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ING Direct’s New Security Feature

I’ve wrongfully lambasted ING Direct [3] in the past about that stupid keypad number to letter translator (I’ve since mended my ways, I’ve learned it’s to combat keyboard capture mechanisms and so I give it a thumbs up) but this time their security feature is a definite boost.

Here’s what I was greeted with when I logged in today:

A new security feature is on the horizon.
We are excited to introduce the latest breakthrough in internet security.

  • Every Customer will select an image and create a phrase.
  • We will display your image and phrase every time you login.
  • The result is peace of mind that you are on the authentic https://secure.ingdirect.com website.

Look for an email in the coming days with details about this exciting new security feature!

I don’t know if I’d classify this as a breakthrough but it’s a definite improvement in security. By having a phrase and a unique picture stored only on their system, it will be much harder for phishers to trick you into entering your information. What this will mean is that you’ll have two screens to go through, one to enter your account number and then one to enter in your pin. Are two screens worth it? Definitely.

Starting soon, you will be asked to select an image and create a phrase when logging into your account. Images can be chosen from our library of images and the phrase you enter can be any words you choose, such as “Home Run” or “Dream Car.”

The enrollment process is easy and will take a minute or two. And you will only have to do this once. After enrollment, when you login, your image and phrase will be displayed so you’ll know immediately that it’s safe to enter your Login PIN. To make your login experience even easier, you can “register” your computer with us, so that the next time you login from that computer, we will recognize you.