Incorrect Direct Deposit Information on Tax Return

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Amy asked a very good question in the comments of my stimulus package post:

Please post information on if you had direct deposit for your tax return but have since closed the account how do you go about removing that information and getting on the mailing list?

This is particularly important for folks waiting on the 2008 tax stimulus check since they may have heard that you can get your stimulus check faster if the IRS has your direct deposit information on file. But, what happens if your direct deposit information was input wrong, changed, or made no longer valid between the time you file and the time the IRS tries to make the deposit? The IRS will send you a check, according to Publication 17.

Unfortunately, there appears to be no way to change that information after you have filed.

While this may be disconcerting for some, even if such a form existed, it likely wouldn’t be processed in time to make a difference anyway. By the time they processed the form, the IRS would’ve tried direct depositing to the old account, failed, and mailed you a check anyway. Sadly, they don’t have a very fast response time on anything.

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71 Responses to “Incorrect Direct Deposit Information on Tax Return”

  1. Vanessa says:

    I talked to H&R and they said that if you opted for the 1 to 2 day you will get a check…but if you waited for the 8 to 15 you will get direct deposit!

    Call HR if you would like to get piece of mind, do not call the office…please call the number on the back of your card. July will come sooner than you know for those who have to wait..I know I do! God bless!

  2. Travis says:

    I as well used HR Block to file my taxes. I used there online service, and opted to have their fees taken out of my return. This created a different account number and routing number on my return for direct deposit (not mine.) So.. I have direct deposit, but, not to my account, I called HR Block many times, and many places (different states). They all have different answers to the same question, very frustrating to say the least. Some say you will receive it via direct deposit, and the others are telling me that I will receive a paper check. The paper check would make more since to me, yet I assume that the IRS will try and direct deposit the payment to the HR Block account, then get it rejected, and at that point mail me a check to my address. I wonder if anyone else has had this happen to them, and If they have recieved their check yet. I wonder if I will be pushed to “the back of the line,” and the check mailed to me as if I never had direct deposit, or if they will mail me a check as soon as they get the rejection from the HR Block bank. I also called that 866 number for status, and they tell me no info is avail. and the web site link tells me the same. Has anyone else went through this????

    • SHON says:

      O my! I just expirenced the same exact thing with my tax return defaulting to HR Block Bank account information on my return. I feel like no one will listen to me instead they just want to transfer me all over the place. How was your issue finally resolved I am seriously considering filing suit!

  3. lea says:

    why would it go to student loans? if youre in default? under what grounds does it go to student loans?

  4. Nikki says:

    I just got off the phone with the IRS-after a 20 minute hold time-and a rude rep.- We also filed our taxes at H&R Block, had direct deposit and fees withheld from the return-she told me as long as it was dd into MY account and not the tax preparer’s account-meaning you probably got a check from them-then it WILL be dd into YOUR account! Someone mentioned that the wrong apt.# was on their return-I don’t see how that would matter if you had direct deposit-you become known by your account number then-it doesn’t need your address for anything! Just my 2 cents-hope it helps! Our last 2 digits are 68 so we are waiting too!

  5. Rita says:

    Filed taxes e-file with turbo tax on April 11th. Had to pay federal…did send check for payment and it was cashed, so taxes were filed before April 15th.
    Don’t owe taxes, don’t have any child support or student loans…my husbands SS# is in the 0 to 20 numbers and we should’ve had a direct deposit for our stimulus payment by friday May 2nd…still haven’t got it.
    Checked the IRS website and there isn’t anything showing for information on our stimulus using my husbands SS# and exempts.
    Anyone know why we didn’t get the direct deposit already…is it because we didn’t file until April 11th? Thanks for any answers

  6. Michael says:

    IRS doesn’t have your direct deposit information when you owe taxes and pay by check. you will receive your stimulus payment via mail approx mailed out on the May 16th unless time frame is bumped up.

  7. Conley says:

    I Used H&R, I did had my taxes directly deposited into my personal checking account. I had the fees taken out of my return, How will I receive my stimulus payment?

  8. Donna says:

    I looked at my tax return that h&r block sent to the IRS and now i know for sure because i took the Ral and it went on my emerald card,i will be getting paper check not DD,because on my refund were it says direct deposit info i checked and it’s not my routing number nor my account number to my emerald card ,it must be the banks or h&r blocks.So that is why people that took the Ral will not be getting DD because the IRS dose not have are routing number or are account number.Sad thing is when i filed my tax and for the Ral i ended up having an offset of 100.00 and did not get my refund for 3 weeks but still had to pay fees to that bank for Ral.Now “NO” check for me until July 11 last # 93.

  9. Vicki says:

    Travis, I myself was wondering the same thing. If they bump the ones who had direct deposit through H&R block card to their last 2 digits of their ssn, or if they send a check out as soon as it’s rejected. I also called, and it tells me, no info is avail. I don’t understand myself, just checking the mail everyday.

  10. teres says:

    We did our own taxes with Turbo Tax on the web,at the end of January and got our refund direct deposited sometime in February We had the fees deducted from our refund. Are we goin to get a paper check or a direct deposit. ? The date for the direct deposit was today but we did not get it yet.

  11. edward says:

    May 10th now, no info with the IRS no info on the phone I have a tuff time getting a hold of a live person on the phone, I filed H&R block and 36 for me and 28 for my girlfreind. We both were suppose to get it 24 hrs ago and still nothing, I don’t if because we have a joint account and both DD was going in at the same time, or from the looks of everyones comment because I filed with a 3rd party???? Please i need an answer..Thank You.

  12. Jane says:

    My husband and I did direct deposit and had H&R Block take the fees out of the refund but on our papers the routing number and bank account are not ours. It sounds like it goes to a general account and then to everyones accounts accordingly. So I went to the IRS website because we should have been in the first group and haven’t seen any money yet and our friends already have theirs. It soulds like we could be getting a paper check. Try here from the IRS page it’s “Where’s My Stimulus Payment?”,,id=181665,00.html

    • dilip says:

      Hey even I am experiencing the same problem I filed my 2011 tax returns on my returns my account number and routing numbers was entered wrong but IRS website says that my refund was deposited ……please tell me what happens in this situation what should I do how about your refund have you received it????????????

      • ERV says:

        same issue here on my 2011 tax return account # and routing numbers are from a closed account, IRS website states that my refund was deposited, need to wait, since bank will reject then IRS will issue a paper check. Go to IRS website it will tell you on FQA. Our luck I guess..

  13. Kris says:

    My husband and I filed jointly with 2 dependents. We should have received a stimulus check in the amount of $1800 – A direct deposit was made into our account by the IRS on May 9th but only in the amount of $1200 – I have tried numerous times to no avail to get a hold of a live person at the IRS number I was given off of their web site to inform them of this error. I suppose the IRS doesn’t have an email they could be contacted through???? Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how did you handle it.

  14. Mina says:

    Hi everyone,
    I surfed over here from Newsday.
    I am on Social Security Disability payments and have a disabled adult-child. I was sent forms from the IRS and filed them approximately one month ago. Unfortunately I just raised my anxiety level reading the mis-deposits by the IRS, though I had those thoughts in the back of my mind since I heard the deposits were going out 4/28/08, and as of now have not received my DD check. I tried calling them this week but didn’t hang on too long as I want to conserve my cell minutes. I will call and hold on tomorrow if I don’t have the deposit. Any help will be appreciated from anyone here about this situation.
    I am now wondering if I should worry since I have had DD since my payments began a few years ago. My adult child also is going to get a stimulus check and I did promise him a trip to his dad’s and would hate to disappoint me as my boy because he doesn’t take disappointments well emotionally.
    TY for help you given me and for the information I’ve gotten from here so far.

  15. Trina says:

    My husband and I did direct depost. Now they gave you two choices to pay 150.00 or 75.00 the difference was, waiting two weeks or right away. So here we are now 6/2/08 and no check. There are only three of us we made under the correct amount we had nothing go on that cause the check to be delayed. I put in my husbands social ending with 95 and the IRS shows nothing nata zilch….so my questions are do they reconize the direct deposit even though it was 75.00? How in the world do I talk to someone????


  16. CHansana says:


    I’d just mailed out my federal and state tax returns almost a month ago and having them directly deposit to my checking account; but have not yet receive any refunds as of current. So, I went to double check and verify my tax forms just to comfirm any informations that may be alter somehow for the returns not to be deposit as of yet. To my surprise, I’ve noticed that my checking account and the routing number to my account was incorrect. Due to the wrong account informations of my bank, will my check be mail to me via mail or will they have my refunds still be direct deposit to the information given; eventhough it’s not my account number? Will they automatically mail me a check or will they still attempt to deposit my refund to the wrong account which will not be my account due to wrong information entered. Should I notify my bank or the IRS of this issue for a resolution, so that I can get my refund asap? Please help direct me to the appropiate personnel. Any advice to assist me in this matter is greatly appreciate it~

    Thank you,

    Confused & Clueless

    • gris says:

      Ohh no I have the same problem with my 2010 tax refund wrong account number….what was ur experience if u can share it with me?I’m so frustrated. Help…..

  17. Anonymous says:

    hhi i went to fail my taxes and thy did me the same way

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