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Your Take: Are You Getting the iPhone 5?

Last year, I got an iPhone 4S, the first iPhone I’d ever purchased. Before that, I was running with a Palm Centro that worked well but was just too unwieldy and the OS just wasn’t that great. I considered getting an Android enabled phone but after briefly doing some research, I went with the iPhone. While I’m not an Apple fanboy, I do enjoy using their products so I did pay attention to the news about iPhone 5 (to be honest, I was more excited about the new Armoured Kill DLC for Battlefield 3).

The big question now is – should I get the iPhone 5?

There’s one mitigating circumstance… my lovely wife really wants my phone. She has a Blackberry from the stone ages and it’s really in need of a replacement (she had an Android phone but the microphone inexplicably failed and the repair tech said it was a motherboard failure), she was hoping that I’d buy an iPhone 5 and she could have the 4S. Absent that, I probably wouldn’t get a new phone.

Will you be getting the new iPhone 5?