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January ’07 Net Worth Monthly Review

Posted By Jim On 02/07/2007 @ 9:25 am In Monthly Review,Personal Finance | 17 Comments

Near the end of January, I’d decided that I’d be removing hard numbers from my net worth reviews [3] because I felt that it was nothing more than chest-thumping that added nothing to the discussion. I know some of you mentioned that you enjoyed watching the progress of one of your peers or that you wanted to see whether the personal finance stuff I believed in were actually working, unfortunately neither argument (or any of the others presented) were strong enough to convince me that listing a dollar figure was better than not listing one. The plan now is that after a few months of not even discussing the net worth numbers, I’ll move towards percentages (that way none of you math wizards can figure out the hard numbers).

That being said, I have to say that January was another strong month financially for various reasons:

  • My fiancee was promoted again (it’s like her second promotion in six months, I’ve actually never been promoted). Her meteoric rise from a “technician” (I don’t really know their job titles but this was essentially a temp job) working second shift to project manager of that product line took little more than a year. While I don’t talk much about what she does, I figure this is as good a place as any to celebrate!
  • Blogging income is still growing, thank you everyone for reading and commenting (I just went full feeds too). It was exciting seeing this site mentioned in the New York Times [4] this past weekend, I always get excited when cool things like that happen.
  • I began dabbling in PPC (I spent less than $10 in January) so affiliate income may become a more significant source of revenue in the future once I get my tracking down.

Some things on the horizon that I might be talking more about in the near future:

  • Taxes naturally, specifically all the taxes I’ll need to pay on the self-employment income. I’ll also be investigating the use of a tax professional in the area so that will make for some thrilling reading if you’re into taxes.
  • While I won’t blog much about the wedding planning, it’s certainly on the brain. While expensive, everything seems to be priced within reason with the exception of freaking photographers. Why does it cost $3000+ to get someone to spend 4-6 hours taking photos and the end product being a 24 page book and some blown up shots? $3000 for a really nice reception hall rent, sure I’ll buy it (you have all sorts of costs), but getting me to shell out three large for the photographer is going to be a little tough.

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