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Your Take: Are You Getting the iPhone 5S?

Ah yes, a new Apple product. As Jimmy Kimmel put it, a new iPhone announcement is like America’s version of a royal wedding/baby. I can’t tell if that’s a good or bad thing… I’m sticking with bad. We asked the same question last year with the iPhone 5 [3], so we figured we’d do it again this year.

Apple announced not one, but two new shiny devices for us to salivate over.

The iPhone 5C is a “cheaper” variant of last year’s iPhone 5 that comes in a variety of colors, while the 5S is the new flagship device with all the new bells and whistles, most notably a fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone and make purchases. Apple assures us the fingerprint data is only stored locally and not uploaded to some server somewhere (we’ll see about that). It also comes in gold, for people who, um, like that kinda thing.

For all of you guys on the fence here’s a breakdown of the prices for the different models:

iPhone Pricing

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I’ve got an old, battle-worn iPhone 4 that I’ve had from day one, and I’m thinking it’s time for an upgrade.

Note: Yes, I have LeBron, Bosh and Wade of the Miami Heat as my background — get over it. And go Heat.

To be honest, neither of the new phones really jump out at me, nor do I feel like I need to spend upwards of $400 on a new phone. My cracked phone works OK, not great. Thanks to the crack on the face, my home button works ~30% of the time. The OS has gotten noticeably slowly/laggier over the years, and compared to my work phone, which is a 5, it’s definitely both bulkier and heftier (I know, I know: first world problems).

But I’m also a tech nerd at heart and getting new gadgets is always fun. Also I’ve been holding onto my upgrade for over a year now, so that’s been nagging me as well. But ultimately, given the productivity I still get out of my 4 — which has been a trooper and lasted over 3 years — I think I’ll pass and wait for the “true” next-generation version next year, the 6. And before the Windows and Google heads chime in: No, Android isn’t my thing. Yes, Windows Phone 8 is intriguing, but I’m not ready to jump on that yet.

So, will you be jumping in and getting a new iPhone?