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IKEA Offering $25 off $250 Coupon

When I was in college, IKEA furniture was king. It was cheap, it was light, and what it didn’t have in durability it made up for in frugality. I had a rule of thumb when it came to IKEA furniture (specifically any item with moving parts) – “IKEA furniture can only survive one move.” Static furniture, like bookcases and couches, could survive several moves but anything with plastic pieces or moving parts, like a chest of drawers, could handle being shoved into a U-Haul truck [3] only once. Move it again and you were inviting disaster! (it’s not an indictment of IKEA, it was more an indictment of how I, and my bribed friends, treated furniture when I moved)

I wish we had this coupon when I was at school, a nice $25 off $250 purchase [4] for all you back to schoolers (or parents of back to schoolers) looking to pick up furniture on the cheap. If you can’t find what you want on Craigslist or Freecycle, this $25 off $250 might soften the blow of an IKEA visit.

Terms & Conditions of the coupon:

Coupon valid 8/15/2012 through 11/13/2012. No cash value. One discount per customer. Not valid on previous purchases. Coupon must be presented at time of purchase. Void if altered, copied, transferred or sold through online auction. We apologize for, but will not be bound by or responsible for, any errors in our advertisements. New Mover coupon available for free download at http://www.IKEA- USA.com/moving. Offer not valid at IKEA Houston or IKEA Direct. Valid in the US only.