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I’ve Done Been Tagged: Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Mapgirl tagged me [3] to tell five things you all probably don’t know about me and so here it goes:

1. In high school, I was a foil fencer and through the expert instruction of Jeff Salmon, I went to a couple sectionals and had a pretty good time at it. Unfortunately, once I hit college, I couldn’t handle the 8AM competition start times and it sort of dropped off. Besides fencing, basketball and football are the other sports I really enjoy playing. Oh yeah, and kickball… but that could be because of the drinking involved.

2. My fiancĂ©e says I probably have some sort of attention disorder, I think she just wants more attention. I’m also fairly certain I’ll get in trouble for writing that.

3. My favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption and the first I saw it was on a trip to China on the People to People Student Ambassador program when I was sixteen.

4. Eventually I want to get a dog. Preferably one with lots of wrinkles [4].

5. When I started college, I didn’t even consider joining a fraternity. On the first day of orientation, one of my good friends suggested we check out the fraternity quad and so we did. A few years later, he became President and I became Treasurer of Delta Tau Delta [5] and it was one of the things I really enjoyed at college.

Now I have to tag five people but I won’t, because most of them have already done this… except
Cap at Stop Buying Crap [6].