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Is Harry Potter Worth This Ruckus?

Seriously, is any book really worth all this trouble [3]?

At each of Amazon.com’s [4] five order-fulfillment centers, for example, the books are kept in a restricted area that workers need a special pass to enter, where they are watched by security guards and are not allowed to carry anything in or out.

Special access? Security guards just for that?

The ridiculously also reaches new heights… I don’t think even George Lucas was as protective of his Star Wars scripts:

Scholastic has closely policed other aspects of the publication. Ms. Marcus said that last winter a company executive who oversees manufacturing toured a printing plant that eventually would be used to print the new Harry Potter book. On the tour, she said, the executive became concerned when he noticed that pages of other books that had been cast aside because of printing errors were not being shredded finely enough to prevent someone from piecing a page back together. The printing company, which she refused to identify, quickly assured Scholastic that it would improve its shredding capability, she said. (emphasis mine)

I’ve never read any of the now SIX books or seen any of the movies [5], but are people so fanatical about this series? I will say one thing… I am glad that in this age of video games, internet, and instant-gratification entertainment, having kids go crazy over a book isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We’ll see if things get crazy on Saturday.