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Jiffy Lube’s Scam

It’s easy to promise to have an oil change done in 15 minutes if you don’t actually change the oil, isn’t it? NBC4 in LA [3] put cameras in cars and then sent them over to Jiffy Lube to get some service done, turns out 6 of the 9 didn’t actually perform the work promised but charged customers anyway. In response to the expose, Jiffy Lube fired all the mechanics and installed their own cameras in 31 LA stores. Interesting is the fact that this is the third time in three years they’ve been told to “clean up their act.”

My advice to anyone who gets any sort of work done, always watch them if you can and always ask for the old parts. Getting something swapped out? Ask for the busted or worn out part. Then check the part that’s in its place, it better look new. If the mechanic isn’t pouring oil into your car, then he’s not changing your oil. If you have no idea what that even looks like, do research on the Internet. Don’t be a sucker.

Thanks to The Consumerist [4] for picking this up.