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It’s Friday, Read These And Then Go Home

I’ve been to a bunch of weddings lately and FMF’s article about the cost of weddings going up for attendees [3] is pretty on point.

JLP asks if you’d buy a $31,000 110-hp 55 mpg vehicle… my answer is no. First off, $31,000 is outside my budget for a vehicle… 110-hp is a little too little for me even though 55 mpg is mighty impressive. You can do the math but I can tell you the tradeoff analysis won’t ever give you a reason to buy a 55 mpg $31,000 car.

Nickel writes about how he’s maxed out his FSA [4] for the year… He also discusses how he has used it all up but won’t be around to make the rest of the payments. While it’s alright to feel guilty, ultimately the system works because it likely has a roughly net-zero effect across all accounts. Some overuse, most underuse. I also work it down to $0 but then again I pick up tails-up pennies on the ground (whichever ones are bad luck).

Flexo writes about how Kevin Federline supports the penny [5]… I want to know how Federline is married to Britney Spears.

MBH has another Prosper related article, this time he worries about those borrowers who only borrow to lend it back [6] out to other Prosper users. Sure you can score a 7% loan and lend back out to someone for a little more, but isn’t it easier to borrow at 0% and get a guaranteed 4.x% from an online savings account?