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If You Won The Lottery, Would You Tell Anyone?

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Considering all the bad luck lottery winners have, would you tell anyone (if you had a choice and it wasn’t published) that you won the lottery? While it’s nice to get in the paper and hold press conferences, think of all the “friends” you’d suddenly have popping up out of nowhere to ask for a hand and all the “enemies” you’d suddenly have blackmailing you or otherwise extorting money from you… I always wondered why they publicly announced those things anyway, like nine times out of ten it’s a death sentence. A slow death in which all of your friends ask you for a hand-out.

Now, assuming you don’t get blackmailed or honey potted into parting with your money, you now have to contend with the idea of working while sitting on a pot of gold. If you work, people realize you don’t have to and they will likely treat you differently. Will you get the raise you deserve considering you don’t really need the money? Will you get that promotion that you deserve if they’re afraid you’ll quit after a bad day because you don’t need the job? If you don’t work, what will you occupy your time with? Lots of lottery winners (and celebrities, rock stars, athletes) turn to drugs because they have nothing else better to do anymore. But let’s ignore all that because winning the super Powerball jackpot isn’t something you can realistically hide… but…

What if you won a smaller prize… like $500,000? Would you tell anyone? Substitute an amount that you think is significant but not so big that you could quit your job and not so large that it could seriously change your way of life. I think that $500,000 would solve many a financial woe but it’s not enough for one to quit their job… so in the event you won a $500,000 jackpot, would you tell anyone? If so, why? If not, why?

(And no, I didn’t secretly win the lottery or anything like that, though that would be nice!)

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68 Responses to “If You Won The Lottery, Would You Tell Anyone?”

  1. Jonno says:

    I would tell people that I’ve made some good investments and keep it vague. Apart from my wife of 23 years, I wouldn’t tell anyone the truth as these things just rip families apart. Anyway, I’d treat the money like a salary, and if I did quit my job I’d just use the investments excuse again.
    The 100 million would be very different though. It’d be impossible to hide so I honestly think that I’d just donate it all (and maybe buy myself a nice boat!)

  2. Anonymous says:

    No, I wouldnt tell anyone. I’d put it in a trust fund under another name and pay off all my bills, donate to my church, pay off bills of my family without them knowing, and feed the hungry kids in a third world country. I would continue working just because I like my job.

  3. Kecia says:

    If I were blessed to actually win the lottery and not wake up and it all be a dream like usual!!!! I would truly change my life. I wouldn’t tell anyone, but I wouldn’t work either. I would quickly move away, hire me an attorney to make my credit A1 again, pay off those I owe, build and payoff my home with enough room for my kids in case life should deal them a sick hand like mine, buy new car – not elaborate or anything but nice – and pay it off. Set up trust funds for my kids that can never be touched but by them at an appoariate age. Splurge a little on clothing, hair, nails, shoes, etc just to pat myself on the back. But not to the point of going broke or anywhere close for that matter!!! Just having a little fun after the important stuff is taken care of!!! Money with common sense it always a beautiful thang. By the way…the word no ain’t a problem for me to say. People have been saying it to me all my life!!! It would be nice to return the favor!!

    • angel says:

      Lmao. You’re allowed to splurge on yourself but your kids are too immature to handle ANY of your money? What a hypocrite.

      • jewel says:

        I don’t think she’s a hypocrite. Most children do not know what to do with sudden wealth. Having them be self sufficient first is a good idea. I would say think before you judge!

  4. Kecia says:

    Just tired of being broke and crying for a break in life. I know I would do the right thang with my life and my money. All it takes to do the right thang is to be tired of being broke all the time. I mean really be tired…God knows I am. Just give me the oppurtuity and I’ll show you what to do with it. Bet I wouldn’t get bored and start doing stupid stuff!!! Just give me a shot at riches…not even that just a little money, enough to payoff my debts and get my credit fixed. I’ll be gucci!!

  5. Anonymoso says:

    I’d set up a blind trust and get the mother of all disguises: a race change. Then move to a place where I’m a match with the demographics. Of course, you make all involved doctors sign a nondisclosure agreement.

    That’ll make it harder for family…

  6. heck says:

    hmm,seeing as how i have tried,in vain,being the good guy my whole life,and treating everyone as nice as possible,with no form of gratitude,i’d have to say-NO,i wouldn’t tell anyone.assuming i were to win some crazy amount like $130 million____publicizing my winnings,be it formally or informally,would be dumb!people i have never met in my life would come out of the wood work,asking for hand outs and,that would truly suck!also there’s the robbery aspect that isn’t too appealing either.i would tell my god mother.i’d pay off “All” of her debts;all my debts,all my siblings’ debts,and explain to them,that i want to move to some undisclosed family loves me and i know they’d understand.i would complete course work in college and ,hopefully find some means of employment that was beneficial to me,emothionally as well as beneficial to others.maybe volunteer at an animal shelter.i’d adopt a dog from the aspca,my fiance and i would get married privately,buy a small home in a low crime neighborhood,hire an attorney/accountant to help manage my finances. i’d also take course work in business,and finance to make sure i’m being taken for a sucker. personal security would be paramount.i’d find and hire only the most reputable executive protective services.and it would be extremely low profile.i’m not talking an 18 car convoy of suburbans and a 8 man security detail following me around @ all times.they’d be very unobtrusive,and inconspicuously placed.investing my money would be extraordinarily important. i’m not one for fancy,trendy stuff.sticking out like a sore thumb is foolish,and dangerous.i would not call attention to myself.who knows,maybe i’d keep the job i already have,and lie about having another job,so my hours would be cut.this would be a logical reason that would explain how i went from a ’99 honda civic-a 2008 honda accord.(i like that car);eventhough it’s not flashy,but then neither am i.eventually however i’d purchase the car of my dreams. i already know most people despise this car,but i really like it.this would be a dark metallic red bmw 740iL w/ tan leather interior.

  7. Twizzler says:

    I would not tell anyone. ESPECIALLY my kids. They would have that money spent in a month :)I would put it in savings, and use it sparingly, to spoil MYSELF!! Which is something that rarely happens. Keep your fingers crossed :)!!

  8. brandon says:

    No one would know
    New country,name,trade,friends,family .. Start a new life

  9. Allie says:

    I’d give a lump sum to my family/church/whatever, then move to England or somewhere ASAP. My address would stay my secret. :p

  10. DUANE says:

    Get real you couldnt hide it, donate BS nobody ever gave me nothing. I would party my ass off everybody around me would party I would hope its stupid money I won, and the last check I wright before I die . Ihope it bounces.

  11. Adrian says:

    If I won a big one, I’d have to tell all my family, and only my GOOD friends. I’d give them all a decent amount of money, because I couldn’t enjoy my riches knowing they’re still struggling with the everyday troubles like how to pay bills while I’m (well, me and my fiance) living the easy life.

    I wouldn’t be giving them enough to quit their jobs, but enough to make at least the next decade fairly cruisy for them if they’re not careless. And if any of them came asking for more, or said things like ‘oh I wish I didn’t have to work anymore like you’, or showed signs of jealousy towards me after that, I’d set them straight. Because in the end, it’s me that won, and if they couldn’t come to terms with that, it’s not my problem.

    My fiance and I would also be doing a lot of work with the community – helping get troubled kids off the streets, helping out homeless people, etc. And we’d do it all OURSELVES. None of that charity crap. You never know where that money could go, or what percent would go to the people intended.

  12. Anonymous says:

    First let me win, then I will tell you what I will do with it….

  13. Roger says:

    Simple, pay off debt, take a two week vacation, invest in guranteed return funds that are govt. or state insured, and continue working to my set retirement age of 70 ( I like my work).
    If it was really, really large, may look into retirement, but again, would want someone else managing this against a govt. or state backed investment!

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