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I Won The 1,300,000,000.00 International Lottery!

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Can you imagine my luck? I didn’t even know I entered in the 1,300,000,000.00 international lottery but luckily Mr. William Lopez from Super Standard Company notified me by email that I have been approved for a lump sum payment of 1,625,000.39! That’s awesome! I’m so rich! I’m going to buy two houses right now because they say the real estate market is sizzling hot right now. I mean, when you win 1,625,000.39 in lottery, you can blow it on whatever you want right? Read on to see the notification email and all that jazz!

So here’s the first half of the letter because I was so excited I couldn’t read the whole thing at once:

REF Nº: EPSL/25003127/CSL/02
BATCH Nº:0007571982



We are pleased to inform you of the release of the results LOTERIA PRIMITIVA/INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM, Held 19TH March 2005 Your email address name attached to a ticket number 025-1146992-750 with serial number 2113-05 drew the lucky numbers 4-18-24-30-31-35 which consequently won the lottery in the 3rd category. You have therefore been approved for a lump sum payout of 1,625,000.39 (One Million Six Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand Euros and Thirty-Nine Cents) in cash credited to the file reference number: EPSL /25003127/CSL/02. This is from a total cash price of 20,368,770.00 (Twenty million three hundred and sixty-eight thousand, seven hundred and seventy euros only) shared among the seventeen international winners in this category.


Congratulations indeed! 1.6M in Euros is about $2M USD! With $2M in an Emigrant Direct account, I’d make over $60k a year for doing nothing except collecting interest payments! Sure my money isn’t totally protected by the FDIC (only the first 100K) but who cares? Banks are the bedrock of our capitalist society, I should be fine.

But with $2M, I think I would want to donate some of it to a school, get an honorary degree, and maybe the wing of one of the libraries named after me. Hmmm… a couple hundred thousand probably only buys me a bookshelf or maybe a bust in the back with all the nerdy science fiction novels by Heinlein and Asimov. That’d still be awesome… anyhow, before I get ahead of myself I need to figure out how to get this money into my account ASAP…

Your fund is now deposited with our correspondence bank insured to your name. Due to the mix up of some numbers and names , we advice that you keep this award from public notice until your claiming or unwarranted taking advantage of this program by participants. All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from 25,000 names from Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Europe and North America as part of our international promotions program which we conduct once every year. We hope that with part of your prize, you will part-take in our end of year high stake 1,300,000,000.00 international lottery .

Shoot, there’s always a mixup! I’m glad they advice me to keep this from public notice… nah, you guys can’t enter it so I don’t mind gloating about my new found loot. It’s an international lottery that I didn’t even enter so how would you even know where to enter? That and I’m so surprised I hadn’t heard about this before, it’s done every year on every continent except Antarctica (polar bears and penguins don’t need millions).

To begin your claim please contact your claim agent,

Mr. William Lopez
Foreign services manager
Tel:0034 65 9060871

for processing and remittance of your prize fund into your designated bank account.

Super Standard Company? That’s a weird name for a company… but they must be pretty cool since they let him have superagent as his email address. I guess if your job was to hook people up with $2M, you’d get a pretty big head and call your self superagent. Heck, I would.

Note: All prize funds must be claimed before the 18Th of April 2005 after this date all funds will be returned to the MINISTERIO DE ECONOMIA Y HACIENDA as unclaimed. In order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications, please endeavour to quote your reference and batch numbers in every correspondence with us to your claim agent. Furthermore, should there be any change in your address do inform your claim agent as soon as possible. Congratulation once again from all members of our staff and thank you for being part of our promotion program.

I have eleven days and there’s no way the MINISTERIO DE ECONOMIA Y HACIENDA is getting a penny of my hard earned money! I’ve never even been to Spain! I suppose I have to send them all my bank information, my social security, and my mom’s maiden name in order to get put into this lottery… better get that to them quick! I know they only want me to contact them but to speed along the process I’ll just email them that information.

N.B. Any breach of confidentiality on the part of the winners will result to disqualification. Please do not reply to this email address. Contact your claim agent.

Oh crap.

THIS IS A SCAM!!! To avoid this scam and others, check out my post about avoiding phishing scams.

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10 Responses to “I Won The 1,300,000,000.00 International Lottery!”

  1. Omar says:

    Wow, international taxes are harsh. So you get a lump sum payment of only 0.125%? That’s a shame. But at least the remaining 98.875% will go to a good cause, like finding WMDs. …Wait a minute, there are no WMDs! jim, watch out, I think this might be a scam.

    For future reference, CALLE COLONE-28080 MADRID-SPAIN translates in Spanish to “This is a scam to get $28,080 from a gringo.” Careful out there, gringos.

  2. Omar says:

    …And I did mean 99.875%. Damn gringo keyboard!

  3. jim says:

    Actually what happened was I won category 3, which means I only had the $2M. I suppose had I won category 1 I would’ve netted more of the $1.7B bucks. Maybe I should wait… with the strengthening dollar I could make more than two mil.

  4. Tim says:

    There are no polar bears in Antarctica, but who cares! you are rich! “Congratulation” to you! Can I borrow $20?

  5. Joe says:

    Congratulations, man! I still have to earn money the old-fashioned way: helping Nigerian bureaucrats smuggle money out of their country.

  6. jim says:

    I was going to do that but I think it’s a scam. 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hey, no fair! I already won that lotto! Three times this month….

    Actually it would be fun if you replied to see what scam they are pulling; I mean the details they want etc. How long could you string them along?

    As an aside: You can break your 2 million bucks into 20 (or more) accounts (even at the same bank) of 100K or less and get the Federal insurance to cover the whole 2 million.


  8. Frank says:

    Congatualations on the win. I just won 2 lotteries in catergorie 2 and i just sent my information to them. Hopefully ill get an answer back and see if i realy won.

  9. Anonymous says:

    My husband received iwon lottery winner notification from iwon lottery agency from madrid but not through email but through mobile phone. We were so excited to know so we replied to the post email in the mobile. It said we won $1million but to my disappointment they were asking 2500 euro through western union bank for the legalization of the process of money bank transfer. How they were able to get my husbands mobile number. Scam or not?

  10. echidnina says:

    Ha! I get these kind of emails all the time. My mother too, unfortunately for her, because she’s the kind of person who would fall for it. I set her straight thankfully, but it was sad to let her down that she didn’t really win that money.

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