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ING Direct Offers Remote Check Depositing

ING Direct [3] was once far ahead of the pack in terms of banking innovation, offering a high yield savings account [4] and pretty much scaring people with how good their rates were. The online service was fantastic, since that’s all you had in terms of interface with the bank, and it was amazing how quickly you could do things. Perhaps they rested on their laurels, maybe they just wanted to be deliberate, but only now have they joined the ranks of banks that offer remote deposit. Remote deposit is when you can deposit a check without having to mail something in or go to a bank or automated teller machine.

The service is called CheckMate and there are two ways to deposit your check remotely. The first way is to download their ING Direct app, take a photo, and upload it. The second involves taking a picture of the check, logging into the website, and uploading it.

I used the ING Direct app and the process was painless. There is a limit of $3,000 maximum per check and after you take a photo of the front and back, you’re asked to enter the amount of the check (it won’t read it off the image, or they use it as verification). Then, you’re told the deposit will be available May 17th. Once ING receives the image, they email you. Once the deposit is confirmed, they email you again (and you can destroy the check).

Seems pretty pretty easy to me, hopefully the deposit goes through!

Update: Deposit was confirmed within a couple hours of submission.