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Your Take: Are You Getting the iPhone 5?

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Last year, I got an iPhone 4S, the first iPhone I’d ever purchased. Before that, I was running with a Palm Centro that worked well but was just too unwieldy and the OS just wasn’t that great. I considered getting an Android enabled phone but after briefly doing some research, I went with the iPhone. While I’m not an Apple fanboy, I do enjoy using their products so I did pay attention to the news about iPhone 5 (to be honest, I was more excited about the new Armoured Kill DLC for Battlefield 3).

The big question now is – should I get the iPhone 5?

There’s one mitigating circumstance… my lovely wife really wants my phone. She has a Blackberry from the stone ages and it’s really in need of a replacement (she had an Android phone but the microphone inexplicably failed and the repair tech said it was a motherboard failure), she was hoping that I’d buy an iPhone 5 and she could have the 4S. Absent that, I probably wouldn’t get a new phone.

Will you be getting the new iPhone 5?

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36 Responses to “Your Take: Are You Getting the iPhone 5?”

  1. Seth says:

    I haven’t done too much research into it, but from what I understand it’s hardly different from the 4S. Supposedly, it has some very minor fixes/upgrades, but certainly not enough to warrant upgrading. BUT, in your case, if your wife is wanting yours, then it may become much more of a consideration.

    • DMoney says:

      I think we’re past the era of wide leaps in tech upgrades. Everything over the past 2-3 years has been an iteration, from all carriers/manufacturers.

      And honestly, they build these phones on a 2yr cycle (to coincide with carrier contracts), so the iPhone 5 is marketed to people with an iPhone 4 or lower — not people with a 4S, since it came out last year.

      With that said, I have a 4 and I’m not too pressed to run out and get the 5. The problem with today’s market is that all the “upgrades” are mostly software, and the software is compatible with previous versions. iOS6- the biggest upgrade — is available all the way down to the 3GS I believe. So there’s little reason to jump at the 5 unless you’re dying for a bigger screen or absolutely need LTE.

  2. Martha says:

    Nope, I’m not getting an iphone 5. But when I look for a cell phone with a decent camera, the iphone is the best!

    • Martha, I thought so too, but I’m not so convinced any more. My wife has a 4S and I have a Blackberry Bold. One day we did a few tests by taking the same picture with both phones, and swapped (to compensate should there be a difference in photographer).

      We both came away a little disappointed in the iPhone and we were both surprised that the Blackberry took noticeably better pictures. Who’d have thought?

  3. Jeff C says:

    Galaxy Note 2 for me as soon as it hits Sprint. Not an Apple fan at all.

    • Rex says:

      You will be going back to sprint often to get it fixed. I have never had an issue with Apple products. There is a reason they are the most successful company of All Time.

  4. Mike says:

    Ordered mine this morning, to replace my aging 3GS, so, for me, the upgrade is significant. Bigger, higher-res screen, faster, lighter, LTE-capable, hotspot that will allow me to get my wifi-only iPads online anywhere (dumping AT&T for Verizon), better camera, Siri (not sure how much I’ll use it, but the technology intrigues me). I admit to being a bit of a fanboy (although not one of the raving, “nothing else exists” type), but that’s only because I’ve yet to find anything better. It’s not just the phone, but also the integrated multimedia experience that iTunes provides across all their devices, including my Macbook Pro and Mac Mini-based multimedia center. You may pay a bit more for the experience, but I can afford it, so, for me, it’s a worthwhile expense.

  5. Susan says:

    No thanks. I’ll stick with my Android phone. If your wife wants a new phone, can’t you get her an older iphone and save some $ that way? She’ll get rid of her broken phone, get an iphone, and you won’t have to pay full price for the “latest and greatest” (for the next few months anyway – until something better comes along).

  6. Duke says:

    I’ll pass on the iPhone 5, the Lumia 920 will be my next phone.

  7. NateUVM says:

    This was probably the upgrade that I was waiting for (4G LTE, 4″ screen, thinner, etc…). But my current phone is fine, so I’ll probably just wait until I need a new phone before I make the jump to whatever version of iPhone is available at the time. This version may be free by then!

  8. Nope I got a Samsung galaxy SII skyrocket for free right before the SIIi came out. I am not a big apple fan anyway.

  9. Sabrina says:

    In those circumstances, my husband would suggest I take the iPhone5 and he would keep his.

  10. lostAnnfound says:

    I took over my husband’s cell # recently because he got a new work phone. I just upgraded his phone from a flip phone(!) to an LG product (looks like a Blackberry type with keyboard on the bottom and screen on top). That is about as upgraded/modern as I’m going to get for now…it will allow me to more easily text the older daughter who just went off to college this month. So for me, no, no iPhone 5.

  11. tom says:

    if your going to pay for data… might as well have fast data for the same price. LTE FTW. also, apple has great resale value… you can sell the 4s.

    why not keep the 4s and get the 5 for your wife? be a gentleman ;P

  12. We have several Apple products (pods, pads and a phone) but we’re becoming increasingly convinced that Apple is losing its advantage. Rather than leading, it’s playing catch-up (LTE, screen, NFC) and they charge a lot more.

    So, we’ve probably reached the end of the line with Apple. They simply offer no compelling reason to stay with them, other than inertia or peer pressure.

    All of our techie geeks have been switching to various Android devices. I’ll probably hang on to my Blackberry as long as I can, because it does what I want and does it well. My wife will probably trade her 4S for an Android something or other (like Lance, probably a Galaxy of some sort) when her time comes.

  13. You should just get another IPhone 4s so that all of your accessories are compatible to each other. It will make your life easier.

  14. old man says:

    No. I can’t figure out this basic cell phone I have had the past two+ years. My NetBook is too small for me, don’t want anything smaller.

  15. harrell says:

    Your wife needs a new phone! not you!

  16. JP Adams says:

    Jim – definitely go for it. Think about it this way. There is no other thing in your life that you use more often on a daily basis than your IPhone.

    For me, this clearly falls into the category of expense categories that I’m willing to spend more than a reasonable budget on.

    The bigger screen really will make a difference for you.

    Let me ask you this. What’s making your hesitate? The cost? The functionality?

  17. jeffbone says:

    No iPhone of any type for me, since I refuse to buy into the Apple hype cult.

  18. Jim M says:

    Not on my must purchase list. Think I’ll keep my blackberry…

  19. Christy says:

    I am researching smart phones now since my dumb one is about 6 years old.

    I am thinking of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with S-pen that will come out in October. I like the larger size for viewing web pages and using as a GPS in the car, and the S-pen for taking notes, the camera, apps, and phone. It will be running the latest Android operating system 4.1 – Jellybean.

    I am looking forward to being able to read email on my phone and load scriptures to the phone for church and apps to track calories for my diet, etc.

    I am looking forward to coming out of the dinosaur age of a plain old cell phone and catch up with all the young folks. If I’m going all out, I might as well get the very best. 🙂

  20. Tummy says:

    It’s a no brainer. We have two lines 1 yr apart and upgrade one phone every year.

    I spent $299 for the 4s last year and can get a little over $400 selling it back to Amazon. or I can trade-in our 2 yr old iPhone 4 for $210 in Amazon gift cards. We buy so much from amazon anyways that it’s nearly as good as cash for us.

    You would be a fool not to get a new subsidized phone (iPhone or otherwise) as soon as you can, if you need to maintain phone service anyways.

    Used iPhones retain so much value compared to other 2 yr old phones, that it makes more economic sense to get them instead of any other hardware. This is the same reasoning we use Macs instead of PCs. It simply makes more economic sense and allows us to trade-in and have the latest hardware for very little cost.

  21. I think it’s worth the upgrade if you have an iPhone 4 or below. But if you have the latest Apple gadgets, the transition is going to be annoying because of the new cable connection.

    If you’re wife wants an iPhone and price isn’t an issue I’d say go for it. If price is an issue, then check out the refurbished section at the online Apple Store. They have great prices on like-new products.

  22. I still have a 3G. I would love an iPhone 5, but I’m stubborn and don’t want to shell out the cash for it. I will use my current 3G until it dies, then I will get whatever is the most up-to-date at that time.

    • Tummy says:

      You could always get a iPhone 5, sign the 2 yr service agreement to get the discounted price, and flip it on eBay for about double the money. Keep doing that until your 3G dies.

      • ALAN says:

        If you buy the iPhone and flip it on eBay , when the old phone dies won’t you have to pay the unsubsidized cost of the phone because you have already obtained a new phone for a 2 year contract?

  23. Ray says:

    I’m happy with my android powered phone, the Apps in general are much cheaper since they don’t have to pay apples listing fees.

  24. Cash says:

    I had the 1st Gen iphone…the 3g…the 3gs..and now the iphone 4 and I skipped the 4s with the hopes that the 5 would be amazing. The Apple Event on the 12th was completely lackluster and seemed a bit rushed. I’m like you, I am not an Apple fan at all and only have had iphones but nothing else. I do believe this will be my last iphone until they come out with something amazing like theyre used to. It seems like lately they’re just trying to catch up with everyone else. It’s pretty sad. All the new ‘enhancements’ were minor and just enough to catch up with the rest of the pack (save the processor which is nice).

  25. Larry says:

    I rarely buy the latest and greatest unless (1) what I have now isn’t working up to par or (2) the newest version offers a feature/function that will add VERY significant value. The smartphone I have now meets my needs just fine for the time being.

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