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IRS: $153 Million in Undelivered Checks

It’s December, do you know where your 2011 tax rebate check is? If you didn’t opt for direct deposit and don’t remember receiving a paper check, your dollars might one of the 153 million dollars [3] the IRS still has in its coffers because they couldn’t get a check out to you (or it was mailed and returned or never deposited). The average undelivered refund check is $1,547 and who doesn’t need an extra fifteen hundred dollars in their pocket right now?

If you think you might have missed a check, use their Where’s My Refund [3] tool to track it down. You will need your Social Security Number, Filing Status, and the Refund Amount – which you can get from your tax return.

While you’re at it, check out MissingMoney.com [4] to see if you have any unclaimed property out there. If you haven’t looked in over a year, check again. I just checked and found a check from my alma mater (Carnegie Mellon) and I graduated over eight years ago (and the job I think I missed a paycheck for was at least ten years ago). So keep checking, things get turned over to the state all the time.