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Introducing Grill Maestro

When I start Blueprint over a year ago, I was like most college graduate new hires – wet behind the ears and pretty clueless about personal finance. Throughout the year and change of writing Blueprint I slowly gained knowledge with every article I read and every post I wrote and so you can say that Blueprint taught me most of what I know about retirement, money management, etc. I want to apply that same educational principle and process to something else I enjoy doing – grilling!

Grill Maestro [3] is a simple blog that talks about grilling and barbecue’ing in the hopes that I’ll learn something as I write it. If it works for personal finance, why not grilling? So, if you have a moment I invite you to visit my other blog and let me know what you think! If nothing else, you can marvel at the images of finely grilled meats and vegetables that I use in copious amounts for no good reason. Thanks!