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Intuit Quicken Premier 2009 & TurboTax Packs Giveaway

When Intuit offered up three copies each of Quicken Premier 2009 [3] and TurboTax [4], I jumped at the chance to give away more free stuff to you all. We’re deep into tax season and with the economy where it is, I’m sure everyone is looking for a little edge. Intuit’s been very generous with Bargaineering readers, already I’ve given away two copies of Quicken Premier 2009, one to a forum participant and another to a commenter in the Your Take question on money management software [5].

The Quicken Premier 2009 and TurboTax Packs contain a CD containing Quicken Premier 2009 and a pre-paid access card to TurboTax Deluxe (both federal and state!) edition. Quicken Premier has a retail value of $80 and TurboTax Deluxe, federal and state, is worth at least $65 – so these packs are worth almost a hundred and fifty dollars!

So, how do you win? It’s easy.

I have three “packs” and so we’ll be doing a three way giveaway:

If you have already done your taxes and just want a copy of Quicken, please say so. That way, should you win, I can give the free copy of TurboTax to another reader. Thanks!

I will close the contest at noon eastern on March 10th and randomly select one winner from each of the groups – commenters, emailers, and forum participants.

The contest will end in a week at noon Eastern on March 10th, good luck! Void where prohibited.

Thanks to all who entered, the contest has ended and the winners have been notified.