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ING Direct Debit Card 1% Cashback Promotion

ING Direct [3] is offering a 1% cashback promotion on their Electric Orange debit card for purchases under $50 from now until November 30th. This applies to the card even if you use it as a credit card (signature based purchase). It’s not often that a debit card offers 1% cashback.

If you already have the card, you don’t have to do anything because the promotion is activated automatically. You’ll get the cashback rebate posted on the 15th of the following month. The promotion ends on November 30th but hopefully they’ll extend it if there’s enough demand.

What isn’t eligible? Purchases over $50, any transaction where you request cash back or get a cash advance, anything related to gambling, unauthorized transactions, ATM withdrawals, wire transfers or money orders, and finance charges. Outside of those, you’ll get 1% cashback with no limit.