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I’m Considering Lasik Eye Surgery

I read this article on Yahoo Finance about Lasik Eye Surgery [3] and chatted with a co-worker about it over email last week and it’s turned me back onto the idea of lasik. I blogged about lasik from a cost benefit analysis perspective [4] and concluded that lasik isn’t better financially, though the comments indicated it’s not a money thing at all (I agree).

Here’s what my friend said (I added some edits or comments in bold):

LASIK – Best money I’ve ever spent! I freakin’ love it and both myself and [a friend of ours] got our eyes done at the same place, [some lasik eye surgeon]. The way we did the financing was to put money into our Flexible Spending Accounts. It takes the loot out of your paycheck, and does so before taxes (woohoo!). You’ve got to set that up during the enrollment period each year which is like May-June (I think). The Vision coverage we get here at work, VSP, does not cover LASIK completely, but they do give a 10-20% discount if the LASIK doc is in the VSP network [our vision plan]. That being said, I could only find one LASIK doc that was in the network, and didn’t end up going to them.

As far as the procedure, it’s really quite easy. Getting your teeth cleaned is more painful. I’m not very squeamish about people touching my eyes, so it was easy. Whole thing takes about 10 minutes once you are in the room. I can tell ya tons more about what I learned as far as the details of the procedure if ya want, just gimme a ring.

It’s been like 2.5 weeks now since I got it and I’m seeing 20/20 easily, and more like 20/15. The only side-effects that I’ve had are some dryness of my eyes and at night you tend to see halos around lights. Both of those usually go away during the healing period which is about 6-8 weeks.

I might be pumping up my FSA next year…