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I Hate U-Haul Truck Rental (And So Does Everyone Else)

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U-Haul is, in my personal opinion, quite possibly one of the most poorly managed businesses still in business and the only way they get away with it is because they’re almost the only game in town. The U stands for Unreliable. Ask anyone if they’ve ever had or heard of someone having a bad experience with U-Haul and prepare yourself for an intricate story about how U-Haul screwed them This is exactly what happened to me this weekend. (I added to the title because everyone else hates U-Haul too!)

I was to help my girlfriend and her roommate move out of their apartment in New Jersey starting at 10am on Saturday. The night before, her roommate called and confirmed (the guy said they had the truck on site and she could pick it up at 10ish the next day) that the truck they reserved was ready for us tomorrow. She calls the next day right before she is supposed to leave – truck isn’t there. Truck was never there. In the general area, there were no one-way trucks available for rental because it was the end of the month and they were all booked (reserved! ha!). We didn’t get a truck until 7pm, didn’t depart until 11pm, and worked all through the night until 6am unpacking.

One year ago, when my roommate and I moved out of our apartment (and into another), we too ran into the same situation. The U-Haul site had decided, even with our reservation, to rent our truck out to a walk-in customer because they didn’t know if we would show up. We didn’t get a truck that day until 2pm. This year, we opted to use a minivan from a reputable rental agency.

U-Haul is unreliable and dishonest. While they’ll gladly take your cancellation fee, they won’t give you any money if they screw you and rent out a truck you need. Most of the time we’re talking about end of the month moves where you need to follow a strict schedule in order to check out of the apartment, complete the final walk-through, and get on your way. If we didn’t move, we would have to continue paying a rent because of U-Haul’s unreliability. Don’t call it a reservation if you don’t reserve anything.

My fellow bloggers who read this, write a post about how U-Haul has screwed you and trackback to this one. Non-bloggers, send this to a friend and have them comment and/or pass it along. Spread the word, like a virus, that U-Haul is a business that should go down the tubes.

If you need to move, use these alternatives (I haven’t used them but U-Haul has screwed me two out of two times, so I’d use any of these before U-Haul ever again):

  • Budget/Ryder – Ryder was acquired by Budget, so try Budget for your moving needs.
  • Penske – I see their trucks all the time and the drivers are always smiling, so they can’t be all that bad.
  • Hertz – Word on the street is that Hertz rents trucks as well.
  • Public Storage – Storage companies typically will let you use their truck if you rent from them and with the smallest storage closets running about $30 a month, this is a great deal for in-town moves.

From the comments, it also sounds like even if you get a truck (the “lucky” ones), they aren’t reliable (surprise!) and could die on you.

U-Haul CEO’s Cell Phone Number

Courtesy of the Consumerist:

The CEO of Uhaul gave out his cellphone number last night on an episode of Inside Edition, inviting consumers to call with complaints or questions. Joe Shoen explained saying, “People can’t get this organization to behave, I can.” That number is 602-390-6525.

Let him have it!

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802 Responses to “I Hate U-Haul Truck Rental (And So Does Everyone Else)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    All these comments sound so familiar. I reserved a trailer about a year ago. There is a U Haul right in my town. Was traveling 1600 miles. Reservation was confirmed. Doesn’t that sound like they had one for me? Just like the rest of you, I go to pick up the trailer and lo and behold they don’t have one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had to drive 200 miles to get a trailer!!! I was LIVID to say the least. NEVER AGAIN!!! Last time I needed a moving truck I got a Penske. Nice truck and the people were great. Competitive rates too.
    GO PENSKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • chris says:

      heres ur problem it was a one way reservation and iimagine u were moving recently to college right ? guess what so is every other 300,000million students and if ur not a student that was ur problem. 200miles i dont believe it in the least bit as after 50 miles if we do not have the equipment we will call and let u know btw uhaul does say they will beat any competitors rates i know because i discount customer everytime. it sounds like u had a bad day and ur over exagerating it.

      • MickysGurl79 says:

        first you should learn to spell – it helps with job applications. Oh, but then you have a job at Uhaul – right?
        Second “over exagerating”? What is”300,000 million students”?: an estimate?

      • C says:

        Aren’t you the Chris that was fired a couple weeks ago for cursing and spitting your dip in a 20oz bottle in front of customers??

        • C says:

          It’s not just renting from Uhaul! That have poor management and are unable to treat there employees with respect. They have people run these offices that have no idea how to deal with the public.

          • NaTasha W. says:

            Oh how true your comment is. The employees are very rude, unprofessional, an down right ignorant! Glad my life does not revolved around them!

    • ANTONIO says:

      Maybe you should get a reservation NUMBER?? You can’t take anybodys word on it you moron. And dont be a complete idiot. You suppose to get $50 if they reserve it and you have a reservation number. But you probably didnt pay attention to anything else but just get online and bitch. Customers fault for not getting required information needed for rental.

      GO UHAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Angie says:

        Idiot….I had a reservation and they gave me a reservation number. They gave my truck to someone else and said they aren’t gonna give me 50 dollars because they don’t have a truck to discount the 50 dollars from. Now how fucking stupid is that.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I too was screwed by U-haul. Promised a truck in my area, called well in advance to reserve the truck & the day before I was to pick up the truck I was told I would have to drive an hour and a half away to get it. There was no truck available in my area. Do not trust them even when you call well in advance they will not deliver. A reservation means nothing to them. They do not care and there is no one there that will take the fall. You will be passed from one person to another & the blame will go right along with it. Do not trust U-haul

    • chris says:

      and i bet you had a one way reservation as well sir … no one hears ourside of the story ever the deal is we do care we are just like you guys citizens doing our jobs we do have more locations then any other company soif you do believe u can get a closer truck then do so alsouhaul is more then happy to match and BEAT other companies rates im sorry u had a bad experience but when u have thousands !!! of people expecting one truck what can we do ??? angry bird style u into a truck ? if your calm and very polite with the represenitives im positive theyd be more then happy to help u ‘

      • Katie says:

        …It’s called a RESERVATION.

        That means you RESERVE the truck, and yes, it’s one way. I’m sure he told them that over the phone when he RESERVED a truck.

        The company should not have told him they had a truck if they didn’t have one.

        It makes no difference if it’s one way or not. It’s a fucking reservation, you ignorant twat.

      • ca says:

        I work at uhaul and when ppl come in bitching I loose all respect for them. Why would I want to help someone whose bitching at me me for something I can’t control? But when ppl come in and their polite ill do everything in my power to help them.

        • thatsanono2 says:

          CA… I read that to mean, your arse you MIGHT be inclined to do the job you were paid to do in the first place. Otherwise screw the customer!

          Guess what, buddy! A good customer service rep takes the good, bad and the ugly and if they have any CS skills at all, roll-up their sleeves work their magic and end up with a very happy customer.

          It’s call, “Customer Service!” A smile on your face and an attitude of being a problem solver in favor of your customers satisfaction, goes long way. Something you seem totally unfamiliar with!

          YOU mr, either need to go back in training or find another job!

          I have no problem believing you represent UHaul. You sound like it.

          • Jessica says:

            So true! This comment can probably pertain to most U-Haul “customer service representatives” that are on here…

            Do your job, complete what’s in the description of your job – CUSTOMER SERVICE – or find another one.

            LOVE IT. Hate U-HELL! I should have read and researched these reviews posted on pretty much every site you can review U-Haul, and I would have saved myself from my own horror story with them.

        • lauralee says:

          agreed with this employee I do work for uhaul as well and we are a dealer so we arent a huge uhaul center we let it into our buisness as a side thing and we treat ALL our customers with as much respect as they give us. Granted I am in Canada and we are a little diffrent as well from a buisness side point when you are attacking a company from one personal experience it takes away from the point your trying to make when you get petty and call ppl a “twat” and im sorry to say it does matter if you are a “one way” or “intown” uhaul has policies and it is not the person at the counter. I can honestly say I do side with alot of my cust. about the way that things are handled with the shedualing but we inform all our customers that uhaul has the right to gaurntee equiptment not location so you can have a truck just maybe not the office you desire. Bottom line you need to educate yourself on the companies you are investing your money in and FUTHER MORE who books a truck a night before thier move? That is PRETTY risky in the first place and to be honest with you disoranized and plain old stupid on your part. This coming from a person who has years of service experience as well as a degree in social work. Thank you for helping more ppl read and know more about uhaul there is no just thing as bad publicity a name read in the paper is still read good or bad.

        • Cathie says:

          When we had to complain at our local U-haul, we began our complaint in a very respectful and civilized manner, because that’s the kind of people we are. We were NOT treated with respect and dignity. We were treated as though WE were trying to screw U-Haul out of their $$ by claiming to have broken down when in actuality they believed that their truck performed perfectly throughout our task, THEN broke down. Yeah. Because we had nothing better to do on a cold Sunday afternoon.

    • RealityCheck says:

      Top reasons why reservations fail:
      1. You did not actually make a reservation. If you did not provide a credit card number or did a check by phone, you do not have a guaranteed reservation. No use screaming at me, though I will sit back and let you do it, you did not make a reservation and Uhaul is not to blame for your equipment not being available.

      2. Planning. If you are calling at 2:30 am on the day of our move (and people do this all the time) I may not be able to find a Uhaul within 100 miles of where you are. I will recommend you call your local traffic office in the morning to see if they can find something for you, but that is the best I can do. Plan ahead.

      3. Customer cancellations. Do not understand what is so complicated about rescheduling a reservation for a different day instead of making a new reservation, but the majority of people I talk to about cancellations are doing so because they are not moving on the day they planned and have no idea when they are planning to move. The very next day they call needing a truck for that exact day and get mad that we cannot accomodate them.

      4. Online reservations. Always check the hours of operation for the Uhaul location you are choosing to pick up from. I cannot help you if you set a pickup time for 6AM at a location that does not open until 9AM. If this is the kind of job you do for yourself, you have no business complaining about the service you received.

      5. Rushing. If you do not have 5-10 minutes to listen to what I have to tell you about the reservation you are making, then call me when you do. I will take the time to make sure you have all the information you need for your reservation to be as carved in stone as it can be, but if you fail to do the suggested follow through, then you have yourself to blame, not Uhaul. Do not call me from the moving out party, or while you are driving around running errands. Do not call me when you do not have the ability to take some notes. Sure, we will email information to you, but if you are using a free email service (like Yahoo) that eats emails then depending on that email is as bad as depending on a drug dealer to tell you when you have an addiction. Write it down or type the information into your computer and print it out.

      6. Time of day. I often work later shifts when half the support departments are closed. During those shifts I will advise customers that while the computer says everything is good to go, they should call the appropriate support department in the morning when it reopens to confirm with a live body in their area that everything is good to go. If you are calling on graveyard shift, assume that your reservation is tentative until you talk to the traffic office in the morning. I have taken cross training in a variety of support depeartments so that I can better help the after hours customer but there are limits to just how much I can do for you. I cannot magically turn on a camera at a location to verify in fact that your truck is sitting there ready to be picked up in the morning. I cannot reach into the mind of the customer that currently has that piece of equipment to verify that they are 100% going to bring the equipment back on time. I am a human being working for little better than minimum wage, not a psychic picking winning lottery numbers every week.

      7. Courtesy. It really does go a long way. If I have dealt with 14 screaming customers in a row and you are #15, I already have a migraine, the Motrin hasn’t kicked in yet, and I am doing my best to get through my shift without losing what little patience I have left with people that are making the above mistakes. I did not screw up your reservation, I did not tell you to cancel your reservation when you only wanted to make a change, I did not tell you to be impatient and accidentally make 3 reservations for yourself instead of just one because you could not wait for your browser to proceed to the next page of the online process. I am possibly not even the person that is going to be able to fix the problems that you created, and I am not to blame for the fact that there are 14 other short tempered people in queue ahead of you, but I will do the best I can if you will just have a dose of patience and sense.

      These are just some of the more common customer causes for failure in reservations. Sure there are bad CSRs in any company, but even those of us who go the extra mile get nothing but disrespect from customers when most of the time the failure is due to customer error, not company incompetence.

      Long before I worked for Uhaul I was a customer as well. I have never had a problem getting the equipment I needed when I needed it as long as I gave decent notice for when I needed it and did the proper follow through and showed a little patience with the CSR I was dealing with.

      When you call for a quote, do not tell us not to read from the script or that you just want a quote when we ask for you name and phone number. We are filling out a form on a computer to get your quote and the form asks for full name and phone number of the person we are talking to. Without the proper information put into the form, we cannot get you the quote you need. Arguing about it just wastes your time, as your problem is not with the person you are talking to but the computer they are working on. Does yelling at your computer ever work, well it works less often when you yell at me about mine. remember, it is not a reservation until you give a credit card number and you aren’t going to be charged for the equipment until you come down to pick it up.

      Our job description is Sales and Reservations. We are there to make reservations not take abuse. We are not required to take your screaming and obscenities and there are even policies to remind us that if a customer is being abusive we are allowed to hang up. I will take more customer abuse than most since I really don’t care what a customer calls me as long as I get their reservation, but I will not get into a lengthy debate with you over the information I need to do my job. I will read the script, ask every question, and I will give you every piece of information regardless of how little attention you are paying or how much you bitch about it because if I fail to do so and the monitor is listening, I will get fired. I like having a job and I like being able to pay my bills.

      A good CSR knows the difference between a customer and someone that is just looking to heap abuse on someone and we get both. I am heartily sorry for any problems you have had with our company and will make every effort within my power to correct them, but every business has the right to refuse service and I do not blame some of the CSRs for not being able to put up with as much out of some of our customers as I do.

  3. Brian says:

    Like others I have a horror story. I called my local UHaul number to have a hitch installed on my vehicle. I was quoted a price and installation date. When I went there to have it installed 13 days later I found out it was never ordered. The reason being is my call was transferred to their call center in Phoenix AZ. They screwed up and left the store employees to fix the problem.

    The store employee ordered the hitch for me and guaranteed it would be there and installed in 3 days. I left there thinking yeah right,like it’s really going to be there. Back on the phone I was to the tune of 50 minutes being transferred around their call center before a warm body finally helped me. At least I thought so. A complaint file was made and 2 days later nobody got back with me. Back on the phone I went and I found the CEO’s cell number on line and I called him at 0630 am in Phoenix. Joe Shoen listened to everything I had to say. He was truly concerned and when he got to the office he had the supervisors call me to hear the phone problems for themselves and they fixed the internal problem.

    Then all I asked for was that the store employees be congratulated for making a bad situation turn out better. John & Dusty were very customer friendly, professional and were able to diffuse a pretty pissed off guy (me). I wasn’t given a free hitch for my troubles but they compensated me for the problems they caused. My only hope was that they addressed the internal phone problems and realized their store employees are their front line to the customers.

    I believe that UHaul really does care about the customers and the only way they can fix a problem is if we as the consumer makes them aware of. If little old me had his problem taken care of I’m sure yours will too. If you have a problem with UHaul they want to know about it. Call Joe Shoen at (602) 390-6525. Just don’t call him as early as I did. My best to an AMERICAN Company that does care about the customer and it’s employees. This is a TRUE STORY!!

  4. BILL SIMS says:


    • mike says:

      How right you are bill. As one of those independent dealers, we have had problems with, not our AFM, but with our MCP playing dealers against one another. Sad way of doing business.

      • lauralee says:

        Very true.(im a dealer)

  5. anon says:

    Hi My name is anon I find uhaul not so bad considering i usethem all the time. what i believe happened is you got the one bad apple out of them all also for other people who have problems it seems they make their reservation the “day of” i learned the hard way making a res at the end of the month and getting screwed out of a truck but uhaul gave me 50$ ontop of a new truck with lower milage i was only going 10 miles i just scored 40 $ to use their equipment. my advice to people who have problems with uhaul make your reservation in advance !!! read the user agreements !! ur signing a legal contract and be clear to the operators about what u want!. also if your having a bad day i did notice that when i calmed down the represenitive was more then happy to help me in any way shape or form howcan they do their job with people screaming in their ears. what ithink is happening is that you didnt get everything u wanted so u bitched. therefore i think its only right we hear both side of the stories it seems like all of us in the country can complain about things but we never compliment soto uhaul i thank you and to joe shoen thanks for everything;

  6. chris says:

    u guys have no life to blog about uhaul … lol. they have a reviews list on their site use it locations > your reveiew

  7. eydie says:

    actually, we had a very good experience with u-haul in springfield missouri in 2007. we rent a massive u haul to move us out in one fell swoop, everything on the truck at once. the price was great and service friendly, and we even got some money back for returning the truck early.

  8. NaTasha W. says:

    I will never use this company again! We went over time and were threaten by the desk clerk that if we did not return the truck in 15 minutes (late by 37 minutes), that the truck would be reported stolen! Also accused of damage to the truck, that didn’t happen. Paid for insurance and was told it may not be covered. Denied refund of deposit, because of late rtn. These people are crooks! Get the neighbors to help you move and buy them all dinner. It will be cheaper!

  9. Lisa says:

    We just had a completely terrible experience with the U-Haul in Albany NY. We initially reserved a roundtrip truck for 2 days. I called 2 weeks before (national number) and changed it to a one-way with drop off in Boston. When we went to pick up the truck, the store manager said we were stuck with the roundtrip plus mileage. Take it or leave it. Since we didn’t have an option at that point, we took it under protest. When I asked for the number where I could file a complaint, he said “go ahead but it will just come back to me.” Great. When we returned the truck, the very helpful woman said not only should he have honored that but that he overcharged us for our contract anyway. She gave us the regional manager’s number and name. I have now called him 4 times, left messages, and he has not returned my call. Alex and Stu are terrible with customer relations! I will never use any U-haul products again. Ever.

  10. Chris says:

    I had a reservation for a 4 day move with uHaul for a total of $616 + $85 coverage fee. I added 2 furniture dolly’s to my order 7 days before my trip and they accidentally changed my destination which of course changed my quoted price. when i called to dispute the new rate (i had a printed copy of the original quote) they told me I was wrong, and that there was nothing they could do. after , I asked to speak with a manager, the “girl” on the phone told me that I should stop complianing because she was right and i was wrong. I told her to GO FUCK HERSELF and rebooked with budget. fuck uHaul!

  11. scott talbot says:

    my name is scott my girl friend and 12 year old daughter had to move across the nation to get away from her abusive ex so she lined up a 17 foot uhaul truck and gave herself 4 days to complete the move. the first day some 700 miles away uhaul called her on the road and wanted to trade trucks, so they sent her to a local and gave her a replacement that she had to reload that truck didnt make it 500 miles before it broke down. they had to change the fuel pump a day later so they put her up in a motel and gave her $11.00 dollars for food. she has broke down a total of 4 times on the side of the road and when she finnaly arrived the rental unit she had arranged to live in was not still available. and wont be until the end of the week if then. so she either has to pay for a hotel or live in the rental truck and pay the late fees I wish I had read this blog befor letting her rent this company

  12. Rion Carpadakis says:

    I got totally ripped off $14 for safemove that I did not want and was never asked about. This contract was entered manually because the display touch screen on the register was broken. I have already tried calling to have the $14 reversed and was told that it can not be refunded. Now I have to do a chargeback disputing the entire charge with the bank and also filing a complaint with the better business bureau. I should have used penske for the local move and will NEVER EVER consider u-haul again and STRONGLY urge anyone reading this to stay clear of uhaul. They are thieves. This totally sucks getting scammed by what I thought was a good company. I am going to do everything I can to make damn sure that the $14 I got ripped off by uhaul is not worth the pain in the ass paperwork that has to be done with the bank now by and better business bureau. These people are thieves and I will advise everyone I can to stay clear of u-haul. 🙁


    I have created a page on my own personal site and have been posting this link on several forums and the review page on uhaul and will continue to do so until I get my money back.

    I also will very soon be adding this page to our company website at http:\\

    If I am successful in costing UHaul even 1 customer, then they have lost more than the $14 that I got ripped off!

  13. Ben says:

    UHaul is the worst…

  14. Scott says:

    Just rented a truck from u -haul Rosedale store in Bakersfield, Ca. The mileage on the contract was 20 miles less than the odomator in the truck. So when you rerurn the truck they tried to chare me for 32 miles instead of the 12 miles i actually went. I have a feling this place is ran by crooks. I even told them avout the mileage differance before i rented it and they still tried to screw me. This place is ran by kids. Maybe thats ow they get a little pocket change?

  15. JIm Smith says:

    When I was thinking about renting U-Haul tow dolly, I Googled “U-Haul” to try and reserve a dolly. When I did, I found a couple of sites with negative feedback on U-Haul. Upon looking at the sites, I read horror stories about U-Haul’s poor performance and negative reviews. I was very concerned about U-Haul at this point, but the U-haul place was close to me and no other businesses near me had a tow dolly. So, I went online and reserved a tow dolly. I was concerned enough that I went to the U-Haul place a week ahead and verified that I had a dolly reserved. The representative was dressed professionally and was both professional and friendly. He verified that, yes, I indeed had a dolly reserved. I went back on the day of rental and again a different representative was both friendly and professional. To make a long story more short, every dealing I had with U-Haul was both courteous and professional. When I took the dolly back a representative met me in the parking lot before I could turn off my engine and was quick to remove the dolly and send me on my way. MY EXPERIENCE WAS VERY POSITIVE WITH U-HAUL.

    Maybe each U-Haul location is a franchise and different, but the business on Lebanon Road in Mount Juliet Tennessee showed me a business well run and professional.

  16. lori w says:

    Absolute worst experience, I had reserved a trailer and held it with a my card, I then was out of town and my son was to pick up the u-haul, and you got it they did not have it there, they sent him to another place who made him put it on is card, at that time he called me, told me what happened, I called the place in Wisconsin Dells and asked them if they would please refund his card and put the charges back on mine, the garage told me they couldn’t do it that I would have to contacted u-haul myself, which I did and they got it straightened out, My son after hooking up the trailer and having the garage employee tell him that lights were all good to go, left loaded the u-haul and then left for Texas in his car, I return the next day to leave with the u-haul and we have no working lights,needless to say we did not have time to get a new trailer and drove from Wisconsin to Texas with no lights scary, When I returned the u-haul in Texas the place said that they did not handle anything about the u-hauls that i needed to contact them, which I immediately did, I Told the lady about the lights and the corroded wiring for the lights and she just said ok, thank you, I will make a note of it and that was it. I’m sure the next person to get that trailer, again had no lights, and to the worker that gave the thumbs up to leave with working lights, shame…. they were never working

  17. diana says:

    As for uhaul, they charge mileage fees and gas fee if you don’t fill it. What with mileage fees???? You rent a truck, mileages should be included!!! No!! It a separate things, that I never understood why such mileage fees, if you have to pay for gas. Gas are currently near 4 dollars a gallon. They’re cheating you out of money. They never used to be like that, I guess they looking for a way to schelp you to give them more money. Oohh. DO NOT get insurance, since many driver already have car policy insurances that’s cover rentals. It just stupid to get one. And makes sure you carry your insurance with you to the rental.

  18. Charlie says:

    I’ve also noticed the U-Haul rent-your-reserved-truck deal. The last 3 times I’ve moved, I would call U-Haul and ask for a reservation, give all my contact info, etc etc… then the day of the move, THERE IS NO TRUCK. Without fail. I know that there was a guy up there saying that it’s how the corporate treats the independents, but really, it’s a poor way of doing business. They can always say that there’s no guarantee of being a truck.

    2 of those 3 I was able to go with a local company, instead of the bigger Penske, etc. I paid about $20 more, but they treated me right. Plus I was able to give some money back to the local community. And I didn’t have to worry about them going crazy with reservations. It’s not like folks are able to mess around their move dates much.

  19. steve says:

    I order a cargo trailer. Turns out I have to drive over an hour away to get it. I called uhaul who transfered to the regional office. The lady said she’ll see if anything is closer and call her at 4pm. I hung up and called the pick up location who said the have nothing and are expecting nothing. I called the regional office (keesha) at 3:40pm I was only hold from 340-648pm waiting for someone to pick up the darn phone. At 648 there was a click followed by a hang up noise and the the disconnected sound. While on hold I used my house phone to call 1800gouhaul to try and get someone. Who transfered me right away to the number I was already on hold with. I called back. I stated the issue, AGAIN and at this point been on hold with the regional office for 2 hrs. I asked the lady at 1800gouhaul that I wanted a supervisor. She told me that her sup said to call the regional office…REALLY? I said again ma’am I’m still on the other line with them on hold, and said again that I wanted to speak to the sup. She told me, No sir he isn’t talking to you. I said am I really being refused to speaj with a supervisor? Her response was yes he isn’t getting on the phone. So very angrily I said fine and hung up. And waited on the other line for my regional office for another hour before being disconnected.
    This is absolutely absurd and inexcusable. On hold for 3 hrs waiting to talk to an initial person and being treated like I am some peace of scum. It really feels like I am being told to #$%& off by uhaul.

  20. Michelle says:

    Reserve the truck. Get a copy of a reservation contract stating date, time and cost of rental plus any dposit made. If they don’t usually give one out, make them print out or write by hand if necessary, a receipt on company letterhead.

    Now, if they screw you over and it costs you money, send them an invoice for the amount you are out because of them. If they don’t pay (and they won’t) take them to court. Enough people sue them for the money they are out because of UHaul’s incompetence, the quicker they will either go out of business or fix the problem.

  21. kris says:

    Ok so I had the problem of the uhaul truck nor being available last night. But If you look online the have a reservation garentee if the don’t have the rented item at the on time at the agreed location they will give you $50. I will say that is a lie to because come to find out they don’t give 50 big ones they give you a voucher for your next rental. The other problem I had is the 10ft box trucks all nD leaks so some of the payload got soked. Then I return the the truck thought I would be a nice guy I gave them the wet newspapers or damaged product I had to deliver that I lost money on after I did 3 miles over my agreement and the decided to charge me another 5. I am pissed to the point the my storage unit is going to be empty

  22. Katie says:

    I just need to rent a regular pickup truck and none of the U-Haul companies or even Budget rents out a regular pickup or a van for a one way trip! I don’t have to go far, but the reason I want to rent in the first place is because I don’t have access to a truck with decent mileage- it totally defeats the purpose of renting one for a one way trip if I have to drive my brothers truck all the way down and back up and then get a ride back down again!

    WHY don’t they rent pickups for one way?!

    • Sue says:

      Because they do not outright own the cargo vans or pick-up trucks, they are leased by Ford or GMC. Ford and GMC state in their contract with U-Haul that they may not be used for one-way moves. The reason they lease these vehicles rather than own is, I think, because they are used so often they like having the newest equipment available for their customers. This is how it was explained to me, at least. As for Budget and Penske, I’m assuming it’s the same reason, but I didn’t talk to them.

  23. Da Man says:

    It’s easy to complain on the outide looking in.

  24. Andrew says:

    I didn’t have a bad experience, per say. I reserved a unit and when I showed up, like everyone else here, they had rented it to someone else. Luckily, they had similar units and were still able to get me one. The bright side, of course, was that they gave me a unit they had not cleaned out yet, so there were two dozen U-Haul blankets in it, leftover from the last guy. Win!

  25. Peter says:

    I have never had any problems with U-Haul on the SF Peninsula. Employees have always been helpful and friendly. However, I have never reserved a truck either. If you do have a reservation and your truck is not at the location that’s a management issue and not the fault of regular employees. That being said, they should have a policy in place where they will accommodate you when unfortunate incidents like this happen.

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