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I’m Engaged & I’m Switching Jobs

Whew… how’s that for two life changing events in a short span.

First, I proposed to my girlfriend while we were on top of a mountain in Lake Tahoe on the 27th of July (she said yes) and I will be starting my new job of the 28th of August. Yes, I proposed on 7/27 and will be switching jobs on 8/28… I love palindromes (and coincidences and sarcasm). The workings of these events all occured in the last few weeks and I hadn’t blogged about them (much) because I wanted to get word out in other ways and make things official before I wrote about them. (For those of you keeping score with the net worth updates and how I haven’t had one in a few months, I didn’t want the numbers to clue anyone to the fact that I was going to propose… net worth updates will continue as usual in September October)

So… expect to be reading a little about the first and a lot about the process of the second in the coming days or weeks.