic and coming to rest on the guardrail. when the wrecking company contacted him the net day he was told that the tire had dryrot and was poorly maintained it has been several months now and husband has been medically declared disabled due to the accident up until this time uhaul had paid his medical bills and the bill from the thruway authority. now all of a sudden they want to keep asking for more info and then when we send it they send out more requests for the same info over and over again as if the info will change to date the drs and there are several of them including surgeons and specialists have sent the same paperwork 4 times in 3 months and I have sent our info at least 5 by fax and email so that they cannot say it was lost in the mail and still they dont want to do anything we arent even trying to sue we just want his medical paid however I think a lawsuit may be in the near future if they keep playing with us

  16. Anonymous says:

    Uhaul definitely SUCKS!!! I knew this for years and why oh why did I ever go back. There is no consistency. When you reserve a truck they tell you one thing and when you pick it up they tell you another. DO NOT USE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Ryan says:

    i work for uhaul. and well usually most of the customers that call in with problems about their trucks usually rent them from uhaul DEALERS, not uhaul CENTERS. uhaul dealers get these trucks in from one ways alot of the time and they are not mecahnics for these trucks in most cases, yeah a truck can come in fine but when it leaves that customer gets that truck in that condition it came in as which would still be running. uhaul CENTERS usually have someone that can perform inspections on these trucks before they do go out in most cases we get less calls from them. its mostly the 3rd party dealers that we have some problems with. i have had completely happy customers with uhaul, and very unhappy ones. if you live in a rural area/small town you might have a higher chance of a problem than a major city that has a uhaul center. trust me, i get calls from customers all the time with complaints. yet i still handle the situation well enough that i calm them down and they are not so angry in the end. uhaul isnt a bad company, there are just somethings i ask though is why do you do that instead of this, and there is always a good explanation for most of it. other than the customers get stuck so everything is customer caused with that, which is what i disagree on. but uhaul id of course recommend to others, just get a truck from a center, likely to have less problems.

    • hotrodroxie says:

      i used a 24ft uhaul in 95′ from Phoenix 2 Corpus Christi, TX. & had no problems.
      May2006 i used uhaul again cause they were cheapest ($1400 or so)& went from central Colorado 2 Corpus (only stopping for 30min once. drove 20hrs straight other than a few fill ups)again, i had a nice 14′ late model truck, pulled a big car on a trailer & did 90+ nearly the whole 1700mi.(up/down lots of mts) i spent $400 exactly in gas, & again had no problems
      now i’m planning 2go from corpus 2 N.Ohio (1800mi) in a 17’+, pulling a truck on a dolly (the idiot ther tried 2insist i needed the more expensive trailer, luckily i’m smarter than the avg female. he wasn’t very helpful, knowledgeable or polite, i wasn’t happy 2do business with him but w/e, he’s not going with me) i’m guessing they’ll again b cheapest @around$900? per my shady ‘pre tax’ quote from the unknowing idiot. I’ll not b a dummy &get anything other than a ‘new’ truck. this place has a huge maintenance shop. once i price every1, it’ll likely b them again

    • heaven4bid says:

      I you work for h-haul you should know that dealers are not the only ones dispatching trucks that are unsafe due to one reason or another. If you don’t know that, you are either in denial or just too naive. Or your one of the big wigs that cannot accept and face facts. It depends on the person who does the inspection of the vehicle. If the person that does the safety and cleaning, (Level1) is lazy or got too busy, the trucks get dispatched knowingly or not. I know this for a fact cuz we have received trucks from centers in Tx, NV even AZ that Ive seen that should have never left the lot. IE, low oil, bald tire, even flat tires at times. No AC, heater, tail light, Most commonly on trailers. I shake my head sometimes and say this is f**ked up!! So to state that centers do not dispatch trucks with an issue and only dealers do is false. Wake up and smell the coffee..

    • Theresa says:

      I’m a independent dealer, and my customers hate going to the “center”. I have to work harder to get customers because corp. will send every ressie to their owed location. I had to pick up my rotation truck, after it was stolen, from a center in another town. The girls behind the counter did not know how to hook up a tow dolly. On a saturday. I took care of their customer for them. (And I’m a girl). Don’t blame it on the Indendent dealers, the employees at the “centers” are part time, what do they care.

    • Old School says:

      Ryan you are full of it!! Centers are the worst! Because you are all scare for your jobs!

  18. heaven4bid says:

    I am a u-haul GM and an unhappy one. Our company is full of shit! they pretend that Uhaul is family oriented and that they treat their employees well. However in our marketing company at least, they want you to live for U-haul. You cannot have any personal time any hobbies even when your off! When they call you, they expect you to drop what you are doing and do what they want. We are required to have a cell phone w/ im and internet for company use but they dont want to pay for it. We are required to have a computer at home for company use but the company dont want any part of the bill. The company uses your own bank account to directly deposit store funds because they want to save on check drafts. They want us to provide exceptional customer service, dont want any customer complaint but they frown if there are more that 2 people working. When you say its busy they reply move faster. They expect their employees to be loyal to them but they do not have any loyalty in return. They will fire, demote you in a heartbeat for no reason just because they can.
    If you go over the head of your boss, his boss will talk to your boss and the end result? you will get fired. Maybe not right away but you will get fired. This is one of the worse if not the worse company to work for. You go to work not knowing if you still have a job or it could be your last day. I tried looking for other jobs but there is nothing out there at this time and the company capitalizes on that. We try to have a possitive attitude, but shit goes down the drain. So I appologize in behalf of all the employees that customers had a problem with. Sometimes we cant help having a bad day at uhaul.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am a GM for Uhaul too. I think everything you just wrote is a bit over the top. You seem bitter. I have never had any additional costs for work (except for my share of the work boots). We dont have to have internet on our phones or a computer at home. Our job description DOES say that we are expected to work 50 to 55 hours a week. It is a tough job, and being so unhappy, maybe not the best job for you.
      PS: Having a bad day does not excuse giving
      bad customer service.

      • The Judge says:

        So in what way can the company be improved? Seriously. You and Heaven4bid (bitter for good reason is seems) are the boots on the ground here, you guys know what’s right & wrong about it. and upper mgmt and CEO should be scanning these type of messageboard posts hoping to avoid a public shaming- which more often than not is based in truth.

        True that customer service should always be good but people have breaking points- and if employees are battling insanity/inefficiency on a daily basis it wears down enthusiasm, focus, sanity, ability and sometimes honesty. If it’s ‘that bad’ then a new job might be best, or if it’s a chronic problem within the company it’s a top-down problem. Just like a long standing corrupt government (think Saddam’s Iraq, or Gadhafi’s Libya) sometimes the rotten part is above, and under is what’s healthy in theory, but burdened and unable to thrive.

        I wonder if the CEO of U-Haul might consider being on an episode of Undercover Boss?

        • hvn4bid says:

          How can the company be improved? The company need make up their mind on what they want the lower ranks to do!! Gadamn!! You cant tell people to color something blue and have their blood sweat and tears on the project to make things blue and when its all turned blue, they say if your doing blue, your doing it wrong!! It should be red!! WTF!! This goes on & on and based on the veteran employees input, they say that this is how they do it here..Big bosses comes to visit your store walking like a stick is up his ass, as if his shit do not stink!! He wants u to walk with him while he gives you a 10 page work list. Since your working with just another employee on a weekday, your solo employee is now all alone working the counter dealing with irate customers and doing the yard at the same time missing lunch because the best of the best is giving you a fuckin work list!! Shit! write it yourself and give it to me so I can take care of business.. Most of the time they dont talk to you, they talk down on you. Your job is always threatened because the company capitalizes on being an at will employer. Obviously shit goes down the drain and the threat gets carried down to our employees. Our Supervisors just shake their head sometimes. A lot of us get very confused here. Cant do right for wrong! very frustrating! A lot of GMs that say this is the best job they ever had is either sucking up for a better position or just have not worked for a better corporation. Oh! not to mention the tremendous amount of back stabbing in the managerial ranks! Why? I figure lack of education!! However, if any of the managers are honestly saying that they are being taken cared of by the company? More power to you I hope you get the job your after! Judge, I dont know who u r but man I can do this forever! but better stop now.

      • hvn4bid says:

        Well whoptidoo!! good to know!! more power to u!! Hope it stays that way!! IDK what district and MCO u work 4 but your ADVP and MCP deserves a pat on the back for putting a halo on your head.

  19. heaven4bid says:

    Tom, I dont know who you are, but there are only a few people that takes the time to post complaints. A lot of people just don’t bother and just talk to 10 of their friends about there horrible experience with U-haul and normally 10 of their friends talk to 5 of their friends and 5 of them talk to 2. You should not be worried about the customers that call to complaint because you can fix them. You should be worried about the people that don’t. Customer service 101..

    • The Judge says:

      Hey Heaven4bid, check my comment about Tom’s comment (in response to your initial post)… Wonder what you think about the ideas.

  20. Larry Jackson says:

    rented a truck. 1/2 way to destination the steering gave out. the bolts or something had not been properly maintenanced. i had to call a friend to come from a distance to crawl under it to fix it. never again.
    steering giving out is not something i would have desired on a busy interstate nor on a mountain road.
    uhaul plays with your life without a second thought on whether you live or die.

  21. charles says:

    i have had pretty good service with u haul except they have by accident kept my drivers license twice at 2 different locations causing me a lot of problems both times 1st time with the police 2nd time at a junk yard

  22. benji says:

    I used to work for Uhaul. It was ok. The marketing company I worked perhaps was better than others, because everyone from the MCP and EA to the mechanics and the RMs were honest and kind. Someone else here said that they want to you give them your life, and I’d agree with that. They take care of you well, but they want it your all. Almost like a cult or something. Whatever, that’s probably too harsh.

    The truth is I nor my employees had ever purposely overbooked equipment – multiple times every day I would answer the phone and NOT TAKE a reservation because I KNEW when couldn’t match it. But you never hear that story, about how you call one location, and they refer you to another as to AVOID the very issue that most of you complain about.

    Dealers, for the most part, suck. Go to a corporate center whenever available. Nowadays I’ve noticed that they’ll actually give you $50 cash if you walk in at pickup time and your equipment is gone. But since they’re charging the customer $250 for late fees minimum, it’s no cash out of their pocket. Thats the key, that when you rent the truck you are contracted for a return time, which is the basis of pickup times for other reservations. It’s not our fault the customers are morons. So you have no right to bitch and moan about a late truck when you yourself are greedy going for either the full 24 rental period or slacking on punctuality and screwing other people over. So it’s not the company, it’s dumb customers. Now what do you except a lowly CSR to be able to do about that, or even care about you when they hear this stuff every day?

    I am rambling. Uhaul is legit. Customers are dumb. Don’t use U-Haul if you can’t abide by a contract.

    • hvn4bid says:

      True there are some customers that do not follow the contract that they sign. It is the responsibility of the employee to educate the customer and most of the time the customers are given the benefit of the doubt that they understand the rental proceedure. It starts off at reservation to dispatch advising them of what is expected. You said that you do not take a reservation when you cant match it. I do not know w/c district or Co. you worked at, but corporate policy direct from the CEO dictates that you do not turn away reservation. Always say yes!! “There is always a truck for a customer!” Traffic department does not assign trucks until the day prior to dispatch and if you assign your one way truck for local move for one reason or another. It will be assigned to another reservation going 1-way. Its all about the bucks!! Its just logical. Do you want to loose a $1000.00 or a $19.95 reservation. However, they pay the customer a $50 reservation guarantee that the company is proud to give but the store manager grunts every time they hand it out. As for they take pretty good care of their employees? Like u said, you used to work for U-haul.

    • phil says:

      Okay, so lemme see if I have this correct. It’s not U-Haul’s fault nor responsibility if they don’t follow through on *their* obligations to fill a so-called reservation, ’cause *some* customers are willing to pay the $250 late fee on a $19.95 daily rental.

      That is to say, it’s okay to stiff the next customer ’cause customers, in general, are morons.

      Great foundation for customer service. Thanks, Benji, for clarifying.

      “Don’t use U-Haul if you can’t abide by a contract,” but don’t expect the same of U-haul?


    • Old School says:

      I have to agree with you, Dealers, for the most part, do suck. I am a dealer and I think most dealers should not be dealers!

  23. Anonymous says:

    there trucks are garbage they keep breaking down i use penske they always have new trucks

  24. Anonymous says:

    It is so bad and so expensive that I am buying my own cube van for my moves.

  25. Judas says:

    First, they need to update their trucks. I’ve had one break down on the highway, shaking uncontrollably, then finally just stalling. The seats are uncomfortable. And there is only a basic radio. This is a Travel truck, to be used for moving, possibly as far as cross country. It should be comfortable and dependable. And shouldn’t also start shaking at anything above 55 because of a governor. Get with the times even trucks are allowed to go 65 on most interstate highways. so, Second, waste of my time, and yes, like the original post, I’ve been told I had a truck, shown up, and it wasn’t there. Or the wrong size was there, and had to squeeze everything into a smaller truck. Or make two trips, GOD that was the worst, the gas and mileage Killed. However since there is no price difference between the two sizes, I had to pay the same price, even though the truck I reserved wasn’t available. And Yes, if you want a reservation you Must secure it with a credit card, which comes with a penalty if you don’t pick it up, but there is no penalty to them if they do not have the truck there that you specified at the time you specified. And last but not least, the biggest problem that I have is the “one way” service. It’s a total joke. It is not available unless you are leaving the state. Therefore, you must rent from one location, pack up, drive to your new place, unpack, then drive the truck all the way Back to the original location. There was a U-haul center .7 miles from my new apartment, but because of their “RULES” I had to drive 47 miles Back to the original destination. So, the cost of truck rental is 19.99. HOWEVER, once you add all the extra miles and gas, it comes up to almost 100 dollars. Ridiculous!

    • The Judge says:

      If you hate gas guzzling trucks email or call the U-Haul head office and tell them to get with the freaking times and modernize- ‘Go Green’.

      They can get big business discounts for upgrading their fleet (in part or entirely) with energy/gas saving trucks. UPS did it long ago & it saved the company MILLIONS while also cutting back on exhaust damage. A win win. Get with the times U-Haul!!

      That is unless you like asthma, wasting fuel, increasing Middle East oil profits?

    • hvn4bid says:

      U-haul actually have updated their fleet!! They have newer trucks nowadays. They also rolled out the their new 20 Ft trucks late last year!! However, when they roll out new trucks, the veteran trucks are now dedicated to local moves w/c is known as rotation trucks and this is where you get the gas guzzling, truck breakdowns what have you. The local trucks that are $19.95 for example have at least 150,000 customer abused miles on them, some even 200,000 so you go figure. In their defense though I hate doing this, you cannot have your cake and eat it too.

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