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I Hate U-Haul Truck Rental (And So Does Everyone Else)

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U-Haul is, in my personal opinion, quite possibly one of the most poorly managed businesses still in business and the only way they get away with it is because they’re almost the only game in town. The U stands for Unreliable. Ask anyone if they’ve ever had or heard of someone having a bad experience with U-Haul and prepare yourself for an intricate story about how U-Haul screwed them This is exactly what happened to me this weekend. (I added to the title because everyone else hates U-Haul too!)

I was to help my girlfriend and her roommate move out of their apartment in New Jersey starting at 10am on Saturday. The night before, her roommate called and confirmed (the guy said they had the truck on site and she could pick it up at 10ish the next day) that the truck they reserved was ready for us tomorrow. She calls the next day right before she is supposed to leave – truck isn’t there. Truck was never there. In the general area, there were no one-way trucks available for rental because it was the end of the month and they were all booked (reserved! ha!). We didn’t get a truck until 7pm, didn’t depart until 11pm, and worked all through the night until 6am unpacking.

One year ago, when my roommate and I moved out of our apartment (and into another), we too ran into the same situation. The U-Haul site had decided, even with our reservation, to rent our truck out to a walk-in customer because they didn’t know if we would show up. We didn’t get a truck that day until 2pm. This year, we opted to use a minivan from a reputable rental agency.

U-Haul is unreliable and dishonest. While they’ll gladly take your cancellation fee, they won’t give you any money if they screw you and rent out a truck you need. Most of the time we’re talking about end of the month moves where you need to follow a strict schedule in order to check out of the apartment, complete the final walk-through, and get on your way. If we didn’t move, we would have to continue paying a rent because of U-Haul’s unreliability. Don’t call it a reservation if you don’t reserve anything.

My fellow bloggers who read this, write a post about how U-Haul has screwed you and trackback to this one. Non-bloggers, send this to a friend and have them comment and/or pass it along. Spread the word, like a virus, that U-Haul is a business that should go down the tubes.

If you need to move, use these alternatives (I haven’t used them but U-Haul has screwed me two out of two times, so I’d use any of these before U-Haul ever again):

  • Budget/Ryder – Ryder was acquired by Budget, so try Budget for your moving needs.
  • Penske – I see their trucks all the time and the drivers are always smiling, so they can’t be all that bad.
  • Hertz – Word on the street is that Hertz rents trucks as well.
  • Public Storage – Storage companies typically will let you use their truck if you rent from them and with the smallest storage closets running about $30 a month, this is a great deal for in-town moves.

From the comments, it also sounds like even if you get a truck (the “lucky” ones), they aren’t reliable (surprise!) and could die on you.

U-Haul CEO’s Cell Phone Number

Courtesy of the Consumerist:

The CEO of Uhaul gave out his cellphone number last night on an episode of Inside Edition, inviting consumers to call with complaints or questions. Joe Shoen explained saying, “People can’t get this organization to behave, I can.” That number is 602-390-6525.

Let him have it!

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802 Responses to “I Hate U-Haul Truck Rental (And So Does Everyone Else)”

  1. Neil Enders says:

    Add me to your list!

    U Haul knowingly let me drive from Michigan to Fl. without BRAKE LIGHTS.

    I went a 28th St, Grand Rapids, Mi location2 weeks before a trip to Fl. to verify I had the correct hitch, ball, etc and working light harness.
    All was verified to be proper including working lights.

    When I rented the 5 x 8 trailer and the employee connected the trailer, I again verified that that the lights worked. When the employee mumbled
    something – I again him if the brake lights were working and he said yes.

    The morning I left for Fl. I asked the person trailing me if my lights were working. MY BRAKE LIGHTS WERE NOT!!!

    U Haul got us into a repair service in Georgetown, KY location that night. They told me that the Ford Taurus used a separate wire for turn signals and brake filaments.


    They also warned me that if wired into the harness incorrectly it could cause electrical feedback that could burn out my car electrical system.

    As a result I drove all the way to Melbourne, Fl without brake lights and someone following me to act as my brake lights.

    Back in GR the store manager said “You got there without an incident” then what’s the problem?

    So far I have been told that the regional Customer Service Rep. Frank Smith would call me last Thurs., then Fri., then today, then this afternoon, ………
    Haven’t heard his voice YET.

    Now I understand why there are “Don’t rent from U haul websites.

    Neil Enders

    PS Why would they do this?????????

  2. bbli08 says:

    U-Haul sucks ! Really sucks ! I made a contract price of $0.89 dollar per mile and they charged me for $1.09 and I have to call to get the money back (still not back yet at this time !).

    They WON’T refund your over-filling gas but charge you for under-filling gas. This is how they ate my $15 dollars. Shame on them ! This is a real fraud.

    I am looking forward to the class action suit against the fraud. I believe the fraud is bothering thousands of people like me!

    Here is the link:

    ANYWAY to join the case the sue U-Haul?

  3. he says:

    Sad we have a wonderful site here in Raleigh NC (large center storage/trucks/van/protain gas) the manger is alway helpful I rent monthly for flea marking weekends I have heard people come in scream /cuse/ etc at him and his workers for things they had no control over ,People need to read contract paid ontime,be prepared to have some stress.I have tryed othe place I ggot trash in the truck/low gas /poor service. I came back to U-HAUL!! People that complain should put your self in the workers place, The company is a honset USA busness, No Union crap! Hard working me and women !You get treated the way you desrve when you act like a fool in a office or on the phone !!I knowqw it no fun to move etc but don”t blame the company on things they have no control over I foyund clean truck/van
    helpful worker/fair price for severl lonf moves and local us over the past 5 yrs

    • Messenger says:

      Yeah, I’m going to listen to a guy that can’t spell for shit. U-haul sucks ass and the only reason they aren’t bankrupt yet is because they monopolize the market.

      • Mike says:

        @Messenger, I agree! Sounds like a U-Haul employee. I’ve rented from them all and never got a bad vehicle from anyone BUT U-Haul!.

  4. CB says:

    UHaul rented my a 26 foot truck for a cross country move. They gave us the newest truck which was of the same year as the move. From FL to MO the truck broke down several times. We thought it was our fault since we were driving straight thru. The worst was when the engine shut off on the top of a mountain top that curved with low visibility. We were unable to move it over to the side of the road and had to stand in the road to flag people down and hope they didn’t hit us. This one time we called the repair guy, 3-4 hours later showed up and he hits the gas tank with a hammer and it started. The repair guy said that they have been having trouble with the gas gauge sticking on these new trucks. The trip took longer than expected and upon arrival they offered us a free storage for our troubles. When we went back a couple of days later to get our stuff they said that we could not get into our storage until we paid the late fees and we lost everything that was in the 10X20 storage. NEVER AGAIN!

    • Anonymous says:

      So you blame the company that rented you the new truck and not the company that built the new truck? Really? And if you actually returned only a couple of days after receiving a full month free and were told you owed late fees, you didn’t return a couple of days later. Your contract would have reflected your next due date as a month away, so you had legal proof. In order to lose your belongings to a storage auction, you had to have been 90 or more days behind and not responding to certified mail. A Company in business for 75 years obviously knows a little more than some entitled people who have no understand that sometimes shit just happens beyond everyones control. And there are bad managers, that’s individual and I am sure they don’t last long.

      • Technician says:

        Sometimes shit happens
        must be the fine print on the uhaul mission statment.
        It also reflex in their “standard opperating procedure”

  5. Dave says:

    I have NEVER had any difficulty or reason for complaint. I have used U-Haul at least 10 times over the last 20 years or more: trucks, trailers, car dollies, etc, even had a U-Haul hitch mounted on my Jeep Cherokee in Portland, Oregon before pulling a U-Haul trailer to Los Angeles, Ca. Every time I have reserved equipment at U-Haul they have had everything waiting and made pertinent recommendations. This article is New Jersey specific, assuredly __ and needs to be read as such. U-Haul on the West Coast is by far the best way to go!

  6. Donald says:

    I work for u hual and think that you just had a bad experience we aren’t still in business because we are the only game in town we are in business because we offer the best service and if you want to go a different company for moving then fine but if you think they are better you are sadly mistaken. They charge you twice as much and they use tricks that are meant for commercial use not residential. They also are bad on the environment. So seriously if you want use a different company other than u haul think about the differences and pricing and the quality of trucks. And one more thing if you used an authorized dealer instead of an actual u haul centerthen that is the problem and not u haulits self. They are not held up the same standers as a real center.

  7. Morganna says:

    I work at a storage facility in Florida. We are now renting U-Haul trucks as an “authorized dealer” and I can say this first-hand. MOST of the issues people have with U-Haul is customer error. Facilities that stock multiple trucks have to squeeze scheduling in. If somebody rents a truck from 10a – 3p we have to HOPE they come back by 3p, especially if there is another reservation, say at 4p. Most people like to turn things in late, sadly. As far as I know it IS at the discretion of the facility whether they can waive your late fee or not, which would be up to the site manager or possibly regional manager. Most “authorized dealers” are less strict with these things which can be good and bad. I’m not necessarily defending U-Haul because I understand moving can be hectic and expensive – even I myself have dealt with some U-Haul higher ups that were rude or not caring. Even some of the actual U-Haul facilities have some bad apples, it’s going to happen. What I can say for us – we only have 2-3 trucks at one time. If we don’t have the truck reserved, we wend people down the street 2 miles to an actual U-Haul facility and it’s done with. I personally try to bring my customer service standards over with this new U-Haul stuff that was literally forced on me. Do I want to rent these things out on top of my normal job? NO. Will I? Yes. Try to be realistic with any issues you may have and ask questions if need be. How U-Haul guarantees your rental is that if they don’t have it, another facility does. I know, shady, but they’re not really lying. U-Haul has some good and some bad qualities. Try not to blame the employees right off the bat. I’ve had angry customers calling me and coming in to our storage facility to complain about things I honestly CAN’T control! If you just came in to drop off a truck from California here to Florida, and you tell me the mileage is wrong – all I can do is type in what the CURRENT mileage is on the truck. I can call one of our U-Haul contacts, but I honestly can’t do anything for you. Do you know how bad it looks to have a U-Haul customer yelling at me for something I didn’t cause, right in front of my normal storage customers? It’s embarrassing! If you have concerns, CALL the facility you want to rent with, you have a better chance of getting things done properly. Don’t just do it online and expect things to be peachy. I had a customer reserve a truck and two furniture dollies with us, when we only had one. Why did U-Haul’s website allow him to rent two when we only had one? Couldn’t tell you, but we called our AFM and he said he’d bring one over and never did, that was now MY FAULT, even though I had NO IDEA until later that we had requested another one. This is the same customer that blames our facility for charging him more than $14 for SafeMove, even though when he chose it ONLINE it states $14 per day. You can imagine this is our fault too, he has now left us bad feedback on U-Haul’s website which makes us professionally as an independent storage facility look horrible! I also had TWO customers in the same day mess up their own reservations online and blamed ME! I had one U-Haul employee call me from a U-Haul facility telling me that my customer was at their location looking for a truck which was here with me. When they finally got here they were upset that the other facility couldn’t rent to them because they didn’t have that size truck available! The other customer went to another location and supposedly thought we were located somewhere else and that was my fault too! It IS very easy to complain about a company when you’re not involved in it. I’m just trying to give people my thoughts on U-Haul. I don’t think they’re great but they’re not ALL bad. I just want U-Haul to man up and resolve any issues that come about in a professional way. Just remember, ASK questions if you’re worried about a charge or anything else BEFORE you rent!! That’s my two cents. =\

  8. mr. magoo says:

    It’s not the employees fault. You should blame the company. They hang up when you get sassy. Just chill and don’t expect a 5 star hotel for compensation for anything. You have to think how much these trucks cost. Having thousands of sitting trucks at about $30,000 a piece doesn’t make any sense. Majority of these over turned trailers were loaded incorrectly. Raising your voice at a poor kid behind the counter wont work by the way. When I worked for that lousy company we could say “F**k you” to your face and ban you from ever renting a U-Haul with no consequences. So don’t ever intimidate them, they’re peons working for minimum wage not your legal assistant. A little respect goes a long way. One word of advice is READ THE CONTRACT! 9/10 of these complains are idiots not reading the contract or terms. For example they don’t reimburse for gas like is says in the contract. You don’t take the insurance, you pay for the damages in the contract. You pay by the mile like it says in the contract. An the person getting hit with a 1.09 rate instead of .89 isn’t fooling anyone. Taking a truck at closing time on Thurs to get the weekday rate has been done many times before. But quite honestly, U-haul is king. Penske, Budget, etc.. Do not have the quantity that U-Haul does. The poor customer service, high prices and low quality trucks are a result of a monopoly. A joke we through around was a friendly U-haul employee is a new one. My 2 cents; agree, disagree whatever. This is good reading material.

    • fallen angel says:

      @Mr. Magoo, you got that statement right!! Dont expect a 5 star service from a 1 star employee! The company made them this way!! I agree there are some complaints out there that are way outta wack and we just scratch our heads and move on. However, there are legit complaints that could not have been if only it was taken cared of right from the beginning. Like I said alot of stem from “who cares, there are lots of people in line to rent trucks!”

  9. spike says:

    U-haul is great. Ive used them dozens of times without any problems

  10. James says:

    Use Ryder… Not the cheapest but they have the BEST customer service in the industry, hands down.

  11. Anonymous says:

    So you think you are the only one moving and U HAUL is going to drive the truck to your desired location and the rental is for only $200 well it would cost U HAUL more than that to drive the truck to your feet.


    U-Haul reservation guarantees are subject to the following terms and conditions
    1.The Reservation Guarantee does not apply to the initial intake of a customer’s reservation regardless of how the customer makes their reservation.
    2.After the customer makes an initial reservation, the U-Haul rental location (‘rental location’) for the customer’s city and state will be in charge of the reservation.
    3.The rental location will contact you the day prior to your requested pickup date to schedule the equipment and actual pick up time, date and location.
    4.Once the rental location representatives speak with you and agree with you on a pickup time, date and location, the reservation will then be considered “guaranteed” (the agreed upon equipment will be at the agreed upon location at the time scheduled). If U-Haul fails to fill your guaranteed reservation, it will pay you $50 as liquidated damages. If you fail to pick up the equipment at the agreed upon location within one hour of the time scheduled for pick up, U-Haul may cancel your reservation and it will not be obligated to pay you the $50. Regular cancellation policies may apply.
    5.U-Haul has the right to substitute equipment of equal or greater size to fill your guaranteed reservation.
    6.If U-Haul representatives are unable to contact you to schedule and agreed upon time, date and location of your pick-up, the reservation will not be considered guaranteed.
    In the event of war, riot, civil unrest, insurrection, Act of God or other force majeure that significantly disrupts the operations of U-Haul, it shall not be obligated to pay customers the $50 payment even if the reservation had been guaranteed.

  12. Old School says:

    I can’t believe these complaints! I have rented U Haul trucks many times. I understand normal thinking. U Haul trucks are where ever they are droped off, if you want to pick up at a certain location and they don’t have the truck there on the day you want it, use some common sence you will have to go get the truck where it is. U Haul is not going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars driving trucks around to get the truck where you need it. In most cases it would cost more to deliver the truck to your feet than the rental charges.

    READ THIS!!!!

    U-Haul reservation guarantees are subject to the following terms and conditions
    1.The Reservation Guarantee does not apply to the initial intake of a customer’s reservation regardless of how the customer makes their reservation.
    2.After the customer makes an initial reservation, the U-Haul rental location (‘rental location’) for the customer’s city and state will be in charge of the reservation.
    3.The rental location will contact you the day prior to your requested pickup date to schedule the equipment and actual pick up time, date and location.
    4.Once the rental location representatives speak with you and agree with you on a pickup time, date and location, the reservation will then be considered “guaranteed” (the agreed upon equipment will be at the agreed upon location at the time scheduled). If U-Haul fails to fill your guaranteed reservation, it will pay you $50 as liquidated damages. If you fail to pick up the equipment at the agreed upon location within one hour of the time scheduled for pick up, U-Haul may cancel your reservation and it will not be obligated to pay you the $50. Regular cancellation policies may apply.
    5.U-Haul has the right to substitute equipment of equal or greater size to fill your guaranteed reservation.
    6.If U-Haul representatives are unable to contact you to schedule and agreed upon time, date and location of your pick-up, the reservation will not be considered guaranteed.
    In the event of war, riot, civil unrest, insurrection, Act of God or other force majeure that significantly disrupts the operations of U-Haul, it shall not be obligated to pay customers the $50 payment even if the reservation had been guaranteed.

  13. Mickey says:

    U-Haul sucks big time. Wife went thru the on-line reservation site and they wanted all info including credit card info and when I went to pick up trailer had to give all the info again. Confirmed telephone number and they wanted another. Said that was all I had and employee Alex Connelly from Long Beach, Ca location refused to give me trailer unless I gave another phone number? Told him fine and that I didn’t like his smart-a** attitude towards customers. Told him I would talk to his manager his reply was “I am the manager so have a nice day”. Told him to go screw himself and left.

    • fallen angel says:

      @Mickey, Sounds like a typical GM for UH!! They dont give a shit cuz whatever happens, people will still rent UH no matter what. Tho there are GMs out there that are really people oriented and educated, most of them are not!

    • Boom says:

      Sounds like you walked in with an attitude. Any written contract requires two phone numbers and verified address. That’s any company. If you think the other companies are better, go use them. What I am reading here are a bunch of people who are so entitled that they have lost touch with what is real. A couple of folks gave good advice, read the damn contract! See, that’s why the law says you have to read the contract or you have no standing. You read it, you signed it, it’s done. And 90% of people’s bitching, is that they didn’t read what was in front of them when they made their online reservation or didn’t listed when they were talking to someone. It says “equipment pickup time/location, and hours of use are subject to availability. Uhaul reserves the right to substitute equipment of equal or larger size at no addtional cost.” I went on line and checked this and have reserved via 800 many times for business and personal use. A bad employee isn’t a bad company, it’s a bad manager and a bad manager is whoever his boss not doing his job. They don’t last long. The Uhaul locations I have used 2 have completely different crew and manager now, I didn’t like the old ones and that’s why they aren’t there. My usual Uhaul has a manager who has been with the company 32 years. Friendly staff and treated very well. I would have told Mickey to have a nice day too. The person is filling out a form that requires all fields to be entered. You have more than one contact phone number, you just apparently like throw attitude. I hope you did have a nice day.

    • uhaul employee says:

      When making a reservation, we take only a credit card number and expiration date, without charge to it. So yes, when someone comes in to pickup our $150,000 truck, we like to go ahead and verify the card is theirs so they might actually give a shit when we charge it.

      When picking up, uhaul requires whats called “meaningful assurance,” all of which is explained on the website. This includes not just a picture ID but also references, preferably at a place of employment, to not only verify who you are, but to have as many means of reaching, or finding you, which ever connotation applies to the situation.

      And so now, from what I read here, the employee/manager asks you for this information, following company policy, you swear at him, and demand to go above his head(as you are unaware of the fact that he is the manager at the time) to resolve some conflict you believe exists. And for some reason, being treated as a small person, and sworn at offends this senseless employee, so he (completely ridiculously) in so many words, tells you he has no interest in renting his equipment to you. Yeah, uhauls fault.

      I tell you, this was my summer job in between college, ‘m almost done, and I’m not doing it again. And I have nothing against uhaul. The pay is good, and it’s pretty easy work, but you fucking customers suck so god damn hard, if I don’t have to, I’m not going to touch customer service ever again. I pretty much hope I’ll be able to use my degree to lock myself in a room and code for a living, without having to deal with morons who can’t read contracts and don’t listen to policy.

      You know, all you people suck. You flock to your hate boards and bitch and complain about how this inhuman beast uhaul, fucked up your move, wasted your time, took your money, etc. And then gloat about how well you told off the manager or the customer service guy. Nothing fucked up about that? You wanted to be treated as a human, individually, politely and all that, but that dude working minimum wage just picking up the phone at our contact center? Fuck him. Swear at him all you want, get mad and blame him for shit he has absolutely no control over. Besides, if there was truly a problem here, that didn’t revolve around you not reading your contract, you won’t be bitching on the internet. You would be suing the company or going to the police or whatever it is you have to do. God damn.

      Oh, and it’s nice that you put out personal information about this person on some hate board on the internet. Keep it classy, bro.

    • Cathie says:

      That’s what the manager told us when we complained. It must be in the company handbook.

  14. ex uhaul employee says:

    I am a former gm for u-haul I recently resigned. The reason there are no trucks/trailers at the end of the month is they are all being used on in-town rentals ( does how many hours do you need the equipment sound familiar? The average family moves in eight hours) uhaul calls this slot renting all gm’s are required to rent this way or be replaced. Slot renting is illegal so we were not allowed to call it slot renting.

  15. David says:

    Hey, “Old School”! “…a few thousand complaints”? Nothing wrong, there, eh? Maybe lose your attitude and strive for “ZERO” complaints. Get off the computer and get back to work. Grab a broom and sweep out some trucks, at least. “…millions of trucks”? How do you figure? If you rented 5,000 trucks a DAY, how long would it take to rent “millions”? You are probably one of the biggest reasons U Haul is the joke it is. Full of bullshit and lies. Don’t further embarrass yourself and get back to work. By the way, I was a U Haul mechanic at a big center and we all did damn good work on the trucks/trailers. All in excellent shape for rentals. Just like you, though, the manager was a flaming bitch who wouldn’t rent ME a trailer because I tried to pay with CASH! My boss in the shop goes, “Hell. Do what WE do. Go hook one up and use it. Fuck her!”

    • Old School says:

      You really don’t know what you are talking about U HAUL has 15,000 locations most of these locations rent a lot of trucks and trailers daily. U HAUL rents the same trucks over and over again. Millions of satisfied U HAUL customers and only a few soreheads on this site go figure.

    • fallen angel says:

      @ david! I 2 was a former GM! I feel what ur saying. He is probably 1 of the GMs that got the position without any education to back up the position like most others. He thinks that since there are millions of satisfied customers, Its okay to have a few who post their unsavored experience on a UHaul hate website. As I always said being a GM, customer service 101, there maybe a few that aires their complaints and some dont even bother and just say fuck Uhaul. for if there is 1 that complains, there are 10 that dont! It is the ones that dont that you need to worry about cuz the ones that tell you horror stories are ez fixes. Old school is a typical employee that dont give a shit about the complaints or dont use UH again because their reason is that there are always people in line to rent to.

  16. Old School says:

    Do you really think you are going to put U HAUL out of business?

    • fallen angel says:

      @Old School, You are exactly correct in your statement, and I know you beleive it with your heart. And I believe this is the very reason You dont give a shit!!

  17. Jessica says:

    That’s a pretty entertaining comment from an ex-uhaul employee…U-Haul will match prices? I told U-Haul that Budget Truck Rental was going to let me take a larger truck for 100 dollars less. Know what they said? “Oh, okay. I’m sorry.” Pffff…GREAT customer service there!!! (sarcasm)

    But let’s get to the point. You base a company on how it handles and satisfies customers…and I should have checked all the U-Haul horror stories and reviews before I decided to make one of my own a week ago. I do not think I have ever dealt with a company as thieving, rude, and unhelpful as this one! Their intelligent “customer service representative” put me down for the wrong days…and promised me a free extra day if I hurry up and pick up the truck that same day, so as to hold it for me. Then, after everything is all moved, said, and done…we of course drop the truck off. Three days later, our account gets a 200 withdrawal from U-Haul. When I called “customer service”, they simply went over the fact that they charged me 40 dollars a day extra, plus going over the mileage allowed for the move (bull shit), taxes, and a service charge fee (then whatever else they decided to slap on there to fill their wallet.) They have definitely lost my business, just as they have lost many others as well. Luckily, there are other, better, companies out there that are not like U-HELL!

  18. Jack says:

    I don’t look at it as U-Hauls fault in general, but the rental franchises. U-Haul has made poor decisions to just allow any small dick’n’harry company to rent out their vehicles.

  19. Gramps says:

    I’ve rented U-Hauls exclusively over the last 20 years and have been accident-free every time. That’s about the best I can say! However, each time has not been without problems. Had a car carrier’s tire go out 40 miles from destination on a 2500 mi trip resulting in an extra night in a motel. (No reimbursement). Had the largest truck (27 footer?) stop working shortly after heading out because the previous renter filled up with regular gas instead of diesel. Stranded in middle of Iowa heading to Texas when fuel pump went out. There were a couple of other incidents that must’ve been minor because I can’t recall them. Just this last August I needed to rent a one-way cargo trailer from the Northwest to Texas and checked prices. What I found out was ASTOUNDING! It cost more to rent a little trailer one-way from U-Haul and with only about 7 days allowance than it cost renting a much larger trailer (new at that) at Home Depot round trip! Plus I took the monthly rate which still made it much cheaper. Not all Home Depots rent trailers but if you’re in a big city that is definitely the way to go!! Probably cost a little more in gas but not much with an unloaded trailer half the distance, but with a 5.4L Ford pickup, it felt like there was nothing there. Adios Mofo U-Haul!

  20. J says:

    I run a uhaul dealer which is not owned by uhaul its a second business to your 1st business so this fact being said this may account for some of the poor customer service due to the fact of not caring on their part perhaps however not the case at my place.U Haul is flawed in regard to its resevation policy I’ll be the first to say it, however when I get a moron that knew they were moving 2 months prior to their move date and they wait till the freakin day before they are moving to try and reserve a truck your the idiot. These are the people who believe the Earth revolves around them, as if all the U haul Dealers are standing around waiting for their phone call and we all jump yelling “holy shit they finally called” hello wake up ass holes. I know its a flawed system and its not right what happens to some people but bare in mind we are hoping that all these people returrn the truck when they say they are going to and guess what most people suck and don’t care that someone else may be waiting on that truck but we are the bad guys and you get these self centered losers who have nothing better to do than bitch about it via the internet in between spanking it to free internet porn. get over your self before you get smacked. Its not always Uhauls fault just sayin.

  21. Nathan says:

    I find U-Haul to be a well run company with a solid structure. Their systems are very up to date and they treat their employees well (I happen to be one). Don’t generalize with “And So does everyone else”. You will never know what “everyone” thinks. Quit your bitching and make a change in the world rather than getting on a computer and rabble rousing!

  22. stephen says:

    The reservations sometimes work, but other factors sometimes create situations where people rent at the last minute despite their planning:

    I checked u-haul rates for weeks prior to my move and the price for a one-way coast-to-coast move was over $1000. On the day of the move, the cost was about $300, so I rented a trailer on that day. The reservation system should offer discounts for early rentals, not penalties!

    One time I went to pick up a truck on reservation, but the ramp was broken/unusable. They didn’t have another, so I had to scramble to find another dealer with a rental. The reservation system cannot check equipment fitness, but the dealers should really check and fix their equipment promptly. U-Haul should fine them for situations where they haven’t.

  23. LC says:

    Rented out a U-Haul, when we went to check it out the windows were cracked down… no biggy. My husband had to drive it. He followed me to the gas station because my car needed some fuel, and he told me the truck had a very disgusting smell to it. He had to ride with the windows down (uhhhm flashback). We got home which was 1hr. away from the nearest u-haul. My poor husband looked for the stench, but couldn’t find anything. The entire truck just stank! I told him maybe the carpet got wet. On our way back to return it, we stopped at a convenient store. My husband was as nauseous as ever! He looked for the cause of the smell, and Lord behold a DEAD CAT!!!!! I almost threw up! it was disgusting!! Really a DEAD FRIKIN CAT!? The douche bag at the u-haul couldn’t check the truck thoroughly? Anyways… we called u-haul, we left the stinky truck parked at our house and u-haul had someone tow it back. There was no way were going in there. Even the tow truck driver was disgusted. The wind blew and you could smell the damn thing yards away from the truck. We ended up paying our $75, the reason being.. and I quote ” your husband used it for what he needed to use it for.” Uhhm yea, with a damn dead cat inside. All while he was nauseous the entire time he was in that truck. THANKS U-HAUL for POOR maintenance!

  24. Technician says:

    Uhaul treats their service vendors worse than they treat the customers.

  25. Technician says:

    Uhaul uses a large # of independant contractors.If your rental truck has a problem on the highway,uhaul will send out a 3rd party service truck. Service companies beware.It will take a week or more just to get a po #. 5 to 6 weeks after that you might get paid. they will reject invoices untill the amount is so low (50% of industrie standard ) That you’ll be lucky to brake even.

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