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Intuit Quicken Premier 2009 & TurboTax Packs Giveaway

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When Intuit offered up three copies each of Quicken Premier 2009 and TurboTax, I jumped at the chance to give away more free stuff to you all. We’re deep into tax season and with the economy where it is, I’m sure everyone is looking for a little edge. Intuit’s been very generous with Bargaineering readers, already I’ve given away two copies of Quicken Premier 2009, one to a forum participant and another to a commenter in the Your Take question on money management software.

The Quicken Premier 2009 and TurboTax Packs contain a CD containing Quicken Premier 2009 and a pre-paid access card to TurboTax Deluxe (both federal and state!) edition. Quicken Premier has a retail value of $80 and TurboTax Deluxe, federal and state, is worth at least $65 – so these packs are worth almost a hundred and fifty dollars!

So, how do you win? It’s easy.

I have three “packs” and so we’ll be doing a three way giveaway:

  • First way: Leave a comment here, bonus points if you tell a joke worth of a laffy taffy wrapper. Only one entry per person.
  • Second way: Subscribe to the RSS feed (here’s an explanation of what RSS is) and email me the special secret phrase at the bottom of each of the posts. The email address is contest at bargaineering dot com.
  • Third way: Leave a comment on this forum post explaining how you plan on celebrating the end of tax season!

If you have already done your taxes and just want a copy of Quicken, please say so. That way, should you win, I can give the free copy of TurboTax to another reader. Thanks!

I will close the contest at noon eastern on March 10th and randomly select one winner from each of the groups – commenters, emailers, and forum participants.

The contest will end in a week at noon Eastern on March 10th, good luck! Void where prohibited.

Thanks to all who entered, the contest has ended and the winners have been notified.

{ 65 comments, please add your thoughts now! }

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65 Responses to “Intuit Quicken Premier 2009 & TurboTax Packs Giveaway”

  1. saladdin says:

    A pair of jumper cables walk into a bar. The bartender looks up and says “Don’t start nothing.”


  2. skylog says:

    sounds good….probably much better than my joke.

    what did the one mushroom say to the other mushroom?????????

    you’re a fun-gi

    thank you, thank you….

  3. Doug says:

    Skeleton walks into a bar…
    says “I’ll have a beer and a mop.”

  4. Eric N. says:

    A friend forwarded an email with the description, “Whatt CNN sounds like to me…” 🙂

    “The Stock Report
    Helium was up. Feathers were down. Paper was stationary. Knives were up sharply. Pencils lost a few points. Hiking equipment was trailing. Elevators rose, while escalators continued a slow decline. Light switches were off. Mining equipment hit rock bottom. Diapers remained unchanged. Shipping lines stayed at an even keel. Balloon prices were inflated. And batteries exploded in an attempt to recharge the market.”

  5. Jocelyn says:

    I will use half of my refund to pay off one of my credit cards in full, and I will put the remaining portion in my “Trip to Italy” fund.

  6. Rap Music says:

    I already bought my tax program a few weeks back 🙁 Premier 2009 is nice though. I’m not even gonna attempt… I thought about taking a joke from my brother’s website, but that’d be cheating lol… so good luck to all!

    BTW I like the Bear with the Pause joke the best!

    And I’m putting my refund in to savings… Im gonna be out of work for 4 months due to student teaching starting January, and with a baby on the way in July… I need to make sure I have enough saved to cover all necessary expenses!

  7. Kathryn says:

    I am SO behind with taxes. I hope this will help … uh, actually DOING them would help a lot, too.

    Joke (courtesy of West Wing)
    Question: Why do the French only eat one egg for breakfast?

    Answer: Because in France one egg is an oeuf.

  8. John says:

    Still have taxes to do, really need the Quicken as well…

    Can’t think of a single decent joke, sorry.

  9. EL says:

    No joke, I need tax software. Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. Shahid says:

    There’s always money in the banana stand!

  11. Ethan says:

    Ok…. here’s the joke:

    Two muffins are sitting in an oven baking. It’s about 350 degrees. The one muffin looks over and says, “Pretty hot in here, huh?”. The other muffin replies, “WOAH a talking muffin!!”.

    That’s my poor joke.

    FYI… already did my taxes but would LOVE to own quicken!

    P.S. Shahid… You gotta add the click sound George Sr. does (love Arrested Dev.)!

  12. I don’t think I can top the joke here so I won’t even try… would love some software though.

  13. OAB says:

    What do you call cheese that doesn’t belong to you?

    Nacho cheese.

    I’ve already done my taxes (I’m using the refund to pay off my car), but I’d love to upgrade Quicken.

  14. GOB says:

    Keep in mind, we are building something that is not only for our kids, it’s also for George Michael and Maeby’s kids too.

  15. JV says:

    No jokes here. Just a need for upgrading my Quicken 06 and doing my taxes.

  16. eric_gunnar says:

    A rabbi, a priest, and a bishop walk into a bar.

    The bartender says, “What is this, some kind of joke?”

    Would enjoy both the Turbotax and Quicken software.

  17. John E says:

    I see a theme here…

    A sandwich walks into a bar – the bartender says “We don’t serve food here.”

    Oh, well, it was worth a try…

  18. Olivia says:

    Don’t have a joke, but Quicken would be way nice.

  19. GJ says:

    What do ice fishermen get from sitting on the ice too long?


  20. Victoria Morgan says:

    I’m going to celebrate the end of tax season
    (after my refund hits the bank)by paying off my accountant after 10 years! Also on the list are paying my rent, paying a few bills and a new book on Excel to set up a budget to see where I
    can cut back. Since I prefer to live indoors and eat every day, I’m not sure where that’s going to be, but the journey continues…
    Read a good joke the other day:

    How many Obama staffers does it take to change a light bulb?

    Two. One to change the old light bulb, and another to change the new light bulb when they realize it isn’t working either.

  21. Barry says:

    “There’s always money in the banana stand”…

    The HR Director was calling the folks into her office that were receiving their “pink slips” that day in the latest round of layoffs. She looked at them and said I have a knock,knock joke for you.

    “Knock, knock”…

    employee responds…”Who’s there”…

    HR Director…”Not you anymore!”

    Ouch!! It was funnier when times weren’t so bad!

  22. Dee says:

    All the jokes I can think of are lame!

    But I would like some software, please 🙂

  23. Elizabeth says:

    Nervous, first-time parachuter:
    “If the chute doesn’t open, or the reserve chute, how long until we hit the ground?”

    “The rest of your life.”

  24. bosoxfan says:

    intuit really does save you money. great giveaway!

  25. miki says:

    There’s always funny in the bandanna stand. 😉

    Thanks for writing a great blog at time when we could all use a little help with finances (i figured shameless flattery never hurt, right?).

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