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Is AAA Worth It?

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For those who aren’t familiar with AAA, they’re a practically ubiquitous automobile/travel organization where you pay annual dues in order to have access to a set of resources. The resources include free limited towing, some travel discounts, free trip planning and maps, and limited financial services. The only downside is that it’s expensive; I pay over $150 a year for one Basic membership and two associate memberships! (It’s $70 just for me) Is it worth it?

AAA will get you discounts practically anywhere and especially in places you don’t expect. I once walked into a Jos. A. Banks outlet, saw a nice jacket on clearance for like $30, and even got 20% off for showing my AAA card. Of course, if you’re a big spender, you can recoup the $70 in a heartbeat… save 20% off a $2,000 suit (I doubt the discount is that high on a suit) and you’ve recouped the cost.

When you check into a hotel or call in to reserve, ask about an AAA discount. I recently reserved a room down in Ocean City for three nights and AAA saved 15%, or about $90 or so. The thing is I split the room with six other people so my “savings” amounted to only $15.

Discounted Travel:
Ticket discounts is one of the biggest draws for AAA and the reason why I joined last year. My girlfriend and I planned on trips to Disney down in Orlando and an AAA membership significantly allows you purchase park tickets at a huge discount. Also, AAA is the only place that sells five-day passes. (or something like that)

Having to be towed sucks. My girlfriend has had her car towed twice but I’ve never had the bad luck of having it towed ever but the two associate memberships are for my mother and my sister. While my mom would have no problem needing towing service since my dad would be nearby, my sister is much farther away. She’s also not particularly car savvy and having this service is always nice. Plus, she drives a VW Bug that’s been giving my dad headaches so he never knows when the piece of crap is going to need to get towed. For those of you who use AAA because of the free limited towing, check your car manual because your car may already have free limited towing service from your manufacturer that equals that of AAA.

Free Travel Planning:
This is a cool service I would probably never use, even less now with Google Maps or Mapquest. They can print out an entire driving plan to get you from point A to point B, even with highlighted streets. But one thing I do use from their travel planning area are the free travel guides. They have useful phone numbers of local restaurants and hotels and definitely a plus. Their rating system means nothing to me though.. quadruple platinum stars encrusted in diamonds? So what, how much does it cost and is it a recognizable hotel chain? 🙂

I’m not entirely sold on AAA memberships, especially in years where I don’t foresee taking big vacations where AAA would matter. The discounts are nice but not nice enough to be shelling out $70 a year for, I don’t think I should even be spending enough on those sorts of things to even justify the discount helping me out. Ultimately, I keep the membership because of the free limited towing service provided to my sister and my mom and that’s probably why my dad wanted me to get it.

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89 Responses to “Is AAA Worth It?”

  1. robert c says:

    You may get a small benefit from using AAA travel services, but don’t get rear ended by a AAA insured motorist. With absolutely no fault they will run you around in circles despite the fact that their insured was on a cell phone and hit a stopped car in stop and go traffic. Decidedly negligent. Some substantial damages and minor injuries involved but they will delay, obfuscate and refuse to compensate you for many things including diminution of value on your vehicle.
    They minimize pain and suffering, only will settle for two times “their” estimated damage claim and pretty much run you around in circles till your exhausted and think about giving up. They put on a smiley face like most insurance companies until they have to pay out, then watch the smiles turn to stiff middle fingers. As far as evaluating hotels & restuarants, that’s a racket these days also. You are better off using a Zagat. All in all only reason to use them is if you travel loads or have an old vehicle, but price their competitors. But Their Insurance division is hopeless.

  2. Gato Viejo says:

    I enrolled last year because my daughters’ college is 3 hours away in Indiana. I got a discount during that enrollment of I think something like $15.00. I tried to use AAA for a weekend in Chicago and the AAA hotels were dumps. I called once to ask for maps. I never received anything. All I received from triple AAA was offers for life insurance, car insurance, or vacations. I never received any maps of any way, shape or form. I do want to be able to have a reputable company help my daughters if they are in trouble, but I am not even sure I can trust AAA now since what I was asking for before was really simple stuff.

  3. John Thornton says:

    I had my GTI melt through a fuel line on a trip from San Francisco to Portland Oregon, in the booming large town of Eugene, Oregon. There was one shop that could do the work, told me it would be 3 or 4 days to get the fuel line in and I wasn’t terribly confident in the shop. AAA saved me since it was 100 miles home to Portland from there, and my normal shop for my GTI.
    That tow would have cost hundreds of dollars, it was covered.
    Got her home, fixed the next day and the biggest thing is that I didn’t miss any days of work.
    It is well worth it just to know that you won’t be stranded in some small town for days on end. I have been a member for years, and used them for other small things, it’s a great service.

  4. Curt says:

    My Auto Ins C., Amica, gives me Roadside Service at $13. per vehicle. and the distance of a FREE towing is gearter by Amica.

  5. Joseph says:

    Don’t bother – I have been AAA FREE for 15 years – I banked the money I previously paid this organization and now have over $1,000.00 in case of emergencys.

  6. Joseph says:

    Yes, as a another commenter stated – all they want to do is up-sell you for insurance and other items you already have.

    If they would stop being a travel agent then the price may be worth – providing they would actually consider going back to be a roadside emergency service!

  7. Bob says:

    My membership expired earlier this year and I didn’t know it. Well,a few days after that my daughter needed assistance and they would not help her. You’d think after being a member for 15 or 20 years they would have taken care of my family and worried about renewing me later…but no.
    You suck AAA.

  8. Charles - aka -OLDCHAZ says:


    Arizona Automobile Association–Ford Motor Co.
    1994 Mercury was towed to AAA Auto Repair, Peoria Arizona. on !2-22-06 and was there
    until I took it out on 1-2-07. Lorenzo Foster (Service Advisor) is the only contact I had
    during this time. We met in parking area on 12-22-06 had telephone conversations and
    met again when I picked up car on 1-2-07. The car was never seen by Randy Nowell
    (Business. Manager.). The only contact I had with Gary Bons (Ser. Mgr.) was on 1-3-07 with Lorenzo Foster
    and I questioned the need for radiator replacement. The conversation lasted less then
    three minutes The only decision made was I would receive refund of $201.98 overcharge
    on a gallon of coolant. I would have to wait 7-10 days for refund. On 1-8-07 I filed this complaint with Arizona Automobile Association.

    In my Inquiry # 18597 to AAA Arizona I said that parts were put on car that was not needed (Radiator).
    I was charged for a service that was not performed (Replace Manifold Gaskets).
    I can show why I believe that Radiator did not burst.
    I can prove gaskets were not installed as engine components were not removed in order to get intake manifold out ..
    I would like an honest, competent technician to inspect my engine compartment and I will demonstrate and prove my points. I would like monies refunded to me for these overcharged services.
    All I ever wanted from this Auto Repair was honest value and service.
    The car is on my carport to be viewed by any AAA Corporate Staff Rep at any time. I am available for any additional information you may want. I would like to expedite this matter as soon as possible so I can get needed services on power steering and engine ignition system.

    This complaint was answered on 1-19-07 (10days) later after a brief phone call from Randy Nowell on 1-18-07, At that time I told him the MANIFOLD was never removed from car to install gaskets. ON 1-18-07 I TOOK OVER 40 PICTURES OF ENGINE COMPARTMENT TO PROVE TO ALL PARTIES

    This is Randy’s answer to my complaint–sent by E-mail on 1-19-07


    Dear Mr. McClung,
    Thank you for taking the time to talk with me yesterday. I have interviewed the technician who worked on your car and also the service manager at our Peoria shop and I have reviewed the associated documentation. I am confident that the work that you paid for was both needed, and performed correctly. I want to invite you to bring the car back to our Peoria facility so that the mechanic, Joe, and service manager, Gary, can review with you what was done and explain in detail the procedures used to complete the work. Joe, the mechanic who worked on your car is a very honest, competent, and skilled technician and I’m confident that you will agree with that assessment after meeting him and talking with him about the repairs.
    I am concerned that you still have an oil leak, and that you mentioned some other problems with the car and I would like to offer a free inspection and diagnosis of any additional concerns you have as a goodwill gesture. We would like you to be present while we inspect the car for any remaining leaks – that way the technician can also explain and show you what the problems are. You can call me at 602-650-2778, or Gary at 602-308-3017 to make an appointment

    On 1-19-07 I filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau asking for help in this matter.


    PEORIA AZ 85381

    Complaint Description:
    Problem date 1-2-07, on this date I paid for repairs on my daughters car. After looking over invoice #0000751 I discovered an overcharge of $201.98. I returned on 1-3-07 to repair shop and demanded a refund of this overcharge.( I have documents detailing what transpired in my dealings with this Repair Shop from 12-22-06 to 1-3-07.) I will make these papers/documents available to any and all interested persons. As an AAA member filing a complaint against their employees, how can they honestly represent me? I believe this is a conflict of interests. I would like BBB to act as arbiter in this dispute. I would like to add other material, witnesses and documents as they become available. I will make car available to any and all interested parties and demonstrate my position on this matter.

    Your Desired Resolution:
    An honest and fair settlement as agreed to by parties after arbitration hearing.

    Not getting any help from BBB, I filed a complaint with Arizona Attorney Office asking for their help in this matter.

    , 26Circumstances: Brief History: I have a complaint in writing with AAA Auto Repair that started on 1·3-07. Have met and discussed it with Gary, (Ser. Mgr.) and Lorenzo Foster (Service Advisor) Have letter from Randy Nowell, (Bus. Mgr.) who ignored my request. Filed complaint with BBB on 1-19-07. As of this date 1-29-07 there seems to be no response from this Auto Repair. My complaint is that a part (Radiator) was installed that was not needed. I was charged for a service that was not performed. (Install intake manifold gaskets) I can prove this service was never done. I am preparing documents and other evidence to present my case at BBB. (I will send these documents to you in a few days as I feel Auto repair will not appear for a hearing). I am 78 years old. I am credible and knowledgeable in the service, repair and manufacturing of automobiles. This complaint is serious as this is fraud on the part of the Auto Repair. You may reach me at XXXXXXXXX any time if you want more information. Thanks for any help you can give.

    After a letter from Arizona Attorney General stating they could not help, however I could pursue this matter in the Small Claims Court.
    I filed this matter on 5-1-07 with Manistee Justice Court Surprise Arizona.

    Manistee Justice Court

    Case # CC 2007081822SC

    Arizona Automobile Association (Defendant)

    AAA Auto Repair 7422 W Thunderbird Peoria Az.

    May 1 2007 Complaint I am suing the AAA Auto Repair for their failure to properly service the 1994 Mercury and return it to me in the condition that met all the terms and conditions of the service agreement (Invoice # 0000751)


    I have a complaint in writing with AAA Auto Repair that started on 1-3-07.

    Have met and discussed it with Gary, (Ser. Mgr.) and Lorenzo Foster (Ser. Advisor).

    Have letter from Randy Nowell, (Bus. Mgr.) who ignored my request.

    My complaint is that a part (Radiator) was installed that was not needed. I was charged for a service that was not performed. (Install intake manifold gaskets) I can prove this service was never done.

    Any owner of a Ford product can fall victim to this scam that I encountered at AAA Auto Repair, Peoria, AZ. We are led to believe, (owners of Ford products with the V-8 281 4.6 L Engine) that the intake manifold must be removed to install heater pipe on this engine. The manifold is NOT removed as WAS this case on my daughter’s car, a 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis. They disguise this by showing on invoice as “Replace intake manifold gaskets”.

    Heater pipe is listed under parts. Invoice shows no labor charge to install. This pipe not visible to owners, so they do not know if it needs replaced. This scam is probably being used in service departments and repair shops all over the country. The removed pipe was replaced September 2005 at Thunderbird Automotive in Phoenix, AZ.

    Gary Bons, Lorenzo Foster, Joe W. did conspire and used fraudulent and deceptive methods to make repairs on the 1994 Mercury as I have stated above.


    I am asking this court to hold the AAA Auto Repair liable for willful failure to perform in an honest manner and charging me for services and parts not needed and enter a judgment against them.

    Therefore, I am asking for a judgment against AAA Auto Repair for the sum of 950.85 as well as the document preparation costs to file this complaint, as well as the court costs and fees, necessary to bring this matter before the court.

    A fair settlement from AAA Auto Repair. I would agree to receive all labor charges and price of the intake manifold gaskets not used. AAA Auto Repair would keep profit made on parts.

    Being under oath, I affirm I am one of the parties in this action. I have read the attached pleading and find that the statements are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

    Dated this 30th day of April 2007.

    By: _Charles H McClung___________________________

    On 6-28-07 a hearing was held, this is the results of that hearing. Dismissed with Prejudice.

    Defendants perjured themselves in Small Claims Court. .Case was to be heard by JP. Volunteer Hearing Officer was substituted at hearing. I prepared a written statement to present to Court. I read a paragraph and was stopped ,court would not accept my written statement when offered again at end of hearing.
    .Volunteer Hearing Officer dismissed case with prejudice. NO judgment awarded to either party. No appeal allowed in this Court. This case involves FRAUD. I presented many documents to Court prior to court date to prove my case. I feel my case was mishandled by the Court and I did not get due process. Court lasted about 20 minutes…This is not a frivolous matter.

    Either a Justice of the Peace or an appointed Volunteer Hearing Officer may hear your case. Any party may object to the use of a hearing officer prior to the hearing date. The court can provide you with a form to make this objection. The case will then be referred to and heard by the Justice of the Peace. ARS 22-506

    Letter from Court stated my case to be heard by JP. I had no way of knowing
    who was on bench. This was my first time in a courtroom.
    My case was # 2 on docket, When I was notified and went in Courtroom he was still working on #1 case.
    I did not know who was on bench until I received a copy of JUDGMENT.
    I have since found as to why I received no help from BBB.

    Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2008 21:01:13 -0700

    Principal: Randy Nowell
    Customer Contact: Randy Nowell – (602) 650-2778
    File Open Date: January 2007
    TOB Classification: Auto Repair & Service
    BBB Accreditation: This organization is not a BBB Accredited business.

    The BBB has requested basic information from this company but has not received a response. As a result, the BBB may not have current information about the company

    In Randy’s sworn statement to the COURT he states( Joe Wiley did in FACT remove and replace intake manifold). HOW CAN HE MAKE THIS STATEMENT WHEN NOT EVER SEEING THE CAR??
    He further states that RADIATOR was replaced as it was cracked. Again he never looked in ENGINE
    Gary Bons tells COURT that I took car to another place before bringing it to AAA AUTO REPAIR. (LIE)
    I never approved any of the repairs. Lorenzo Foster, only person I was in contact with at AAA REPAIR SHOP was not present at hearing.


    Ford Motor Company is allowing the use of fraudulent and deceptive
    methods for making repairs on heater pipe/tube found on
    cars with the V-8 281 4.6L engines since 1992. Labor
    charges are based on the removal of INTAKE MANIFOLD.
    Pipe/tube is then installed by using method that takes
    less time.
    This scam is being used in service departments and
    repair shops all over the country. I have documents from Ford Techs. from around the country stating that this is the method for R&R of the HEATER PIPE on V8-281 4.6L engine on 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis. ( INTAKE MANIFOLD MUST BE REMOVED)

    AAA Auto Repair, Peoria, Arizona ( owned and operated by Arizona Automobile Association) replaced this pipe on the 1994 Mercury using the method that Ford Motor Company FAILED to put in Shop Repair Manuel in 1992. AAA Auto Repair (Randy Nowell) insists they used Ford method to perform this repair operation. I have PICTURES of the ENGINE COMPARTMENT and can prove the INTAKE MANIFOLD was never removed. The pipe was replaced in August 2005 by Thunderbird Automotive
    Phoenix, Arizona. AAA Auto Repair performed this repair to “PAD THE BILL”.

    It is time that Ford Motor Company addresses this matter and puts a stop to this fraudulent and
    deceptive method used in Ford Service Departments. Only then will it end in all other Automobile Repair

    Arizona Automobile Association (CEO/PRESIDENT) D James McDowell needs to investigate this matter on how AAA Members are treated, take corrective action and compensate me for the ORDEAL that I have been put thru.

    Update #264173 8-16-2008
    Having filed a complaint on 1-8-07 to expose dishonest employees it seems AAA Arizona
    Inc. is not willing to admit to any wrong doing. They keep trying to cover this dispute with
    a variety of tricks. This was my request to them on 1-8-07 when this dispute started.
    I would like an honest, competent technician to inspect my engine compartment and I will demonstrate and prove my points. I would like monies refunded to me for these overcharged services.
    The car is on my carport to be viewed by any AAA Corporate Staff Rep at any time. I am available for any additional information you may want. I would like to expedite this matter as soon as possible so I can get needed services on power steering and engine ignition system.

    Charles H McClung
    Member # 343092000 2

    This matter was handled by Randy Nowell who made no effort other than use delaying tactics as I sought
    to get help from independent third parties. This is not a frivolous matter.

    Phoenix, Ariz. March 17, 2008 – Today, chief executive officer (CEO) Jim McDowell of AAA Arizona, the state’s largest membership organization and advocate for motorists and travelers, announced that the board of directors has appointed Michael Tully the new president of the auto club.

    May 2008- Randy Nowell is no longer with AAA Arizona as Business Manager.

    June 16 2008

    Mr. Charles H. McClung
    5950 E Missouri Avenue
    Lot 31
    Glendale, AZ 85301

    Dear Mr. McClungWe have received notice from AAA National office that you have forwarded your
    complaint to them. This is to inform you we have closed this complaint after
    receiving a favorable ruling in the courts regarding this matter. We have notified the
    AAA National office that this case is closed.
    Thank you,

    Donald J. Nunnari
    Vice President Membership Products and Service

    CC: AAA National Office
    The above letter copied and retyped from original to fit this format. (signed copy on file)

    “favorable ruling in the courts” Randy Nowell did not file a counterclaim with the Court.
    I filed application for DEFAULT as required to keep this matter in the court.
    The document I received (JUDGMENT) plainly marked—Plaintiff awarded nothing—
    Defendant awarded nothing….
    Court record ( PUBLIC INFORMATION) I will share with AAA National and any other Interested parties It now seems that this matter will be handled by President Mike Tully and CEO Jim McDowell at the Corporate level….

  9. milojane says:

    NEVER throw away your AAA card, even when you lapse! I broke down and found out I was expired 2 years previously. I was stranded and decided to call anyway. They were very kind and offered to let me renew right then and there. It was definitly cheaper than the $150 it would have cost for the tow. I will forever be loyal!

  10. james says:

    I just booked a hotel in Orlando and the $70 membership I paid for was well worth it just to get a hotel. All hotel sites showed me a price of $130 avg per night for Mariott Springhill Suites near Disney, I booked 3 nights for a total of $196+tax.

  11. Bill says:

    It’s a very nice service – well worth the cost – and very professionally administered. But, so are many similar roadside assistance “clubs”, others such as Allstate Roadside Assistance, etc, etc. – The discounts, etc are avaialble through all of them. – – Still I’ve been very happy with AAA for many years and see no reason to change. If I ever did, it would be for price reasons. For now, there’s not much difference in the cost between Allstate (for example) and AAA.

    Virtually all of the complaints I’ve read here seem to involve unrealistic expectations.

    However the author of the article is clearly biased – since the same level and quality of roadside and other services are available through most all of the roadside assistance clubs – not just AAA

  12. Cindy says:

    I have been a AAA member for 20+ years. My husband and I both drive approx 60 miles to work each day. We drive our vehicles for years and they usually have high mileage. It is a great comfort to know if we have any problems, AAA is there. We have broken down several time over the years and the repairman/tow truck that was sent out has ALWAYS arrived in a timely manner and have always been first rate. I have also used AAA for changing flats. Again first rate. I have a tendency to lock my keys in the car and have used the locksmith service several times. The cost savings of the locksmith usually just about covers the cost of my AAA membership. I highly recommend getting a membership, especially if you are a high mileage driver.

  13. Kumar says:

    I have been a AAA member for 12+ years. I hardly used their services, but it is comforting to have back-up when going on long trips. I used their Auto Repair service in Columbia, SC service center. I advise against anybody using this particular service because of following experience for regular Oil change, of course I went there because of $4 discount coupon, I know I am cheap:
    1) After oil change, there was oil leak in multiple occasions. I used to tighten the screw myself after observing the leak.

    2) They didn’t replace the screws when changing the blown lamp. When asked to replace the lost screw on the next service, they say go to near by Auto store and fix your self.

    3) The last time they made dent to the car, I assume while lifting the car for oil change, refuse to discuss.

    4) We, sitting in the waiting lounge noticed, they didn’t replace the dirty filter for somebody’s car.

  14. Mike says:

    AAA is the reason that we can safely drive our vehicles from one end to the country to the other and are modeled internationaly by most other countries. Besides this, AAA is also responsible for many other things that have made our vehicles safe and made our country a better place to live. For the Scam artist out there that dont pay their AAA dues and then cry and complain because they cant get any services keep this in mind an average tow in the Mountain region is 700 to 800 dollars (Denver Colorado 7 mile tow = $430.00)personal experience. AAA discounts on shopping and hotels are amazing and will virtualy pay for the membership dues,if you are taking advantage of them. AAA also has professionals on hand in almost any line of business that you need. My opinion AAA is well worth it – I have recently read that AAA has 50 million plus members apparently it is good to belong!

  15. Ron says:

    How about Good Sam’s road service.I have a motorhome new to this life style.

  16. Tat-2 says:

    Have been a AAA member since high school and am in my 50’s now.. Have never had any problems whatsoever. I have had AAA in Colorado and California and see no difference. I have used their tow services multiple times not only with my vehicle but also friends and family…. AND the discounts I receive on car rentals and hotels more than pays for my membership… As does the discounts I get to auto races like the ones at Autoclub Sppedway in Fontana California..Or any other NASCAR or NHRA race I wish to attend…. AND if we ever wish to take a cruise my discounts would just about cover a thrid person to go along almost free…

  17. chris says:

    I have AAA service and have not ever used any of the services. I got it because they sell AAA insurance in my area and I have my home and autos insured with them. they are cheaper than farmers and state farm in our area and if i have AAA roadside service, there is additional discount. by bundling, my overall insurance savings more than exceeds the cost of membership…and i have the service if i ever need it to boot. my buddy got towed home one night when he had too much to drink. thats getting creative.

  18. Jerry says:

    I joined AAA because my parents had been members, when I began driving in 1968. We used the triptik program; maps that take a little getting used to. We camped so the motel discounts were not used. My car was insured by AAA of Michigan and Ohio. In 1982, I moved to Missouri. We were in Lake of the Ozarks region when we had car trouble. Our son was 3 months old. We called the number for AAA on our card. No one could come to rescue us. There were no AAA rescuers available in that part of Missouri. This is a major tourism area; not Orlando or Myrtle Beach but pretty big anyway. I let the service expire.

  19. Karaya says:

    AAA is for you if:
    – You are physically unable or don’t know how to put on a spare (or where it is stored in your car)
    – Keeping track of your car keys exeeds you mental abilities.
    – You don’t know how to read your instruments cluster (or what “the instrument cluster” is)
    – You never heard of GPS
    – You don’t have a data plan on your cell phone to look up the nearest towing service
    – Your car is an old beater, stalling on you more than 2 times a year

    If you answered “No” to all of the question above – forget about AAA.

  20. Chas says:

    I’ve been with AAA for about 12 years. I’ve only had to use them a few times for car emergencies, but I use my membership for discounts all the time. If you have to buy a ticket for something, chances are there’s a AAA discount. Also, I got a good rate on a savings account and a car loan via AAA. Plus I have a AAA store near my house, and I drop in and get maps and guidebooks whenever I’m traveling. If nothing else, it provides a little extra piece of mind.

  21. c wilson says:


  22. Rico says:

    I just registered for CAA (Canadian version) and it cost me 80$. BUT, I was told I’m only covered for a mere 4 miles!(then I have to pay the towing) If I want 100 miles it would cost me 144$, and 44$ for each Associate. Its DEFINITELY not worth this much money. Like Joseph said, its better to save for emergency. And unlike him(because I live in expensive Canada) it will only take me a bit more than 6 years to save 1000$. I’m canceling it. Totally overpriced.

  23. Tim Dailey says:

    I have come to think AAA is humbug….
    Had double premium membership for 5 years –
    went to use it FOR THE FIRST TIME when my wife’s mini van died right down the block from home, They REFUSED to assist until the credit card
    payment she had made two days earlier renewing our annual membership had cleared! She made the payment online on a Sat and they said “sorry but you can sit and rot until two business days have gone by from the time of payment” so our mini van sat in front of a neighbor’s house for TWO DAYS. now that’s SERVICE. My wife STILL wanted to continue the renew, but at the end of the membership year they can stuff it.

  24. mike varble says:

    I have been AAA contractor for 22 years.When i started in 1990 we were paid $24 for a local tow, now in 2012 we are paid $25.A one dollar raise in 22 years!!!Last year AAA did over 45 billion dollars. In my opinion AAA should pay taxes like everyone else. How can you be a non profit business and do that kind of money. Here is some news for you, check out your car insurance policy, on your comprehensive they offer towing at a fraction of the cost of AAA.Some will send out a towtruck for you and others will let you call whoever you want and reimburse you for services rendered. I know statefarm will pay up to $100 for this, and it cost about $25 a year.The money you save by NOT having AAA will pay for part of your new battery. Have a great day.

  25. mike varble says:

    I would also like to mention to everyone that sees this,NEVER take your vehicle to AAA repair shop.Someone has the bright idea that every repair bill will be at least $500 dollars to every vehicle that enters their shop.I have been an auto technician for over 40 years. Most folks have an oil change twice a year on their car, it would be rare for it to cost $500 per visit for your vehicle. If you have your vehicle serviced and they come out and get you to try to sell you that much work on your vehicle get a second opinion from an independent garage. NEVER go to any chain operated repair shop, most chain locations have the same policy about the $500 cost per vehicle ie merchants tire goodyear pepboys sears they are all the same.I have seen that most of the time it will cost less at most dealer operated shops.Try to keep records of your visits to any car repair facility and before you allow them to do the work check to see if has already been done.Unless you work on a farm where the roads are really bad you will not need struts shocks tierods or other steering components in less than 90,000 miles.A local shop in williamsburg va. recently tried to sell a vehicle owner new steering rack bushings for his oldsmobile for $850.00, he declined the repair and went to a local parts store and got a price of $33.00 for the parts, the shop had told him the parts would be $352.00, the rest would be labor which actually would take about an hour. Please beware of these service writers that say the car would not be safe to drive.You drive your car everyday and if it doesn’t pull to one side or shake all over when driving it is probably a lie.I also drive a towtruck everyday and i see this all the time.

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