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I Miss Monopoly

This post probably has very little to do with personal finance but everything to do with the classic game of Monopoly. I was reading Dane’s Business Opportunities blog (specifically this post about an MBA game [3]) when I was sucked in by a gorgeous set of photos on Flickr by R80o of a 1938 (he thinks) copy of Monopoly [4]. When we were on the Bermuda cruise [5], we had a couple days at sea so we opted to play Monopoly and lose fake money instead of messing around in the casino and lose real money. Below I have a collection of fun links related to Monopoly:

An obligatory link to the history of Monopoly [6] and the heartwarming story of Charles B. Darrow’s creation in the heart of the Great Depression.

Truman Collins went through and calculated all the probabilities related to Monopoly [7]… and it’s insane. This guy wrote a program that takes into account all the Chance/Community Chest cards, methods of getting jailed, etc. so you know that it’s probably as comprehensive as you can get. If you’re a stats-junkie or probability-hound and you like Monopoly, you’ll be in heaven with this site, it’s mind-boggling amazing.

If you want to snag your own copy, Amazon carries Monopoly for only nine bucks [8]. Honestly though, I’d prefer to look on Ebay and find an older version.

Finally, if you do play, don’t be a sore loser [9]. Cheers! 🙂